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Is running a sex doll brothel based?
Imagine the seething of prozzie roasties when you take away their livelihood.
The prozzie fears the silicon supplier.
You could probably get a good discount on doll purchase and maintenance costs if you buy bulk and cut them an advertisement deal. Happy customers might buy a permanent doll, you give them a referral to the supplier, everybody wins.

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Slide thread

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not a bad idea desu
dolls won't die of heroin overdoses on the toilet, can be properly sanitized & whatnot.

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Spotted the first roastie already. How's it going past the wall, love?

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It's the dystopian future that we deserve so yeah pretty based desu.

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>sex doll brothel based?
this is the most retarded thing ever.
the main advantage of buying a doll is so you get a pure clean untouched virgin of your own, for life
fucking a doll thats already been fucked by 100 other guys is no diff than sexing a 3dpd human female prostitute

are you retarded?
or are you just counting on your customers being retarded?

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Think about it. Your job is cleaning used sex dolls, or at least keeping wagies around that clean used sex dolls. No one will do it for long, and you aren’t gonna be working with top-tier wagies either. Not sure I’m into the cleaning used sex dolls business desu but good luck OP

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This. Even if it was possible to clean them 100% after use, I wouldn't trust the brothel to do it properly. And I find it extremely repulsive to stick my dick into something several other guys' dicks have been in within the last few days. That's one of the main reasons why I don't fuck hookers in the first place.

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Just wait till the sex dolls become possessed by demons!
Then they'll probably make more money I guess

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>the main advantage of buying a doll is so you get a pure clean untouched virgin of your own
Oh my autism

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I'd hire roasties to clean the sex dolls. Hopefully out of work thots.

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i guess you enjoy leftover used goods covered with the dick tracks of the dozen guys that were there before you.
ultimate cuck

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>are you retarded?
>or are you just counting on your customers being retarded?
I think it would have a big attraction as a novelty, or for poorfags who are not sure if they want to invest in the doll outright. Give her a test drive, if you will.
The type of person who would routinely visit a brothel probably doesn't give a fuck about dicks having went before and after. In a sense they're going to prosties because they can't stand or don't want to deal with real women in a relationship, so taking that up to 11 by removing the last real woman part from the prostie seems like a potential business opportunity.

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Sounds just like a real woman.

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Extra service: you can pay a nominal fee to force a roastie to watch as you plow silicon sally. She will lick Sally clean afterward.

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exactly. hence the reason for private doll owners owning their own private dolls

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those JYDolls are pretty hot desu

beware, TPE is porous, meaning it will absorb things and things will eventually start growing inside the porous material, things like bacteria and mold
now this is perfectly manageable if you take proper care of her yourself. but i would not trust a doll brothel doll thats just crazy

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the problem isnt even the "wall" theres a reason they are at this point
deep inside their own character is a issue they first need to resolve until that no chance
or shes just fat and ugly

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I think it would serve better as a "store front" doll gallery to advertise dolls and then sell them to customers

But i don't mean letting people fuck them, but let them touch and grope within reason.

RealDolls, and various doll vendors in Asia, have walk-in sales stores where you can see and touch the dolls in person. to see if you really want one. could be lucrative.

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Anon, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but all women nowadays have had miles of cock run through them. Virgins are a myth.

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even your doll is a whore

fuck she's hot

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why do you think Silicone wives are becoming so popular?

how motivated are you to go licking or fucking some womans hole when you know theres already been 20 guys other dicks in there spilling their sauce everywhere

kiss a woman on the lips, your kissing the skin flesh that sucked a dozen or more dicks before you were there, of who knows what colour. can you taste the sauce of those other guys dicks yet?

you might as well be sucking those nigger dicks yourself

you see where this is going?

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Yes, that's my point: might as well use a silicon doll that can be 100% sterilized. You can't sterilize a woman by pouring bleach in her vagina, but you can do it with a doll

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Very based.
You might be right. Being a doll/android seller seems like a comfy side job, a brothel gives you pressure and overhead, even if you leave the cleaning and handling for wagies to do.
>fuck she's hot
Very based taste, king.

