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Hey /biz/bros, I am totally new to investing and crypto as well, but it seems to be promising if one knows what one is doing... I do not however, and would love any advice or tips of how to start, what to invest in, what programs to use (are there any that don't have fees?), what strategies to use etc. I will definitely lurk more but I need to start somewhere, and sifting through shit and bait when I don't know what I'm looking for is fucked.
My monetary position shit, I can start with a little capital, grow what I've got and then keep growing that. And honestly the quicker the better, the financial state of my family is looking less and less reliable.
Wageslave freedom is my goal, I'm not greedy, I just want financial security for myself and my parents

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go ask this on reddit if you want someone to hold your hand and make financial decisions for you

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Buy high sell low

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stupid niggers

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Lurk more bro, we all came to this board knowing shit. Anyways buy AMPL, LINK, ETH, BTC.

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Ive been here since ‘18, and I only invest in memes. Im up like 40x.

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Thanks for your input. I get that no one wants to hand hold someone, that's fine. I am willing to learn.

I'm not THAT clueless

Thanks for the tip. Though I am unsure about AMPL.
While on the topic of suggesting crypto, what should I be looking out for in each crypto when making a decision of what to invest in?

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Download metamask and coinbase. Buy ETH on coinbase and send it to metamask. I'd suggest putting 70% into SWAP or ETH of hold and use the other 30% as a investment fund to chase profit from coins you see here that pump and usually dump. So buy the pump and pull out some gains. Use the gains 50% towards SWAP or ETH and 50% to grow your investment fund. Once you have money on the line you'll learn things fast. After you feel comfortable you can change the strategy but when starting holding a coin with high potential of growth is key. The reason I suggest SWAP is its a new coin with major potential for growth and staking is coming soon. SWAP is literally the coin LINK was supposed to be. With in the next 7 weeks 5% of LINK's marketcap and holders will move directly to SWAP at that moment SWAP will be worth $3.

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Thanks for the advice! How do I tell which coins are suitable for a pump and dump?

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look at whatever project and see what they are trying to do and what they are doing to implement their solution. Look for partnerships

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It makes no difference to me whether or not you throw your few shekels at AMPL or not, but just know that only very stupid and very intelligent anons have bought into it. The largest part of the IQ bell curve can’t wrap their brains around the aim of the project and view it as some sort of scam. It’s an ambitious project and may completely go bust, but if it succeeds it will make all of its early investors insanely wealthy. It’s a worthy gamble IMO.

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Sshhh let the newfag understand the emotion of FOMO, that is the first lesson that one should learn on biz

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Is this bait or are you low-key helping haha?

Well either way it kind of feels late, like I'm not gonna get to the 'early investor' level even if I start now. So FOMO is avoided.

Right now this is very nebulous to me. I need to figure out what the differences are between the way they do things and how they do them

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>Though I am unsure about AMPL.
That's what people said about BTC ten years ago

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What about Uniswap? I've seen it mentioned a couple of times here, how does that compare to coinbase and metamask?

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If any anons haven't said it yet. Write down your seedphrase on paper that you can store fire proof or at least have multiple copies. Also some anon got btfo by posting their seedphrase alongside address. Never share seedphrase.

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Thanks for the tip, I'll make a note of it for when I have one and start on the crypto rabbithole

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