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Okay hear me out

The potential for 81K is possible though ironically. When you account for staking locking up 95% or even more of the circulating supply(350 Mil, the rest are spoken for on nodes already). I suspect by 2026 BTC will only have around 35-40% dominance as well, projects with specific applications will begin to take hold. Oracles, various layer 1's that enable Smart contracts, DEFI, decentralized cloud computing, decentralized cloud storage, and probably other things that haven't even been conceptualized yet.

We are supposed to see at least 8 Trillion MCAP by 2025 of all crypto according to the experts. Klaus Schwab mentions this in his book.

I think we will see 4-5 Trillion at the peak of the next bullrun easy. That will probably be early to mid 2022. Next peak bull run will probably mid to late 2026 which could easily run 16-20 Trillion MCAP of all crypto. In the scheme of things that is only around 18-25% of the global GDP. Its honestly not that much.

Now lets say LINK network protocol captures 4 Trillion by 2026 peak bull run. At even 80% staking saturation (70 Million circulating supply) the price is close to 60,000 per LINK, around 57,000. At 15% circulating supply, its 52.5 Million LINK with a 4 Trillion MCAP is 76,000 per LINK.

These numbers sound ridiculous at first or to the uniniated but again when you understand what LINK is/does its honestly not. We are buying a share of the fat protocol that will monetize Web 3.0. I mean think if HTTPS would have been monetized. The Internet itself is worth around 19 Trillion and when you add in data accumulated from the "Internet of Things", it adds a 5-10x multiplier roughly.

The Internet is more or less 25 years old for the masses as a whole. If there were 350 Million shares circulating, they would be worth just under 54,000 each at its current estimated value.

The pic related is fun and entertaining but ironically achievable in the time frame suggested


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This is FUD

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Based and Bump. I need the hopium with my 8k stack

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Hear me out bro
Chain links centralized

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Please take your meds

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checked and nice image!

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Checked and based keep gassing us with hopium

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Oh you guys. Its so adorable how hard you all try. You try too hard though, it makes it obvious. If you want to FUD you need to plant a seed lightly but frequently and the let the target think they came to the conclusion to sell on their own. You aren't doing it right.

You may as well give up on OG targets though they are cemented in their holdings. The only thing that can part them from their holdings is increasing the price at this point to a new epoch, but even then many of them understand selling doesn't make much sense when the greatest investment of all history will be producing dividends. I read the Zeus pdf. Every single point in their has been diffused at one point or another. Its too bad most people surfing /biz nowadays weren't around for the Chainlink Golden Era of discussion all through 2018. I'd spend 8 hours a day on here reading one of the 10 threads going on breaking down and arguing fundamentals, technicals, and breadcrumbs.

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>open calculator
>multiply stack with 81,000
>haha wow that's a lot of money
>crisis averted, dopamine levels nominal.

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I suspect virtually no one will make it that far. Not even 1/100th of 1% of the holders would make it past $5000 let alone $81,000.

If you lets say 10,000 you should do everything in your power to never sell at least 1000. Seriously just forget you own them basically.

I have 10,000 I have committed to never sell 100%. I'll then create smart contracts that divide the dividends among reinvesting, back into LINK, into physical wealth like precious metals, a stock portfolio, and tangible resources like land with water/food production, a self sustaining energy grid, and a trust for my family and myself to spend on whatever.

I'll probably die with the seed phrase and let the smart contracts automatically pump wealth into my family for future generations so they can't fuck up the process and spend the initial holdings. I might try and hide it though and give clues that only someone in future generations would understand if they exhibit the proper traits of morality, truth, discipline, and service to others etc.

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the image was presented without comment you fudded yourself

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>I'll probably die with the seed phrase and let the smart contracts automatically pump wealth into my family for future generations so they can't fuck up the process and spend the initial holdings.
You plan on dying?

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The biggest issue I see is that Link is a token available on the ETH platform.
ETH's market cap must increase enough to ensure Link's security.

If the valuation of Link increases too much people may want some kind of hard asset based insurance like being gold backed.
Governments also want to create their own cryptocurrencies.
If Link's prices goes up too much it will attract their negative attention.

