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im new to trading. is this pattern considered good

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No that’s a classic bear flag. Look for something like this, it’s a sure sign that there’s room for growth. I call it the golden tower

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sounds like you are new to fudding too..
we back at 1 cent

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looks like consolidation before leg up to 5c formation

not an expert tho

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5c end of august baby! 15c eoy!

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ah okay. i didnt realize when a price loses a lot of value very quickly its consolidation. thanks

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The faster the better. And the lower it goes the higher it will jump up. This is simple physics.

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i need more

keep it low

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you want to buy when the chart is on the lower right corner. Not in the upper right corner.

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you're welcome

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return to normal still TBA?

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1 cent? heh, thats cute kiddo...

AMPL is at $2.75. Thats 275 x the value of RSR. Bigger is better.

I'll see ya kid... keep stackin'g them cents

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ampl fags so insecure with their ponzi scam
always hijack RSR threads

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the pattern is a textbook junkyard crash pattern.

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