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idk i would not resist having her as a piece of furniture in my home. what a waifu she would make!

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Pretty surprised at the pushback you're getting in this thread, OP. It's actually quite based and is a great business idea if you can float it. There have already been a couple sex doll brothels. IIRC the one in the US was shut down, probably by assmad roasties. I think you should go for it, but always be prepared for a potential shutdown by angry roasties and simps. The world is more bluepilled than ever.

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it's very rare that we can actually prove who's retarded in an internet debate
Sexdoll brothels are already a thing, so those going
>hurr durr, thats dumb, youre retarded for thinking that could ever work or be a thing
are proven to be retards

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mostly I don't enjoy fucking a lifeless mannequin. it can't make me a sandwich or wake me up with a blowjob.

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Been my goal for years. Everywhere they open they do incredibly well.
If we ever cross paths anon let's secretly work together even if we're competing
code to know is "Jack of Diamonds"

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i don't think any of us here are against the dolls. quite the contrary.
but just the thought of having sex with a doll some other guy just had sex with, gross.
like the other anon said, that's the reason i'm not inclined to patron prostitutes

i then opening up a shop like that but base it around being a show room, for selling dolls would be better idea.
but good luck finding a decent location where it would be "allowed" and where you would actually get legit well heeled buying customers

research. market research

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Well Tbh it wasn't going that great even before the wall. Mostly pump & dump stuff. And now with Covid it's just a fucking jungle out their. You?

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God her legs are thin. Is she okay? Somebody should feed the poor thing.

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You're a fucking idiot. These things have removable pussies. They can be taken out and completely sterilized and/or replaced altogether. With just a minor isopropyl wipedown of the exterior of the doll, some light perfume and a fresh wig, you could get multiple hundreds of fucks out of a doll before it had enough wear to be replaced completely. Besides, you're operating off your own opinion. A very large number of men are happy to fuck a cantaloupe. They will also fuck REAL whores who haven't been cleaned AT ALL. Some men even get off on fucking used up whores.

>i then opening up a shop like that but base it around being a show room, for selling dolls would be better idea.
but good luck finding a decent location where it would be "allowed" and where you would actually get legit well heeled buying customers
>research. market research

OP already mentioned a "try before you buy" scenario working in partner with doll makers. It sounds like you would prefer a brand new doll yourself, so in a real scenario you would be among the people who would just buy a doll outright rather than attend a doll brothel. This is merely YOUR preference, and is not shared by all or even most. Faggots like you really ruin the discussion on this board. Consider killing yourself immediately.

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Very nice. I hope to see you out there some day bro. I think the world can handle at least two silicon slut slingers. We're going to make it.
Feed her some cum and she'll fatten right up.

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We had a sex doll brothel in Toronto that got shut down by public health, kek

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>Spotted the first roastie already. How's it going past the wall, love?

Very based indeed. I love dabbing on cum dumpsters

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There already is one in the Netherlands. It's part of a normal brothel though, not sure whether it's a succes.

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no you

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Blessed dubs

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>j-just replace her pussy h-haha good as new

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>jurr grug smash
not an argument.
shouldn't you be out banging rocks together or something?

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But Anon sex dolls are pretty cheap. Why not just buy one?

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>caring what other men fuck

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Instead of opening the brothel, you can sell modifications to make removable pussies for brothels that are disposable and more hygenic. Maybe even sell varieties for every John's preference. The margin should be pretty decent. Brothels should have enough extra cash to shell for a competitive advantage.

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this. this is my point these retards dont seem to get.

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you will always work for someone else.

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I had one in my country and it really didn't take off. Also there is one in Estonia I think but dunno how it's doing.

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jesus christ this website is crawling with incels

have sex incels

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ha ha ha. ok, you're one of those retards. ok.
sorry i didn't realize i was talking to mouth breathing idiots. go ahead. do your doll brothel. see how that works out for ya then.
ill read about it in the funny papers

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The roastie FEARS the sex doll connoisseur

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thats a man

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for you