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Why the fuck do jannies just let this board be overrun with pajeet scams? Are they in league with the pajeets?

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and some tranny with horse teeth insulting this board

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Heh, thats just the thing kiddo... there are no jannies.

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I actually enjoy the lack of moderation on this board.
I truly believe it's what makes /biz/ so great.
It requires the regular users to have an IQ greater than average or else they'll continue to fall for scams and then eventually leave.
>Pajeet scams are normie filters

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There are already tools to prevent bots from spamming. By having mods try to filter crypto projects out, you run the risk of having them remove new projects that might actually be legit as well, which goes against the open spirit of crypto.
Scams are a necessary evil to guarantee a free market. It should be up to you to DYOR and discern if a project is a scam or not.

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I kinda miss the blatant obvious pajeet from mid 2017 to early 2018. They made some of the funniest threads. The new pajeet just take it to seriously

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can you put a basic investing guide in the sticky. this board is just memes and shitcoins with no actual discussion

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A scam is still a business model. Cope wh*teoid

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hey!! cool it with the antipootism, it's not our fault that you cannot discern between diamonds in the rough and our smelly shit.

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Having no Jannies makes this board much better.

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The only thing I don't like is when they post referral links to some shitty crypto social network thing.
Hasn't been a thing for a while now, but a couple of months ago there were always 3+ copy-pasted pajeet referral link threads. Don't know if it stopped because their returns dropped or if jannies shaped up.

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