After some time the complexity of contracts will increase.
This means it would be possible to ask for a different type of collateral than Link from nodes which could be real estate/stocks or something similar connected either with a new crypto or through a smart contract to this new space.
That way it's possible for someone to invest in a Node link with a lower cost by just giving their assets as collateral.
They may not want to sell their hard assets for another one which is not backed by real assets.

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Anon if my immediate financial needs are taken care of I will keep my linkies

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The value is in the network my dude. You need LINK tokens to even access the LINK network. ETH only function is to act as final settlement layer...

Think of ETH as the computer, and LINK as the internet.

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No think of eth as pee pee and link as poo poo.

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if this is true, even linklets like me with less than 500 Link will be millionaires 10 times over. this is hilarious

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This is so fucking based

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You don't need Link to access the network if the node operator accepts something else of equal value.
It's possible to use only a smaller percentage of Link for the network and use other assets with a contract for the rest.
There is no limit to what can be done with smart contracts.

If someone hacks your computer you will lose all your data and he will be able to make you send spam emails.
It this happens with ETH and the cost of an attack on the network is worth it then we are going to have a bigger issue.
The bigger the network grows, the bigger incentive for an attack will be.
Vitalik still can't manage to make his ETH2.0 network work...

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Based, I remember your thread bro. Was the best one for the shit months of March-May.

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based and based pilled

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The main issue with these valuations is that your life will be in constant danger.
Learning how to manage your wealth is already difficult, but now you need a private army to protect yourself and your family...
That's only a risk worth taking if you are ready to die in the pursuit of a bigger goal and need billions to achieve it.

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your cryogenics screencap is one of my faves

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Hey thanks, If I remember correctly it was about Coinbase and Open Oracle as the topic although we covered a lot in that thread about LINK in general.

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there's no way in hell i'm becoming a billionaire
it's just not fucking possible

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yes, that is correct. The world is fucking stupid and a joke, and we're all going to laugh together as frens at the end of time.

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Yes, I have been leaving clues here for my offspring to find. This place will be scrubbed with a fine tooth comb for clues as to our identity. By both AI and humans alike.

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I still have done nothing to fud chainlink

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not with that attitude

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i have a fat stack and iron hands though
if this shit hits 81,000 I will be a billionaire several times over

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I just set a time frame, don't care what LINK price is until 2025-2026.

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This is true, its possible that once you hit billions in net worth you start getting approached by people to see what you plan on doing with it. By that point things will be highly automated and technology should allow some though. I suspect I could use AI and other facets to enact my plans if I die. I could also do what the elite do and obtain blackmail as a deadman's switch while I use my wealth to give the masses opportunities to be sovereign on their own. Technology will also allow for physical defense against an army of people using drones and other devices if absolutely necessary. I don't want to have hide my whole life though. For all we know people do have clones of themselves for essentially eternal life or maybe I could use human like machine avatars. Honestly, I suspect we are a hundred years or more advanced in many fields of science and tech than what is known to the average person.

Contingency plans and preparation for as many scenarios as possible is the key. I just want to change the world if I get the opportunity and would gladly die trying.

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Yes I didn't look at your post clearly at first. Clearly the top holders realize LINK's future and its telling in comparison to other coins

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If satoshi had given himself 75% of the supply it would've worked better

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I would suggest you start meditating now and start reading books about hemi-sync, Kundalini, and occult freemasonry to activate your Sacred Seed. Kabbalah in practice is neutral but there are right handed and left handed paths.


I've completely decoupled my emotional responses to external data coming in. I have a plan and I will follow it.

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>This is true, its possible that once you hit billions in net worth you start getting approached by people to see what you plan on doing with it

this is almost certainly the case. look at the gates foundation and their inoculation initiatives in africa as an example of someone who was co-opted once he got too big.

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He did, just not on his first project

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All computer based technologies have a backdoor in them...
If you openly fight against the global elite they will quickly find out and murder you.
You will have to find ways to hide your true net worth and intentions for long enough to survive your preparations.

If you want to access more advanced technology and maybe immortality, you will need to establish a contact with the ancient astronauts in some way and trade with them.
But that's just so hard and dangerous, I don't see how it can be done.

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Gates was groomed for that position by his parents . They aren't good people and are eugenicists who want to depopulate the planet by 85%.

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Only God should be able to exist forever. I do want to live long enough to enact change though. I suspect if you get to a point of essentially eternal life it would be hard to call it quits one day though. You don't want to become what you are trying to defeat.

