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You morons are missing out on the greatest money multiplier in crypto. This new DeFi suite and staking will move Fantom into top 10 right next to chainlink.

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Why Andre isn't so excited about it?

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I haven't heard a single thing from Andre about Fantom for a long time

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He's still active advisor according to his twitter comment yesterday.

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Also link for the fudders.

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Twitter account suspended, no thanks.

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huh i guess i'll eat my words then. good shit

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you must be new here
twitter is geh

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im all in

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Fantom's Twitter account banned due to scam. Your transaction speed test site is fake and does not measure your mainnet, but a centralized computer you call "Test Net", your oracle "partnership" is fake and only a sales rep, no 300K tps, dag with smart contracts as promised in your ICO, but only a crashed fork of ethereum virtual machine with 18 tps and falling with more nodes. Your whole chink team exit scammed. Your central banks were fake and XAR network called Fantom a scam and alerted Twitter. etc etc Anybody "investing" in Fantom, the most obvious scam in crypto, deserves to lose all his money.

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Terrible FUD, but at least you spelled “lose” correctly.

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Name one thing that is not factual, Fantom scammer.

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thank you for this anon, i was starting to lose faitj

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I bought from 100 eth. Thanks for info

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fantom a scam sirs! all bhanchod who are invest in this coin wiII losing his wealth! entire my village destroyed because fantom team make coin dumping onto us

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Scammer andy has never completed successfully a single project in his whole life.

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Hello sirs, you Fantom long time? Special price only 4 u sirs, buy much now and own place in shitting street whole day. Buy very, very much and free toilet 4 u whole day in house of mr Rakeesh from team Fantom. How much long time you Fantom sir?

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Hello sirs, u want free money?? Mine with Raahmesh mining! U buy bitconnect BCC for selling all ur valuables, give money to Raahmesh and he will mine 4 u, u will get over 100% roi later year. Same deal with Fantom FTM, just contact Mr Raahmesh at most popular shitting street, second in row, or contact mr andy "codereviewer", the white mr with worst explosive diarrhea in shitting street, very easy 2 find. He has many, many Fantom he create free from air to give u 4 mining if u give him much money. Very good deal, special price 4 u!

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This faggot is in every Fantom thread saying the same shit, gets debunked and then copy pastes to the next one.. Eat shit and die

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What is "debunked" scammer? Give one example and don't just run away, fantom fraudster.

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seek help

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How about you suck my massive cock jannie
You'll be shining my shoes and wiping my ass when i'm rich from Fantom

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>seek help
>t. Fantom con artist unable to defend his obvious fraud and utter shitcoin. Admits by silence and inability to refute facts that Fantom is a raw scam.

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seek help

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>i'm rich from Fantom
Just like you "got rich" from your other obvious scam investments, Bitconnect and OneCoin, right delusional amateur investor? Back to gambling on horses, moron.

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seek help

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Sorry sirs, mr andy says no time to make dag and only fork ethereum virtual machine cuz explosive diarrhea. What to think sirs? So happy mr andy code reviewer installed toilets at every desk in our call center, so now we can sit on toillett all day while making many, many calls to white old ppl in west and post spam on biz all day 4 selling fantom we made from nothing. Must go now sirs, to continue 2 hustle, hustle. Lord Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god bless u sirs and mr andy. U give much money 2 most hustling ppl in Calcutta.

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seek help

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>t. pathetic Fantom scammer unable to defend his fraud and scammer shitcoin.

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why do you fud this so much?
also what do you hold?

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Biz is not ultra-liberal and globohomo like plebbit. I don't want to see biz scammed.

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what other projects do you fud/think is a scam?

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if ftm were a scam you would see more shill than fud... Its good project but pajeets can not see the potential

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is 6k enough to make it?

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i hope 58k will be enough
>for a cabbage farm
>on uranus

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Get at least 100k

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pajeets btfo

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>Medication time
>Medication time