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What’s the fucking Make It stack

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pajeet bagholder here
only 60k
fren will i make it?
lets look at it closely
if lets say fantom someday makes it
to where ether is today
my roughly 1k usd bag
will be worth
only a little under a million
with that said
>praise kek
by that time what will usa be worth to anyone
but while i sit cozy in my cabbage farm
paid for on fantoms
frens from all over
they will be begging me for my
digital oil
so i will be stacking on top of that
>picture me
>living on a cabbage farm
>the year is 2025 trump has been re elected
>bipocs walk the planet
>screaming in terror
>but i a simple cabbage farmer paid for on fantoms
>selling fine krauts and digital gold rlc tokens
>fucking your women
>rihana will be licking my toes
>you will be crying bc you didnt buy the dip
buy the dip
fantom to the moon
we will make it

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10/10 would read it again. Thanks for making my day anon, enjoy your cabbage farm.

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200k is like a 10k ETH stack