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low iq post

the amount of value in the staked LINK, generated by organic demand for secured contracts, is what drives the total value.

remove the idiotic concept of ‘circulating’ non-staked LINK from your vocabularies.

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This universe and this planet won't exist forever.
Looking at how long the ancient gods reigned on earth it seems they have some kind of limit on their eternal life.
You can also still die from an accident.
It's only repairing your cells to make them young again.

But if one of them was recorded to reign for 300000 years on earth I would like to live a little bit longer...

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Yes sure the majority of value from LINK comes in the form of staked LINK on nodes being sufficient collateral for high value contracts. This process does reduces the circulating supply through demand though. Both aspects are important. Your argument is ironically idiotic. The value goes up if supply is low, which it will be because LINK tokenomics create a positive feed back loop of reduced costs, new profit streams, dividends from those profits streams, dividends reinvested back into LINK for more staking, and lowered supply and increased token value by being able to take on more contracts of the same value with less LINK involved.

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Some of the current elite have some kind of contact with them and still don't get access to immortality technology.
I don't think they want to share it with us as it may have some extremely high energy/material cost and they see it as their privilege.
We would have to become a a high ranking citizen of their society.

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Yea we aren't invited into the federation if you will for lack of a better phrase.

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Yeah, accidents do happen. Like what if you teleport yourself inside of a solid concrete wall or something.

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Not in the current state of things.
But if we manage to get closer to their technological level by ourselves and at least create one healthy nation, they would be forced to change our status after we show our ability to send a spaceship close to the sun with gravity control technology and show our ability to participate.
Unfortunately this won't be easy to achieve without removing the current elite from power.
It's so frustrating to see pictures like this one of an armada refueling at the sun coming from a different solar system, and having to live as the lower life forms in Star Trek.

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They probably have some way to repair most cells outside of the brain.
But if someone shoots your brain it would be like reviving an empty container of a person.

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That's fine as long as it's the non-Whites and jews who die off. Whites are only 9% of the population anyway so there's even plenty of room for the based Japs.

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They are not eugenicists, they are the opposite. They are globalists. Hitler was a eugenicists. True eugenics is a good thing. What these fucks are doing us creating a dysgenic hell world.

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You need to add in the standard 25x valuation

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Yes that’s exactly right there’s no point in selling when it produces dividends they literally have to raise the price to astronomical leveles and fast to get me to sell. Because right since it’s crypto it’s still high risk and I would sell to play it safe in real estate which I already could sell and buy some nice places but there’s no point if it’s not at least ten million

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don't fall for the real estate trap. I see this a lot on this board. Real estate relies on the government recognizing your claim to the land. Blockchain relies on the chain recognizing the funds in your wallet. once blockchain is the majority of globale value holdings, do youthink the gov wont cease land through imminent domain? At least that is a scenario i've gamed out.

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sorry about the spelling i'm drunk

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The main problem with land is that its value will decrease in this century with the world's depopulation, and shortly from the debt bubble and fiat collapse.
When we get back to 5-8% of interest it will go back to its true value.
But then look at empty villages in japan.
If there is nobody left to buy, your land has virtually no value.

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Because you said this I will not sell ever . I will sell all my other holdings but no longer link only the divides from staking

>> No.20638850

Serious question:

What stops them from making more Link? Why is there this attitudes that it’s a finite resource?

>> No.20638974


Well whatever you want to call them, they still want to merge humans into a single cultureless and raceless blob focused on consumerism/hedonism and lower the population down to 500,000,000 per the Georgia Guidestones.

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Nice fud, it was mathematically proved that each link will be worth $400,000

>> No.20639024


The land has value imo if it can grow clean produce and has a plethora of water on it. Bonus points for mountain ranges or valleys to potentially build a worst case scenario self sustaining bunker. A titanium submarine might be better at that point though if you can't go off planet

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The same reason there can ever only be 21 Million BTC.

>> No.20639077


I mean I haven't seen the research on that but one day I'd believe. Idk what the time frame would look like from here though.

>> No.20639129


I hope so. This kind of opportunity only comes around every 200-300 years. Its a bit different than the other industrial revolutions as its capacity to grow is virtually infinite while the others were a bit limited yet still cemented your family in history for the rest of time.

