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Can we please have a serious fucking discussion about this Ledger breach?
Can I even trust these faggots with my linkies now after their customer emails got leaked?
>"b-but only customer info got hacked, the device itself didn't get breached so funds are safu"
Their whole selling point is being ultra-secure and hack-proof, yet they can't even secure simple customer data
What the fuck does that say about their ability to secure valuable crypto?

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Nobody fucking cares

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I plan on replacing my ledger with a trezor because of this. I hope a class action lawsuit gets started.

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Kek ledger is fucking over. It wasn't just the emails that got leaked either, it was postal addresses and phone numbers as well.

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I don't know much about hardware wallets
How is Trezor safer/better than Ledger

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WTB list of exposed Names/Surnames and Emails, PST

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The Ledger nano s and x device is good but the security breach regarding personal information that was careless.

But This happens in the crypto space like KYC data that Binance lost to hackers....

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It's only if you bought it on their website no? Why didn't you just buy it on amazon or ebay?

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Didn't some kid hack trezor though years back

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>I'm replacing my Coke with a Pepsi
This is how you sound.

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>Why didn't you just buy it on amazon or ebay?
I fell for the "resellers might sell tampered-with Nanos" meme

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What do you do if you were one of the ones whose info whas leaked?

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>postal addresses and phone numbers as well
and what can you do with that? nothing

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Open source noob

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Trezor deletes your buying info after 1 month. It's retarded but avoids shit like happened no ledger
The rest is also the same. If you lose your Trezor you just can buy a new one and restore the wallet.

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Leaks like these are worrisome, crypto investors are already considered easy prey for robbers because the robber actually can get control of the assets and transfer them to himself securely within the span of a couple of hours.
I would be surprised if we don't get so see organized groups collecting names from all the leaks, and then just target those of them that live in large houses.
After a couple of homeinvasions the payout would be greater than that of robbing a bank, and the risk of getting caught is a lot lower.

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i was contemplating buying 3 of these 2 months ago. glad i fucking waited.

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>not having a decoy ledger with 1k$ in crypto to trick robbers into thinking they got it

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>If you lose your Trezor you just can buy a new one and restore the wallet.
that's the point your security hinges on a piece of unencrypted paper.
hardware wallet cucks are all retarded.

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paper wallets?

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Except, you still need the pin.
In that case it becomes a whole lot more complicated than a home invasion.

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It's all in my memory

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Just torture the guy for the pin

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track down ledger holders and beat with a lock in a sock until they give up their recovery seed

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1. Don't buy a Trezor, they have been hacked easily (way too easily).
Fucking shitty american product,

2. Buy ledger not at your adress/name. I did it.

3. Backup on metal seed + password

4. You are your own perfect bank

5. Never brag and you won't ever get tortured or attacked...

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be hacker
>get email addresses/passwords
>get names/addresses
>personal "documents"

so now all thats left is pick easy looking targets, watch them, and wait to rob them.

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the device itself is pretty foolproof unless you fuck it up yourself or you're connected and accept a malicious software update assuming ledger was under attack or something. the hack is email address only for most people and they sent an email to specifically warn you if it included home addresses. if you got that email I would say sleep with a shotgun

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I'm safe from this breach as I used my old spam email and old address when ordering my Ledger. I didn't provide my phone address either.

I feel sorry for my landlord who might get hooked up to a car battery by Eastern Yuros to spill the beans

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How is Ledger safer than Trezor?
Didn't Ledger become Open Source like years ago?

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what if he escapes, running away Naruto style?

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no one's gonna torture you for your 20k usd

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I prefer trezor to leger, it's just all round better, plus open source.

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Ledger Live became open sourced, the ledger itself hasn't

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You know people kill each other over shoes, phones, their wallet with $20 in it. Someone is going to go after someone on that list.

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trezor isnt American. the "hack" youre talking about required 15mins physical access to the device & involved taking it apart

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anyone who buys the leaked info is going to prison

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Except the feds, they're allowed free range on that.
Also do you think anyone with access to a tor browser is gonna care about that?

