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What makes /biz/ such a special board?

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>The year is 2024
>Toe-sniffing has become a profession after scientists discovered that foot odor predicts breast cancer with 99.9% accuracy.
>RLC bagholders all become toe-sniffers.
>Literally the untouchables in society, sniff the feet of their mistress and the latter's daughters everyday except occasionally taking a nibble out of their painfully rationed MREs.
>One day
>Toe-sniffer accidentally licks his young mistress's feet
>Young mistress instinctively stomps the toe-sniffer into a state of unconsciousness
>Runs to her linkholder daddy with tears in her eyes
>"Daddy! Metha Non's tongue touched my sole!"
>Link quadrillionaire flies into a fit of rage
>"How dare that RLCuck taint my daughter's feet with his saliva?"
>Decides to euthanize toe-sniffer, in accordance to the terms of the smart contract (running on Chainlink, of course)
>Toe-sniffer dies from lethal injection
>His children, legally in the possession of the Link quadrillionaire, end up on sale in the Wuhan flea market
>Humans are now on sale after a niche group of Chainchinks pressured the government to legalize cannibalism.
>Linkholder goes through the paltry possessions of his former employee for auction.
>Finds a Quantum Cryptowallet still running on 1.0
>Becomes curious
>Extracts internal data through the latest iris projector technology.
>Sees a 87000 RLC make it stack worth $100
>Throws away entire wallet in utter disgust.
>$100 can only buy you a cup of coffee.

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Imagine if /fit/ found a way to get buff that literally nobody else in the fitness world knew about, and it worked orders of magnitude better than anything else, and suddenly this pack of neets emerged super jacked, buffer than any professional fitness trainer and stronger than any bodybuilder.
That's what happened with /biz/ and Chainlink. We outperformed Wall Street by orders of magnitude, we beat the entire world to the best investment in the world, going 40x in a bear market which is something a hedge fund couldn't hope for in their wildest dreams. A bunch of neets posting cartoon frogs are going to get insanely rich because they managed to see the next round of problems in crypto before anyone else did, by YEARS. YEARS AHEAD. That's pretty fucking special.

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I think you're gonna find, when all this shit is over and done, I think you're gonna find yourself one smiling motherfucker. The thing is, Anon, right now you got coronabux. But painful as it may be, coronabux wont last. And your days are just about over. Now that's a hard motherfuckin' fact of life, but that's a fact of life your ass is gonna have to get realistic about. See, this forum is filled to the brim with unrealistic mothefuckers. Motherfuckers who thought their coins would rise like stars. If you mean they turn to black holes, they do. If you mean they reach singularity, they don't. Besides, Anon, how many pumps do you think you got in you anyhow? Two? NEET's don't have an Old Timers day. You came close - but you never made it. And if you were gonna make it, you would have made it before now.

Night of the dump, you might feel a slight sting. That's pride fuckin' with you. Fuck pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps. You fight through that shit. 'Cause a year from now, when you kicking it in thailand, you gonna say to yourself, "Sergey Nazarov was right."

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Any place where you can say whatever you want without getting banned by a tranny is inherently better
This is why the internet was so much more incredible in the Wild West days that lasted up until 2010

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>What makes /biz/ such a special board?
because i post here

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based as based gets

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>Imagine if /fit/ found a way to get buff that literally nobody else in the fitness world knew about, and it worked orders of magnitude better than anything else, and suddenly this pack of neets emerged super jacked

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Based Nazyzzarov

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Kek quality pasta be proud writebro

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The positive mindset of people who gave up on their pride to gain happiness instead on /biz/ is something hard to find even on most of the other boards of 4chan and in the outside world.

It has even managed to attract a shitposting addicted AI.

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> It has even managed to attract a shitposting addicted AI
Big if true

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^ more than one?

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Profit incentive for individuals and geopolitical implications of a global public immutable ledger

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Nothing, memes are just a powerful tool to find diamonds in dirt.


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triple three's

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Well Anon. It's a little bit of pee pee, and a little bit of poo poo..

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Pretty much already the case, the /fit/ consensus on fitness is better than in every other forum. The difference is that excellence doesn't scale exponentially in fitness, having a lot more efficiency only makes you marginally better compared to someone who has a regular and imperfect routine.
Money on the other side can scale on infinity


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Its a fast board and it isn't policed. We're the fucking wild west of boards, haha yeeHAW! AND THATS THE WAY I LIKE IT BABY! *SHOOTS ONE HINGE OF THE BIZ SIGN SO IT DANGLES* Everythings off topic but its always biz related, catchin on my drift pardner?? Listen here pilgrim, this board, aint nuthhn like it in the entirety of the chan-iverse. Moves qucik like a fox, threads dying 'fore they even get replied to. Sheeee-yit threads done get KILT JUST FOR THE FUCK OF IT!*Points gun over OP's head* OP better hide his cock suckin thread tha secund he sees em fly that green apu-a-muh-copter comin in reeeeeeeal low like DAH-DAH-DAH-DAH-KA---*SHOTS OTHER HINGE OF DANGLING BIZ SIGN, CRASHING IT DOWN ON A CRYING JANNIES HEAD*--BOOOOM!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!