>> No.20639363

>This kind of opportunity only comes around every 200-300 years.
nope. bitcoin only happened ten years ago in terms of when you could have accumulated for comparable prices. There are going to be many of these opportunities in life, you just have to learn how to see them and realize they are out there. Amazon and tesla stock were selling for ten bucks in our lifetime anon. If you had the hunger and the swollen SACK to buy in, you would be fucking mongolian whores on top of a golden canoe right now.

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this is my favorite linky delusion

>> No.20639465


BTC is the best performing asset in human history and there isn't a single stock that comes even close. Around .10 to 19,800.

>> No.20639495

Its not delusion. There is more supporting evidence that Sergey was involved with the construction of BTC more than any other person alive currently. It was probably a consortium though

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Did read, not selling great thanks

>> No.20639581

tesla has never turned a single dollar of profit and it is currently worth 1500 bucks. you're out of your fucking mind if you don't see that there are other opportunities out there.

>> No.20639604

That's only because BTC started at being worth basically nothing.

>> No.20639634


I never even remotely implied there aren't other opportunities out there. I said Chainlink is an opportunity that comes around every 300 years or so and we happen to be alive during its inception. Every other investment will pale in comparison.

You didn't read what I said and are assuming too much.

>> No.20639639

82k link isnt schizo rambling any more. Crazy things will happen in the next 5 years

>> No.20639658


And? What does that have to do with anything. Its still the best performing asset of all time and nothing else is even remotely close in terms of the percentage multiplier.

>> No.20639742

bitcoin was literally ten years ago though. You could have bought 10k bitcoin for 10 bucks and been a billionaire. you are wrong. there are opportunities everywhere that are of the scale of chainlink. The only difference is that chainlink is OBVIOUS. Its a SURE BET. We'd have to be smarter to see the other ops that are of the same size. And maybe if we learn the lesson of chainlink and bitcoin, we can we smart enough. Don't limit yourself bro.

>> No.20639889

>there are opportunities everywhere that are of the scale of chainlink

If you mean its gains thus far since ICO price, then yes.

If you mean its future potential, absolutely not.

>> No.20639986

you literally could have purchase bitcoin at a fraction of a cent,. Same for ethereum. What i'm talking about is a mental discipline to stay vigilant to find these sorts of things. I'm not sure you're able to keep up with me mentally, so this is my last attempt to reach out to you. Maybe you should buy ripple.

>> No.20640212

is there a more hr version of this pic?

>> No.20640250


By your own claim Chainlink is the most obvious and sure investment, so why would I buy anything else? Its potential is at least that of BTC so it has the possibility of also reaching levels of the current greatest investment of human history.

There are other facets in life that one must consider besides finances, which I have a handle on. Physical, mental, and spiritual gains and plans to best maximum the wealth from your financial gains. You jumping to insults for whatever reason isn't helping your case in the slightest. You haven't reached out at all and suggested anything other than Tesla, and I'll pass on that one.

>> No.20640291


Not that I'm aware of. What is the issue with that one. When enlarged its clear and easy to read I'd say

>> No.20640417

Where do you find this kind of things man ?

>> No.20640426

yeah, link is currently the most obvous sure win. What are you asking? Buy link and you will be rich as fuck.

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Based and immortalrobotloliavatarpilled

>> No.20640748

no ones been able to prove 81k wrong yet, correct?

>> No.20640751

Anyone got a archive link of this or the other thread discussed? I haven't planed for a grim future at all

>> No.20640758

No, BLOOD link is reality

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I brought chainlink up to alot of people today and said it was located on the cayman island, everyone of these normie non crypto fucks laughed, and I did to, I said what fucking company on cayman islands isnt a scam? hahaha twinklinks fud xrp hard but are retarded themselves. That low supply fever. 66% held by captain fat make her centralized

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Based af

>> No.20641035

its a meme story where you sign up with a cryogenics company. You wake up, turn on the tv and see the daily chainlink news. With a dark smile on your face you activate the smartcontract that leads to your cab showing up and bringing you to the exprerimatal cryogenics corp. They lead you into the pod and your view goes dark. You awake and its like no time has passed, but you realize you are in a new body, a SYNTHETIC body. Your smartcontract has activated after your staking has made you an OG linker through reciprocal staking. You do a few neat things like giving a single link to a slave to free him before you head off to the galaxy to live the live of a linker.

