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>0 ethereum threads
Oh how the mighty have fallen

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LINK threads are pretty much ETH threads though, once the stinky bubble pops, most of it will flow into then mooning Ether

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Does anyone have the gif of money Skelly at that weird red monument?? Asking so I can get a moving picture this Christmas. Already have pic related as a poster

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Bump. I need this gif

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It's because we are all talking about PNK now don't you know?

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>0 ARPA threads
Oh diamond in the rough

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>he thinks that this is still a board for making money on real projects

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Actual good coins with strong prospects to grow aren’t talked about here. Retards only want greater fool shitcoin scams that either go to 0 or 10x in a month.

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this, biz has gone literally to shit with too much dirty streetshitting pajeets shilling their loo coins

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only boomers hold btc and eth

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share actual good coins outside eth/link

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Probably why they have all the wealth.