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Pls tell me this is FUD...

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Russian scam. Dump now.

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its not kek

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It's all true everyone sold already we're gonna buy back at 7 cents

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It's real guies sell now!!1!one

Please, please just sell, comeon, sell we are losing big money on this advertising campaign...

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It's real. Sell and never come back here.

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the conference today revealed to the world the fat russian that runs this scam.
price has already tanked ten percent.
once it breaks through the five dollar resistance the panic will begin and small holders and speculators will begin to offload, with the whales already long gone.
once it shoots through the 2.5 mark, unabated fear will ripe through all linkies, with all those who dumped their current accounts into this scam twitching their fingers continuously while refreshing binance.
the 0.5 mark will be met, the largest panic in history will ensue.
the final deluded nodes will begin to go offline, and wagecuckers with their engineering salaries loaded up in link will be left with it stuck in their wallet, unable to move it to binance to salvage some self-respect.
the price will tank at this point to sub 0.5, and most probably sub i.c.o. levels.
from that day forward the stinky linkie wagecucking nerds who bought this coin thinking it had fundamentals will go back to their jobs, with no money in their current accounts, to be made redundant by the next wave of pajeets arriving to undercut their wages.
stinky linkies will hold bags forever, with no job, no money, and no crypto.
i warned you linkies. there’s still time to get out. sell now. don’t be stinky, don’t be a linkie.

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It's real, hasn't been publicly acknowledged yet, but get the fuck out this scam if you invested.

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Why won't linker marines just SELL?! Oh my God please fuckkng make it go down we are about to lose everything

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Kidding aside, but their findings are hard to ignore as FUD and can be verified as correct, such as:

>In absolute dissonance with the price action, the actual usage of
the Chainlink network is fading. The TransferAndCall function
recalls have peaked in February 2020 and are currently down nearly
50% of the record levels

>The Chainlink service offering is prohibitively expensive and it
makes no economic sense for companies to adopt Chainlink’s
oracle solutions. MakerDAO, UniSwap, Compound, etc. are
internally-developing alternatives, which will eventually render the
promise of LINK obsolete.

>• The people behind the project are few, mostly remote part-time
consultants focused on marketing and community building, and
lack the professional experience to lead and manage a project with
a market cap in excess of $2.75 billion out of a co-working space.

I'm a 15K stack Linklet, but that represents all of my crypto net worth and this shit is terrifying, and appears to be true.

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Why are you still holding LINK then? You could go all in SWIPE and keep your money safe.

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ive been in since .20
thank god for that zeus capital report otherwise i would have been stuck riding it back to 0 like what happened to me on wirecard

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I'm scared but somehow this just feels too much like a hitjob

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>pic related
It's all horseshit anon.

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>the Chainlink network is fading. The TransferAndCall function recalls have peaked in February 2020 and are currently down nearly 50% of the record levels
where would i go to verify this?
is the "TransferAndCall" function also definitely a reliable indicator?
do we have a trusted oracle that we can get this historical data from to verify?

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I was right to trust my instincts.
Time to see how far this goes and buy more LINK

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i wonder how many anons would suicide if chainlink was indeed a russian scam

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Strong buy signal you dummy

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If you're going to buy, buy quick. There's a rumor that they'll soon make an announcement involving major Korean banks. also, pic related.

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Isn't that just FUD that was debunked by the Simeon guy who is an actual Partner of LINK?

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>do we have a trusted oracle that we can get this historical data from to verify?

Well no, because Chainlink doesn't have an operational network or working product.

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Looks like the so-called "oldfags" are a tiny minority of holders of the 200,000 million tokens that are not held by the devs.

Most others are just swingers and newfags, which tells me whales are already rapidly bailing the fuck out.

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LINK is an Ethereum-based ERC677 token that functions like an ERC20 with the added
TransferAndCall function, which enables token transfers and contract execution
in a single transaction. Because of this, Ethereum is equipped with usability statistics of the function which gives a clear view of the number of jobs run for a given period.