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Based af

>> No.20641045

This hopium can only be taken anally

>> No.20641051


Do you honestly think any of this works? Seriously its so sad.

>> No.20641075

This board is so fucking dead. Cheers to the oldfags, was fun while it lasted.

>> No.20641098











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You know, we are laughing at you. Well its weird combination of pity and humor. This is the kind of FUD used out of desperation. Lol A last gasp of breath to try and save your shorts. Something along those lines.

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ty for the hope anon

>> No.20641307

Thanks for the link anon interesting stuff. I never knew him but my grandfather was a mason. Looking for purpose in my life too so it suits. Reading pike's book now morals and dogma

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Cool, I'll check out the book. I've heard of Pike but never got around to reading his material. Also check out George W. Carey as well. Pic related.

Mark Passio's Natural Law lecturers are also required viewing. Its 7 hours long but in 3 sections so you can space it out. Absolutely essential.

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worthless kike garbage
take the hermes pill

>> No.20641638

Nobody has been able to prove it correct either

>> No.20641676


Obviously you haven't researched it. Through orgasm retention and a few other practices like deep diaphragm controlled breathing I've changed my life completely. Some days by just existing I feel 5% the euphoria and pleasure of sexual release. Lots of other benefits but sexual transmutation is key to reaching self actualization

>> No.20642042

Is this evil? I am low iq so trying to understand this is hard for me. How do I know this isn't a trick by the devil and I end up doing something bad?

>> No.20642091

Have you added more? Last time I r8 8/10. I see new pins?

>> No.20642106

>hurp durp it's locked in staking
>literally staking pays out Link which is immediately sold on the open market

Yeah... load of shit OP

>> No.20642119

Based and checked.

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>> No.20642651


Your argument doesn't make sense? Most corporations will also be running nodes and are incentivized to immediately reinvest and continuously stake their LINK dividends.

>> No.20642680


Kundalini can cause emotional or psychological problems if you open your chakra points before being mentally prepared. Doing the things in this video link will still give great benefit and are safe.


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Just bought this watch with my link gains, you jelly faggots?

>> No.20643088

Take your meds

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Not mine but I only have the one pic of that set up. Here's another

>> No.20643679

Why would I sell all if there will be staking offering at least 5% roi a year?

>> No.20644246

this screen is worth more than thousand words

>> No.20644372

time is illusion and is programmed, there are dozens of beings in our universe not tied with anything like time

>> No.20644682

You’re a retarded faggot who’s going to lose all his money. If you think this time is different and we have another cycle and that link won’t crash 85% with everything else you do t deserve to money you have

>> No.20644736

Sloppy, Simeon.

>> No.20644744

How the fuck is it possible for a single company to control a network worth 4 trillion?

>> No.20644925


Its not a single company that is the point of a network. Owning a share of the protocol allows for the ownership of the revenue not just the profits. Fat protocol vs thin protocol. Also Amazon is 1 Trillion anyway what is the difference? Amazon will probably eventually hit 2 Trillion but its potential to grow is more or less limited considering its tangible products and requires individual consumers. Data services aren't nearly as limited.

>> No.20645002


What is your point? Of course we will have another parabolic cycle followed by a retrace. Probably $300-400 and last time it was closer to a 70% correction for LINK. Eventually staking will reach maturity once released after an unknown amount of time and it will be less subject to speculation and more to extended and healthy growth. The whole system acts a positive feed back loop permanently foster increased value for LINK. Sergey covered this recently in one of his presentation a lot more in depth.

I have short term holdings and more than 10,000 to unload. I will ALWAYS keep at least 10,000 though.

Idk what else to tell you except you are seriously seething

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So in essence, even 81k isn’t out of question. I know 1k is fud, always felt too lowballish. Sweet, so my 10k is extra comfy now with this new information. Cheers fren

>> No.20645118


I mean there are entities outside of our dimensional realm, but all I can say is as long as men can die, so too does tyranny

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Only because the purposeful design of LINK's tokenomics. They could have done it differently but they CHOSE to develop a positive feedback loop of increased value that ANYONE can purchase.

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>> No.20645249

>They could have done it differently but they CHOSE to develop a positive feedback loop of increased value that ANYONE can purchase.
But why..?