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you're talking about niggers dude. a nigger couldnt even spell nano ledger

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100% the info has already been sold

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Imagine thinking this

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That’s a weird vape dude

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>Only niggers are capable of stealing
God I love this place

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They are completely incompetent fucks. That's for sure.

But unless you're one of the unlucky 9500 customers who's actual physical delivery address was exposed, I don't think you have to be concerned at all.

If you are one of the 9500, you'll be informed about that.

Assuming Ledger is telling the truth about the extent of the breach.

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They sure told the truth 2 weeks after they discovered it...
Imagine if somebody already got attacked during this time without knowing.

Now imagine a catastrophic hardware bug being found in the ledger.
Do you think they will wait a few weeks to inform their customers?

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Trezor and ledger both are shite. Ngrave is superior than both

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Ledger doesn't actually build the secure element of the the device. It's a proprietary chip mostly used by the French government. So it's actually very hard to fuck this up.

My biggest concern with news like that is always physical security. If you mistrust the Ledger hardware now, make a new cold storage setup and transfer the funds. That's an easy problem to solve.

Having bad guys show up at your door ready to cut your fingers off until you give them your PIN/Seed, that's something much harder to solve.

I for one will never buy any bitcoin related hardware in my life. Only off the shelf stuff and then building it myself. Like having a permanently offline, encrypted laptop.

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100% i will shoot someone dead if they step foot on my property

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I knew this shit was shady. Paper wallets for cold-storage ONLY.

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It's too late for those who already bought it...
I won't buy anything from them in the future for sure.

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What the fuck do we do if we bought a Ledger already? Are we fucked? I moved from the address I was at, but it still sucks. Should I buy a gun?

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the pin is the easiest thing to bypass with the right equipment jamal won't be able to but his fence will know just the guy.

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Delete social media, don't upload pics of yourself from now on, move somewhere else, change phone number and update all 2FA to the new number, go for an official name change

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Redpill me on hardware wallets, is it really more secure or is it just a meme?

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yall are retarded. the usb stick itself is not compromised in any way.

the marketing/contact information is compromised, so now a hacker can sell your address to some muscle (who know you have enough crypto to justify a hardware wallet) or another hacker to steal your email and sim card.

so your crypto is safe as long as you can survive a beating and not be forced to send all your crypto to them kek

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ah the perks of being an apartment cuck

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No, to bad all other wallets are retarded. Time to go back to the roots.

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they don't really add to your security as a cold wallet but they can lull you into a false sense of security. as hot wallet they are arguably useful if annoyingly cumbersome.

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Just as secure as a paper wallet, theoretically. In practice? Less secure since the retarded company behind it leaks your personal info so that you get caught and tortured. Best bet is probably to stick your paper wallet in a banks storage room.

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it really is more secure as long as no one knows you have it and could force you to empty it for them. it signs a transaction without any need of exposing the private key to the computer itself, and requires a physical password be entered before it signs the transaction. it protects against hacking, not against beatings.

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>What the fuck do we do if we bought a Ledger already? Are we fucked?

> I moved from the address I was at, but it still sucks.
Then you should be fine, even if you're one of the 9500 unlucky customers, who's actual physical address was leaked.

> Should I buy a gun?
Of course, always. Even better, if you're jurisdiction permits it, build it yourself. For an AR-15 for example, in the US, legally only the lower receiver is a gun. All the rest is legally just metal and plastic. Luckily, lower receivers are very primitive chunks of metal. You can buy a so called 80% lower, drill a few holes and now you have an actual lower. Buy all other parts an in cash and assemble your completely below the radar AR-15. Get cheap (but quality) parts, because should you actually have to shoot someone with it, the police is going to confiscate it at last for the duration of the investigation.

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Are they worth it if I'm just starting with crypto?

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Nigger's FOODBABE renders Ledger vulnerable until the next generation of hardware wallets.

Use Trezor or go full cold-storage and do a 2/3 multisig with Ledge/Trezor and Electrum.

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they are more secure against cyber attacks but actually an attack vector in an evil maid scenario.
the security of these devices is laughable cryptographically speaking. snake oil security.
but as long as you can protect them from physical access that's not a problem. the problems however don't stop there. at all.