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you don't have to sell but if you don't think this is a scam you're retarded

ride the bubble as long as you can handle, but time your exit properly, don't go to sleep without a stop loss order in place

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>when Chainlink is such a big fatty fat scam that you literally pay Twitter to advertise your post telling everyone it's a scam

damn they must really care about helping people not get scammed by the big scam

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wow I'm convinced

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zeus capital the website and "investment firm" that existed since July wow cool

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>LINK is an Ethereum-based ERC677 token that functions like an ERC20 with the added
>TransferAndCall function, which enables token transfers and contract execution
>in a single transaction. Because of this, Ethereum is equipped with usability statistics of the function which gives a clear view of the number of jobs run for a given period.
how do i verify that TransferAndCall function recalls are down 50% since February

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Kind of desperate desu, Rory.

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yeah so desperate to point out how obviously gay the whole thing is

good luck "Zeus Capital"

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thanks i just sold all ten million of my chainlinkers

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please tell me Zeus Capital is a legitimate company, this is fucking hilarious
stinky linkies BTFO

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Catching on


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I bet you sound really cool saying "stinky linkies" in real life

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I wonder what their liquidation price is? It will be a pleasure to see their position liquidated in a day or two

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Topkek I just saw this as a promoted tweet

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Even if it is a hit piece, their claims are well researched and mostly true from what I can tell, like this one:

>The physical office of SmartContract, the company behind the multibillion-dollar token, is located on 50 California Street, Suite 1500, San Francisco. We find odd the fact that such a high-profile project is registered on the address of a Regusco-working space

LMAO, imagine running a 7 BILLION dollar company out of a fucking AIDs-infested shared office space. This is fucking embarrassing...

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>zeus capital
>everyone else is bullish as fuck on chainlink
I don't even hold chainlink and can tell you not to listen to this retarded fud

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I can tell you bought at $8.

Getting nervous are well?

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So, ah, umm, if this is FUD, why is this true and where the FUCK are the Google and SWIFT partnerships?

Didn't the Google partnership scam get us above $4 for the first time 2 years ago?

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lurk moar newfag

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I didn't buy at 20 cents, what makes you think I would have bought at 8 dollars?

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using the bathroom again Sergey? isn't that like the 7th time this morning?

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Oh no, you're retarded.

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So show us one piece of misinformation in the whole article.

You've been duped by one of the biggest scams in crypto.

How much was Bitconnect worth at its peak?

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I actually saw this as a paid promoted tweet, wtf is going on with these guys

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Imagine paying attention to anything by some randos on Twitter.
>no actual offices
>can't speak English
>can't properly edit their own "publication"
>pretending to be a company

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Are you having fun?

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Look at this scam token.. partnering with Korea banks.. what nerve. Who do they think they are?

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This is going back to $3. You were warned.

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Why would you still hold it then?

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Sloppy job Simeon

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Zeus correctly identified that fake and meaningless partnerships ARE in fact the business model for Chainlink.

It's not actually taking fees for providing secure data feeds. The business model is selling premined tokens to idiots, AKA XRP and Ripple.

No one actually uses Ripple for anything.

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Are you fudders normal human beings or just bunch of insane and sadist people?

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It's not FUD if it's real.

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I didnt want to take chances bros. I dumped it

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LOL trying so hard to FUD, if you look at Nexos or whatever is behind the short because their platform literally have being lending in their chainlinks for example and they must instantly sell to lend out which is basically creating a synthetic short in itself, im guessing they have got most of their at when it was 1.80 -2 USD range and now that it has pumped they need the price of link to go down so they dont go insolvent LMAO

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i know this is hard for you all to accept but sergey framed simeon for this FUD attack to suppress the price for a bit

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Remember link marines first they Ignore you, then they laugh at you and then they fight you and then you WIN 1000EOY NOT FUCKING SELLING

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it's true. dump it.

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its the same thing xrp did and it eventually lost 75% of its high

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I'm going to hold my 1 Linkie I got for $4 until i die.
Hoping that 81K price prediction comes true.

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>getting the call this late

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>Pls tell me this is FUD...
Listen to your guts anon


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