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It's over. This is a huge sell signal.
I'm out bros it's been fun

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he prob owns like 15 link

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someone tell this niglet he can deposit his link into AAVE for more USD to buy more LINK

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Bitconnect crowd buying Chainstink is one of the strongest signals you can get before the massive dump and permanent deflation.

Sell now, we'll see $3 within 2 weeks.

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I could buy another 25k LINK from defi plays alone. Just waiting for confirmation before going back to all in. Too much yield and incentivized plays out there right now to be all in after acquiring a whale sized stack as it is. Sorry kid, that's just business.

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Thanks just bought another 5k

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Yeah right their 50 LINK stacks really matter in the scheme of things.


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Any normie is priced out of having a 1000 link stack. Normies don't have $10k laying around for speculative investments. Now, if the price dumps back to $1, it's over.

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Bros. I was thinking about aave.
If the three gorges breaks and takes the BTC and eth mining with it that'll take the price too
If your loan was in a stablecoin, you'll still owe the same amount but your Link will be very cheap.

Three gorges dam is not the only liquidation risk.

I think it's probably safest to hold your debt in an erc-20 for the time being because if eth crashes it'll take the erc's with it, but not the stablecoins.

Also, I hope BAT doesn't moon soon

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I'm 50% tether 50% Suterusu until this all settles.

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I was thinking about this too

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defiretard here; what is the incentive to borrow stablecoins? since the price remains relatively the same, would the only reason to borrow be to allow a cushion for a riskier portfolio as it lowers liquidation risk? this aspect of aave confuses me

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>15 link is over 100 dollars

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Ampl usecase.

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imagine millions of eth and BTC wallets getting destroyed by a flood and are burned from the supply forever. and you think the price will drop?

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i worry that a large part of bitcoin mining will get rekt and we could see 2 day block times or crazy shit like that
eth would probably recover quicker but it could destroy bitcoin

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