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>apologize to old, white, racist males

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>fiat change made from worthless base-metals

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and here I thought I was a corny idiot for having/filling a piggy bank a relative got me when I was 5

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The pennies not white tho

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If this isn’t a buy signal on silver I don’t know what is.

They’re probably just eating the loss on pennies because they don’t want to alert normos to the difference.

What %silver is modern pocket change anyway? 10%?

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Trips of truth, Abe Lincoln is black

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>What %silver is modern pocket change anyway?
Has been 0% since the 70s

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0%, get rekt

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Assuming he isn't a tard, i'd guess he meant to say what % of coins in circulation are old silver dimes/quarters.
To that I'd say probably close to 1-2%. I don't think i've ever seen a silver quarter in the wild (and noticed) and I only get a few dimes a year at best.

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Then it’s either just hoping to get old coins that do have some % silver, or moving to the all digital dollar.

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>What %silver is modern pocket change anyway? 10%?

Zilch, zero, nada.

Kennedy got popped for decoupling silver from monetary use, after all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_11110

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Reminder that pennies and nickles are worthless and literally cost more money to make than they are worth.
There is no good reason we haven't phased them out yet.

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The government has been prepping to go all digital for a long time, it's said that the government allowed Bitcoin to survive despite its widespread use in criminal activity to condition the public into being used to digital currency for the eventual jump to the digital dollar.

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no he didn’t you stupid cuck

all political conspirators have to do these days is flood the airwaves with bullshit narratives about muh PM-backed currency and you retards will believe literally anything

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What are the fucking odds on being alive when the mark of the beast comes through?

This has to be a simulation.

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>Lynchburg, Virginia

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That's what I've been thinking lately.

If we did get to pick a time to relive, we would probably pick the invention of the technology were using to live in a simulation.

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>my rocks pumped!
>my digital casino tokens pumped!

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Bump for interest.
They sure went far to murder Nazis for making non-usury based money. Literal mass murder of innocents, bombing civilizans, to protect, USURY. Could they not stop crypto or do (they) own it also along with fiat money? Is USURY in crypto too?

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Fucking hurts my head. Scientology might be more accurate than one would think in a parable sort of way.

Consciousness is like the fucking Hypercube movie, there’s no way out.

How many simulations deep are we? Are we just one amongst a huge swath of simulations being run to calculate events and variables causing certain outcomes?

The relative proof of the bubble universe and multiple universe/multiverses happening outside our own would suggest that.

Really fucked up. I’m going to go with the standard Christian belief and ask Jesus and God to save me, because if we’re really just bits of intelligent code this may as well be Hell already.

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it’s chainlink

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This is cleared up by realizing you are each your own set of sense organs. We interact in this real time however the future can be in ways that science (heresy) has made people believe is not possible. For example say I died in your world. Perhaps I live on in another world and did not experience a subjective death, our world's had to split for us. It's not solipsism, since in real time others are still real. It's merely agreeable things increasing or decreasing, and disagreeable things increasing or decreasing. This happens externally or internally meaning ones sense organs are purified or defiled.

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They had crypto/xrp planned since the 80's

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Our universe could be a powersource or source of entertainment for higher beings.

We could just be in VR.

I find it most likely that if we did create a simulation out of necessesity, it would be because were floating through space with the ingrediants for life, and we are looking for another planet to start life over again because our home planet was preventing its exctinction.
We will be the consciousness that oversees the new life forming. The same way the reptile jews control our current world, but they might be controlled by demons yet.

We know that we are the chosen overseerers of the new planet because we're XRP holders.

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