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depends how much your crypto is worth. I wouldn't bother with anything less than $5-10k but others might feel differently

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I remember retards shilling it here because "it looked cool"

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>AR-15 for self defence
For home defence maybe. If you've got a target on your back, you will eventually be found walking without your clunky rifle and caught then. For self defence you need a concealed handgun.

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I'm just glad that i was able to buy my Ledger when i lived at a different Address I was renting out.

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probably not
let's say you run a business that accepts crypto. you want to make sure your clerks can't steal from you so you authorize all outgoing transactions. if you do that from a computer it can be hacked. if you do that remotely with a hardware wallet device you probably can't get hacked.

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honestly I have 2 ledgers, which I bought off amazon so I wasn't fucked thankfully, and they're worth it for the fact I don't have to run the retarded piece of shit bitcoin blockchain on my computer. exchanges check your withdrawal addresses for anything they deem unsavory/high risk, so it's good to have an easy to use device to route crypto payments. i don't use them to store bulk funds at all

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basically the biggest fucking issue with hardware wallets is the standard recommended backup and restore process is a big fucking gaping weakness that practically begs for a disaster. it's unsafe and unsecure in every which way.

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>I don't have to run the retarded piece of shit bitcoin blockchain on my computer.
most people don't m8. also lol at the argument about exchanges makes zero sense.

truth is encrypted paper wallets are still the best possible option for long term cold store you can have a very high level of secure redundancy against theft loss or disaster for practically no cost.
they are however cumbersome to use as exchanges still don't support direct swiping of encrypted wallets for unfathomable reasons.

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Kek i bought from a reseller in ebay my info is safe it even include 24 seed words engraved on a aluminum sheet

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you trying to be funny here?

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Thank god I moved since I last contacted them.

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more like retarded ledger already has the decoy wallet feature built in.

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altho it's worth noting that this feature is a lot better on trezor.

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>buying off a child's play Shopify store
Mine was fulfilled by Amazon so I'm off the hook.

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the device is okay
they just fucked over all their customers by telling the world they own crypto and may be holding millions

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God I hope somebody tries that with me.

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They have my email. Thankfully there is only 1 social media result and I'll be going dark and that result will be wiped from Google.

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can you elaborate on that?

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>it even include 24 seed words engraved on a aluminum sheet
so the guy you bought it from knows your seed phrase?

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pretty much, HONESTLY may as well have a paper wallet, but I'm to busy living my CHAD life style to learn2code

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I wonder if they leaked billing address info

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>different protocols on different networks
Its like OP didn't even take the Network+ prep course at CC

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You can buy kits where you engrave it yourself, like cryptotag.

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anyone who needs a physical wallet is a fucking retard just used a paper wallet, cold storage you fucking morons

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this is the god tier route, just memorize your seed phrase, it's less words than a nursery rhyme are you all 80 iq?

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Might as well buy your prosthetic arms and legs now.....

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just download exodus wallet on your phone. hide the seed words. boom. done. it's free and as secured. nobody hacked a serious app wallet.
app wallets are overlooked for some reason

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Biometric hardware encrypted SSD with an encrypted install of parrot for cold software wallets and/or seed phrases and passwords depending on preference hidden in files of vanilla normie tier porn as plausible cover that its a porn SSD and not a crypto drive

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>download truecrypt
>create a double password encrypted partition
>add porn to one of the password sides (burner)
>open the other
>generate wallet through open source program of choice for your chain
>save private key to that password partition
>upload encrypted file everywhere
you faggots have always called me retarded and poorfag for doing this but look who's laughing now

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why not use a computer like a normal human being? no one should store crypto on a phone that's degenerate

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sadly true
paper wallets are the only truly robust wallet

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Just store your shitcoins on Kraken/Binance you retards.

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How do i collect staking rewards without exposing my private keys?

>> No.20852103

The major problem with ledger is the fact that they have updates that may lock you out if you havent got your key. Thats fine for people who can actually take care of a private key but for about 40% chronic retards who are guaranteed to fuck this up thats a guaranteed loss of funds purely from an update. This kind of brazen no fucks given negligence against their customers tells you its time to get out

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girl scouts to sell cookies?

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