>> No.20645292

Sergey (satoshi) is a student of philosophy, not finance

>> No.20645333

I understand Sergey=Satoshi but I don't see how that answers the question though.

>> No.20645406


I think his statement answers it. A lot of philosophy teaches morality and virtues as the purpose of life. Actually the Cult of Demeter touches on that which Ari Juels appears to be aware of as well.

>> No.20645608
File: 197 KB, 1106x884, Iwontletyoudown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20645686

So.. this was all planned in advance to help some autists like us to make it? Could they have also designed the system in such a way that it WOULDN'T develop a positive feedback loop?

>> No.20645958

>scammers short link
>Zeus advertisement push continues

Remember guys if you buy ChainLink at these prices and higher then you are forcing the scammers to neck themselves

This is the assassination contract.

>> No.20646180

>Could they have also designed the system in such a way that it WOULDN'T develop a positive feedback loop?

Not really because the token is needed for collateral to prevent gaming the system but they could have made it to where autists couldn't purchase it more or less. I mean they actually kind of tried already with the 300 ETH ICO minimum and Binance listed them without their approval.

>> No.20646343
File: 248 KB, 746x688, Flow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20646351
File: 312 KB, 729x954, 1594042699675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Based and completely legal pilled
Yes fellow goyim it was all an elaborate ruse!

>> No.20646438
File: 197 KB, 500x351, 189F74BC-E836-4497-9DC0-B8117E7EC137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread reeks like bullshit

>> No.20646544


Go ahead mention any part that reeks like bullshit and I'll gladly BYTFO.

Simeon must be getting nervous

>> No.20646562
File: 97 KB, 700x700, 290C7C42-9839-4361-B51B-23AE170DCEBC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there an proof for this claim?
There are hints that satoshi is behind that at well. But Link, sounds like anons are again pulling shit out of their ass to get gullible indians to buy their shitcoin

>> No.20646600

I don’t think I can expect any answers worth a shit considering all the pseudo intellectual bullshit in this thread

>> No.20646637
File: 1.74 MB, 2900x2892, SergeySatoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20646688


As expected you have nothing

>> No.20646774
File: 50 KB, 760x512, 59F3D5E6-310E-47E4-B4C1-E85B7F33AA06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ask for sources
>anon pulls out an image out of his ass without any sources
Do you faggots actually know what sources are?

>> No.20646779
File: 1.46 MB, 1031x5831, sergeysatoshi2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20646791
File: 1.80 MB, 1125x1605, 1CF6FE81-7C27-4B32-A3B5-94348FEE9838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Chainlink at 81K Breakdown

>> No.20646826

>anon is too retarded follow a topic without meme arrows
What about this >>20646562

>> No.20646851



Plenty of threads on here discussed it in detail and they are all 404'ed of course.


>> No.20646892

hey alright

just keeps essays off /biz/ please

>> No.20646906
File: 1.98 MB, 2128x3896, sergeysatoshi3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


There are no meme arrows, you are purposely just being difficult when I presented the evidence. You should read it, but I understand that isn't why you are in this thread.

Anyone else interested though should take a look.

>> No.20646943


>Please don't explain LINK tokenomics and future pricing based on real world estimations

Klaus Schwab was the one who estimated 8 Trillion on blockchain by 2025 not me.

Also no?

>> No.20646967
File: 560 KB, 640x640, 42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20646983

Im genuinely interested. It’s just that you can’t post some shitty jpg with snippets of some articles and call that evidence. Links to the actual sources, like links to the russian bitcoin forum.

>> No.20647062

Your images also leave out the parts of the interviews where the people state that satoshi simply was given the proxy by another person. So it could very well Be another person

>> No.20647221


Idk what you are even going on about? The same proxy IP that Satoshi used was also used by a woman name Irina which is Sergey's mother's name and a man named Sergey. The Sergey mentions visiting Estonia which Nazarov has traveled to. Its beyond coincidence.

>> No.20647347

Link to presentation?

>> No.20647366
File: 12 KB, 250x240, LINKyugioh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20647387

I wish I was part of this earlier, years ago. I don't even have close to enough for 10k.

>> No.20647509

>In the scheme of things that is only around 18-25% of the global GDP. Its honestly not that much.
imagine continuing to read this psycho babble after
he said this kek

>> No.20647541

Proxies can be used by more than 1/2 people. The aren’t bound to a household

>> No.20647574



The circular graphs ( the ones that mesh together) he is presenting around 49:00 and onward is what I'm talking about but listen to his thought about staking in general around 43:00 I think.

