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/biz be honest.... I read this article and I am shaking.. are you accumulating?


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PlutusDeFi to integrate Aave Protocol to expand multi-currencies and enable Aave Protocol
PlutusDeFi is collaborating with Aave Protocol to increase multi-currency support and integrate Aave Money Markets into PlutusDeFi, as Aave Protocol continues to see record growth. The next version of PlutusDeFiā€™s aggregation platform will welcome Aave, an established DeFi company based in London and are the leading money market protocol based in the United Kingdom.

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It's literally a front-end UI for existing protocols. It's token is entirely a rent-seeking middleman with 0 value-add, but you are stupid as fuck so you believe what ever they tell you.

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not accumulating, VCs got at $0.022 (after toll fee reduction) and still over 14x, already 40% VCs dumped, and others will also keep dumping within days

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100% scam

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Cardano is BES~T smart contract language PLUTUS

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it's a glorified defi dashboard
token. not. needed.

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