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I'm 28, a millionaire, and a virgin.

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I can help. Workout, get a skin care routine, learn social skills.

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I'm 22, have $2000 to my name, no job, and am not a virgin.
(started getting laid at 19 because i was an autist incel until then, 25-I nbome cured everything tho ;) )

How can you not get laid but you can make 1M???
That doesnt make sense, either the biggest nerd ever or someone dropped money on you.

a.you either dont try, or don't know how to.
b.you are way too childish.
c.you are way too creepy.
d.___________________ (fill in the blank OP)

That money is a pussy magnet, but something about you must be pussy repellent...

<3 youll get there one day.

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Im 23, Have 20$, live with my parents and a virgin

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That's honestly all he needs to do...
Priceless advice.
OP suck his dick.

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i miss my virginity desu

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21, prolly 8k, fucked like 30 chicks

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buy BZRX.. have even more money in 1 month. easy 3x! look it up on here what people are saying, then use profits on a low budget city girl as your cuddle buddy if you're such an awkward incel just saying. itll help fill the void while you're getting even richer during this 2021 bull run.

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22, around 65k networth. I have a gf. No job.

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good. dont let them steal your money. spend it for a good cause

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I’d fuck you for money. No homo

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/fit/ should be the next stop for every /biz/nessman once they've achieved riches. What good is your money if you end up dying young from terrible health?

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I have had sex with 6 girls . My amount could be so much higher but I’m so autistic that with dumb chicks I can’t even relate and I lose interest . And even the smarter chicks, were dumb

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I'm 27, am very poor, and lost my virginity at 14. I will teach you the ways if you let me crash on your couch

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Learn Magic! Seriously, thats the easiest way to get self confidence. Also sports bruv, 1 to 2 hours a week helps alot. Crimp out that future depression. Cheers lad!

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faggot OP, chasing the stinky V is not the end all be all. learn to take solace in your hobbies and work ethic
t. guy who is trying to rewrite his own biological prerogative

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Can I get a quick rundown on good skincare routine?
I just wash my face with water and apply moisturizer when I wake up and before I go to bed. Anything else I should be doing?

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My problems were that I had very low self esteem, was extremely shy, had shitty social skills and thought I was way less attractive than I really am. I suspect a lot of Anons have similar issues.
I was an incel until 20 yo and thought I was a 0/10. Now I'm 25 yo and I have ZERO problems getting girls. I approach girls I'm interested in, I don't care about getting rejected, my social skills are pretty good and (most importantly imo) I come across as very confident in myself. Insecurity is a big turn off for most girls. Just LARP as an ultra confident chad who doesn't care if girls likes him or not because he has plenty of options. Girls love that kind of attitude.

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how much pulverized infant foreskin are rubbing on your face on a daily basis?

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stack green -> fuck hoes
not seeing enough green also portfolio or LARP

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Search Owen Cook and Jeff Allen on youtube they can help.

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It’s mostly diet. Don’t eat trash. Lift and sweat daily. Sauna regularly. Eat real food only. Eat foods high in magnesium, zinc, copper, and retinol (liver and oysters) eat fresh fruit and vegetables too I guess. Sleep. Do obsess over your skin to the level a woman does. Just be healthy and only use a natural soap on your skin.

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Good. Now you can get a virgin waifu and be with only her forever. Extremely cute, and based, and redpilled.

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phenomenally based

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Making money is easy and requires no human contact, that’s how

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*don’t obsess

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K. Keep me posted.

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>nbome cured everything tho
can you say more about this?

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based, unironically

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I'll fuck you for a bag of sxp.

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don't take nbome, just eat mushrooms

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how do i become millionaire, i'm not a virgin is that whY????????????? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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nice trips
my girlfriend is actually growing mushrooms rn

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It's a psychedlic drug.
the introspection and mindshift it gave me were invalueble.

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agreed. shrooms, dmt or lsd are likely better, definitly safer.
nbome is just all i had and i knew i wouldnt take enough to OD

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>>20665830 start lifting, improve yourself for the sake of it, the rest will follow i guarantee. Until you work towards the person you know you can be, you won't have the person you truly need.

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invest or get paid alot.

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I only use soap in the shower once a day, and i wash my face mayyyybe one other time a day.
i have never had acne other than a pimple or two for a couple days out of the year.

I bet it's 90% diet and lifestyle. eat good and spend time outside.

you do not need a $30 cream or 'system'. everything you need, nature provides.

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Or start your own business/ freelance online if you're smart. It's almost impossible to get rich in your 20s by being a regular wagecuck.

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Moisturizer and sunscreen are good for keeping your skin youthful. You'll look a lot better in your 30s+.

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any richfag in the midwest i will teach you to lose your virginity like Hitch

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definitly. i went from incel to normal guy all thanks to having a 'bad' trip on psychedelics.

i sold my magic cards and gaming pc when i was 19, and within a month i had a virgin gf, not even kidding haha. Oh, and NOFAP!
idk if it was law of attraction that got me a gf, because i wasnt playing kids games anymore, or if it was the nofap that raised my T to a point where they could smell it...

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I will actually coach you rich incels if you want.
I'll be your stylist, home designer, social coach, etc, etc.
You have wealth, i have pussy knowledge, lets trade.

This goes out to all guys, pluck your fucking unibrows, you disgusting mongoloids..
brush your teeth, make sure your pits dont reek.
clean your room, take your gundam dsplay from above your bed and put them in the attic.

theres your free sample. hmu bois

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I'm 20. Have 55k to my name, a virgin. I hope to be you one day. Sluts dont ammuse me. I like lifting and feeing my own ego.

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It could be worse.
Imagine being a 30+yo millionaire wizard...

This makes me really consider if we need to have a gf if we managed to live this long without one.
We could be meant for grater things and need to use our limited time efficiently for that purpose.

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It's similar for me.
Ironically I was rejecting a lot of girls because I didn't want a gf due to my low self-esteem.
Living in a very narcissistic family felt like my ego would die if someone too close would make a bad comment.

I only found out when I reached 30 years that I never made a decision for myself and only lived for others.
It was impossible for me to decide what I wanted and it usually took me more than 5 minutes to chose what I would eat at lunch when working...
It's sad that I only understood 2 decades later why I felt like Jarod from the Chameleon tv series best described me, and I only finally reached his initial state of escaping the prison...
I am now trying to retire from work to finally be allowed to live my childhood after I had been forced into a parent/adult role after my birth.

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> he doesn't hold FUND

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Go to Thailand, pattaya. Walking street or soi 6 you absolute fucking worthless cunt fucking bitch.

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