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any anons on this train?

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OP, learn about suck cost fallacy. Take the money out that you can and learn about other projects.

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*sunk cost fallacy

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Sunk cost means you can't leave because your money is unrecoverable.

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Exactly, if you didn’t learn this in school, please search this up op

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Its a train to 0 by the looks of it

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More generally, it means pick up the chips you have left on the table and go somewhere else.

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that train left the track a long time ago partner.

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Well aware of the concept, have done excessive research on ripple. What do you fags know that this fag does not ? Any advice is much appreciated
currently up 20% on my initial investment so no losses to cut this far.

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Hahaha can't FUCKING believe you guys

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ripple might be a company worth investing into (their IPO is coming soon, I think), however the XRP token is outdated and useless, which means it will likely keep losing value in the long turn

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The train left at 0.17 cents. If youre not on now its the last call before .23 and then .27.

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Ripple IPO would destroy xrp’s price

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You know I am alot of things, but I think my lucky stars every night that I am not a deluded XRP cultist.

These people live in lala land.

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I'll just leave this here......


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This guy literally has lost 2 years of his life chasing a fantasy of having his XRP tokens pump and give him financial freedom.

These people must be so low IQ to not even have a internal monologue I literally cannot fathom what the existence of a XRP holder would be like, it must be worst than death itself.

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Priced in

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LMAO it's literally DUMPING

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Priced in

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Basically this. If Ripple did something radical like trade their stock within crypto, in some kind of crypto-bourse, which they create, they might successfully Jew the crypto world, but they will just wash money out of the old system because the fuckers can't actually innovate.

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Why does this board hate XRP?

Use logic. XRP is more experienced abs older than Link. Link will crash and XRP a will have its day. Then link will mom just like you are about to witness XRP in a year. Please get as much as you can until next July.

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Facts are facts!

XRP will be worth $1. There is no way in hell I am wrong. That’s why it’s perfect.

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Didn't read not selling, fags.

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Weak hands don't deserve to be rewarded. Good luck with your own shitcoin anon

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Are any of you aware of the deals ripple is making and how xrp works ? Or do you just take shits on things you dont understand?

Shit on it some more please. But how about some of you fags' investment strategies or are you all just full of quick witty retorts?

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You know you almost fooled me with that.
Xrp. The standard of braindead morons

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You have to agree it will be worth a dollar within a century. XRP won’t be the Forest to go. Others will fail first. Meanwhile XRP is a dollar or Two.

Add to that there will be FIVE crypto coins that matter. XRP is one based on length of service. Logic over all buddies. They have a whole building with their coin. They want it to be a dollar.

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Its better to be worth less than a dollar than to be worth seven at this point. Because the goal of a dollar is so much easier to achieve. XRP knows what they’re doing. You have all year to get in for the dollar score. It’s 8 years old basically.

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Completely objectively now:

Anyone who says XRP will not be thousands of dollars simply has not done the research, period. Such people should not be listened to. The state of /biz/ and their pajeet coins and the amount of misinformation about SIMPLE SHIT like market cap is incredible. You fucking morons literally do not know how market caps work and what they are good for (nothing btw). Pathetic losers.

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imagine after all these years still hoping this shit will do anything or go anywhere but down

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You are mentally retarded. IT HAS TO BE ONE DOLLAR AT SOME POINT FUCK OFF.

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Fuck market cap worry about the price.

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all in my man

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>No, it'll be BTC
False. BTC is slow, expensive, energy-heavy, and Chink-controlled
>No. It'll be ETH
False. It's a public blockchain (minimal corporate control), Chink-heavy, and currently running one of the greatest scam markets (DeFi)
>No. It'll be Chainlink.
You mean that JSON parser? That glorified stock ticker? That Cayman Islands scamcoin? Don't make me laugh.
It's XRP. It's always been XRP. Fuck your FUD. Fuck your memes. Fuck your TA. DYOR and get rich or get ready to get hired as my dickwasher.

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>it has to be because a cartoon bear told me

fuck off with your schizo shit already for fucks sake

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Anon I...

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he doesn't know lol

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Anon I... I...

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XRP is from RIPPLE which is New York's decentralized exchange to combat TERIFFS AND TAXES ON OUT OF COUNTRY TRADE

it could be useful

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xrp...an actual useful crypto. something that is actually superior to the current system.
first useful crypto tech ever?

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Scotty doesn't know kek

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Tell us. Convince more people to buy it.

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Half of this board including the ones fudding here have at least 1k bag kek and post few days we’ve been accumulating, many got their 5k 10k 20k bags

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I can't wait for this retarded gay year to be over so I can come back and laugh at you pathetic schizo larpers and gullible schmucks who lap all that shit up

just like I laughed at you EOY 2018, throughout the half a dozen memedates in 2019 and all the ones 2020

It'll be fun to watch the suicides and the mental gymnastics of the most hard core schizos to justify why your precious shitcoin is once again the laughing stock of crypto

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Someone screenshot this delusional guy.

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someone shoot this schizo guy

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Double trips, confirm all. Thank you and goodnight.

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You, sir, will not be my dickwasher. However, if you want, I could hire you to taste test cow patties for nutrient deficiencies.I like top-grade milk, you know.

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its useful though....its superior to the current bank payment system in every way.
what current system is one of your shitcoins actually superior to? any?

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checked, dont tell scotty!!!

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The train sucks bro

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don't tell these schizos

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I hold some XRP but you only make yourself look like a retard when you post your pic related.

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Sir please do the needful and stop dumping

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That's because you don't know what I know.

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How do I buy a bitcoin?

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I wanna see how many people will be killing themselves by EOY because they didn't buy XRP.

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You are being completely retarded. Be happy with 10k satoshi

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>literal retard tier post
I guess it is that time again, all the newfag plebbitors start rolling in.

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I found one.

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just imagine

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>>20736163 -> >>20735616
>"I hold some XRP"
Literal retard alert.

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Maybe the Ripple CTO knew something XRP bagholders didn't know when he started dumping everything and said he was de-risking. Sorry XRP Army is too retarded to get that clue

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Only coin on this board that leads to tons of empty "sell it all, do it now" replies. Really makes me think.

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Depends when you bought in. Just based on satoshi price xrp will go back to all time highs in fiat price. You might say gamble on other shitcoins but outside btc and maybe eth everything is a crapshoot. Xrp has at least stated in the top 10 for several years.

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Woah dude. How'd it do that?!?

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Nobody said it won't reach ATH, but that is very different from it reaching $2000 or some other schizo prediction based on LARPs or 'super sekrit insider info' or 'clues'.

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Extraordinary claims require Extraordinary evidence. These guys are retarded. Ironically they are living proof that xrp price will reach all time highs in fiat price again.

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I own 14k XRP and am holding to moon or zero. Don't care what the naysayers think, with the absolute state of our clownworld Trump flipping the switch and realizing the NESARA/GESARA bullshit wouldn't even be the craziest thing that has happened this year.

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"Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence" is one of the most midwit bullshit catchphrases ever. Up there with "CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION." What is "extraordinary evidence" and how does it differ from "evidence?" Any and all claims are held to the same evidentiary standard. Something being an extraordinary claim doesn't mean it is held to some higher standard of evidence.

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Holding 19k. Hoping I can build up to 50-100k before it moons again.

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The people that use the correlation catchphrase are ironically trying to convince usinf analogy. This is a clear cut sign of cognitive dissonance.

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you are a wise man, 1k eom

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