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A next generation meme was posted this morning, about LINK nonetheless, and all you stinkies ignored it.

It was brilliant, I am posting it again. Will post every 15 minutes so you all have time to digest the material.

It's unreal how the LINK meme machine only grows stronger through the years. At this rate it really will be a religion by 2050.

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what an austic waste of everyones time

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If you checked archives you would know this has been posted before but yeah I guess

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im a broken wageslave

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Fucking nufags I swear

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This is some truly advanced autism

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dam nice

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Anyonr gotthe madman carasol one?

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>he thinks this is new
lurk more

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Thanks for reaffirming my decision to sell at 8.45$. Too many newfags for it to continue, the dump has to come and cleanse the weakhand nufags

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This is the most autistic thing I have ever seen, but I still respect the effort

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that's uh.... that's a nice meme u got there fren :^)

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This isn't new, it was posted months ago.

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you think it went ignored? i saved them all.
suck a fart out of my asshole.

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Fair enough. I won't continue but thank you for reading!

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I was a greedy swingie. Not any more, I learned the hard way.

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I hate all of you for ruining my favorite board, though it was inevitable

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Lmfao based this webm FUCKS

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Heh. Oldy but a goody

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Where are the rest?

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I select neet class. I enter the world in an alley behind a McDonalds. It is just past midnight, slight traffic can be heard in the distance. There is a light rain." It's a smart city" they told me. I look around to see what is so different. I notice a bunch of weather meters strung along each telephone pole. Intrigued I enter the side door of the Mcdonalds which has changed their color scheme to blue and white. As I enter I notice I'm right in front of the restroom. The door from the all gender restroom suddenly swings open violently and a large man lunges towards me...

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