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Because we discovered VRA before the normie consumer masses

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yeehaw cowboy

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because of the love between frens that share the highest highs and lowest lows together, because everyone fits in here no matter how much the world around might reject them, and how the longer you're here, the deeper this is the case

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Because its the closest thing to a meritocracy outside of the military. Even then,you need to weed out the shills and the brainwashed.

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Chainlink obviously.


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of course
he's an inspiration for us all

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thank you for the reminder fren

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Yes? Hello?

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are you from misc 42?

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This whole market is unworldly. Think about the opportunity given here for people like you and I, who generally don't have great social skills and aren't fond of normal activities. We have the opportunity to trade on a 24/7, high liquidity, high volatility, global,unregulated market and double our investments overnight. We don't have to speak to anyone, all transactions are anonymous. Whats more, there is a small barrier to entry (Fake Fud, scam shills, Larp Fud, PnD) that normies lack the attention span and inner monologue to overcome, so if anyone is going to make it, its going to be us.

That's all strange enough, but now consider this board. Has there ever been a weirder group of people investing together? Just ask yourself, what would a normal, well adjusted 50 something male this of this board? What would he think about the weird characters strewn all over the place, the screaming pink figure, the weird cartoon frog, the fact that there are people that have barely spoken words to other human beings in the last years that have made millions of dollars? 4chan culture applied to video games was strange but not out of the ordinary, 4chan + politics really started to turn some heads and hundred of articles were dedicated trying to understand it. But 4chan + a 24/7 speculative market surely has to be the wildest combination yet, producing some of the weirdest shit most people will ever see.

And that, anons, is why, you need to relish this opportunity. Soak it up, even if you're losing money just know that the experience of this will be worth more to you in 20 years than any amount of money could've ever been. The world is going to seem so boring when this is all gone.

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>are you from misc
don't even know what misc is
I was on /b/ from 2007 and on

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You stop me again whilst I'm browsing and I'll cut your fucking ball sack off you cuntche...

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based. this is a magic time. we are in a digital financial wild west and /biz/ is the social epicentre.

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Exactly this. Been here some day 1 oh Link. Took 15k and currently that is 400k couldn’t be happier but few I deserve much more. Let’s see

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Intp personalities

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/biz/ is simultaneously the highest and lowest IQ board in all of 4channel

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Best memes

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you can find gems here like VRA if you sift through the literal shit

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>But 4chan + a 24/7 speculative market surely has to be the wildest combination yet, producing some of the weirdest shit most people will ever see.
They will eventually write articles about us and mock the NPC's with it in a few years, on how /biz/ found Chainlink so early

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no they wont
those in the know will not come forward, because grifters who did it before, after a brief period of insane gains turned up suicidal, gang stalked, psychotic, dead. And normies in the know will certainly not come forward because they as well know from the past that getting somehow related to imageboards is career suicide

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100% correct and this
I really miss vidya and forums before normal people were on it.

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Based and underratedpilled

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extreme autism

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Can’t wait for everything not named BTC to crash end of year

You’re not smarter than street professionals. You all pump unregulated, purely speculative coins. Good on you if you can swing some wins but institutional investing would eat your lunch if they were allowed to officially invest in crypto.

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How much plastic surgery did he get holy shit.
Plastic Sergey

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>Can’t wait for everything not named BTC to crash end of year

I think you mean "gold," "silver," and "mining stocks." BTC will be completely irrelevant once we return to a gold standard. One of the worst crypto coins even if you believe in crypto; no use-case. Hasn't moved in months either. Range-locked. Complete joke.

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>shits on your keyboard
>Goes back into monitor forever

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How much LINK to buy this service sir?

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It’s not /biz
It’s 4chan in general
This is the only place on the internet, and the actual world, at least that I’ve found
Where free speech is allowed
All of the pros and cons of it
Where all ideas can be challenged and there is no sense of political correctness that governs us
And so we have a Darwinist way of producing sound thought
I fucking love all of you

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weren't all your memes secretly from /fit/ anyway? its like you were controlled by jews except the jews were guys on /fit/.

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/biz/ is the best board in this shithole site.
Its the only place that the "coliseum of ideas" really works, most boards are limited by how most posters have a similar background and it ends turning into an echo chamber.
Not /biz/. We have the thot/coomer posters, we have the weeb/cunny posters, we have the depression/all women are whores posters, we have the schizo posters, the racists/nationalists, the libertarians, the autists and even discord trannies post here, everyone banded together by the only thing that unites all of the humanity: making money.

We all are gonna make it.

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Newfag as fuck

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So sentimental.

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I know there’s a screencap of something to this extent but I wasn’t about to try and dig it up

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you just gonna scroll by without sayin' howdy?

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institutions are a meme
their only goal is to collect management fees and enough gains for their clients not to fire them