Honestly just watch the whole presentation, its interesting as fuck and informative as hell too.

>> No.20647581

The Zeus FUD was an OK effort but the fud on this board and elsewhere is just shit. The OG liners have already won. It's game over as far as that is concerned. Next is the 2nd wave adopters and they will win too. I would understand and even relate to FUD to some degree If its purpose was to drive down the price so that you could buy it yourself. But that requires effort. A lot of people just post the weakest orlf fuds so I can only conclude they are salty as fuck.
t. 625 linklet buying since Dec 2019

>> No.20647695


Its not. The experts agree that 10% of global GDP will be on the blockchain by 2025. 10% is 8 Trillion USD. Its literally in the book The 4th Industrial Revolution written by Klaus Schwab, the executive director of the World Economic Forum. Also right under the paragraph he mentions the 8 Trillion USD, he mentions Smartcontract.com by name as the company focused on seamlessly bridging the gap between legacy institution's current infrastructure and blockchain. I would imagine by the end of the 2026 roughly we will be at the peak of the bull run after the one that will end early-mid 2022.

>> No.20647700

>be genuinely interested
>question the lack of sources
>question the shit thrown together by anon on paint
>get accused of being a troll
I don’t even know if you guys are just trying to maximize your profit off of gullible idiots or if you’re gullible idiots yourself

>> No.20647770

LINK will never cost more than Ethereum, because it is just an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Buy an ETF or so, which is way more secure.

>> No.20647830

The Chainlink contract is already being duplicated on binance chain as we speak

WLINK will be on more than one chain if not dozens

>> No.20647836


Again as I said all of previous threads detailing the exact sourcing of the websites where the info was found piecing together the evidence that Sergey is like likely Satoshi were 404'ed by the moderators. They said it was a thread attempting to "doxx" an individual and I even got a 3 day ban for participating in the thread. I was unable to save the information. That being said its odd that Craight Wright is Satoshi threads used to be around all the time and the mods didn't mind.

Also if you really cared you would easily be able to find the forums in the infographs I posted by simply doing keyword searches into Google. I'm sure it would take a little time but doable.

>> No.20647867

>mircrosoft will never be worth more than computer manufacturers because it's built on it

>> No.20647907


This is obviously wrong. LINK is blockchain agnostic and works on any blockchain. Its not limited to ETH. Also


ETH can't even scale and LINK solved that problem through integrating with Arbitrum


>> No.20647947

>according to anon:
>all true sources vanished
>only the wrong stuff was allowed
>cyber-moderator-ninjas are after the truth
And you’re still wondering why people are questioning your shitcoin?

>> No.20647980

>I would imagine by the end of the 2026 roughly we will be at the peak of the bull run after the one that will end early-mid 2022.
Okay anon, just stop the bullshit for now. Yes those Nigger Jews made a prediction, but that doesn't mean it is set in stone.
And regarding your bullrun in 2026: Neck yourself you retard.
If you haven't noticed yet, the cycles only get longer and longer. It takes more and more money to move the market. Your theory of two other bullruns is dogshit.
Am I convinced that we will see a 8 Trillion marketcap in Crypto at some point? Definetly.
But not the way you describe it.
You won't get those many retards in anymore. It will be less parabolic. Slower.
Longer cycles. This is not 2012-2018 and you should know that as well.
Also who knows, maybe we are even in for another leg down

>> No.20647990

You’re actually wrong with your analogy here

The commenter you are replying to has a point, but is incorrect because the link contract will exist on numerous chains and wrapped link tokens will move seamlessly between them.

Thus, Link doesn’t have to be worth less than Ethereum.... just less than the combined value of all chains it is on

>> No.20648016

this guy gets it.

>> No.20648029


That isn't what I said. I said all the threads with easily obtainable sources vanished. You could find them with a little leg work by entering a few keywords and the forum or title of each section in the infograph. Honestly I'll probably do that myself soon so I can add them to the infographs.

>> No.20648171


The next bullruns won't have anything to do with retail whatsoever. They might add to the speculation and cause more exaggerated runs but aren't needed at all. It will be entirely based on institutional investment and usage.

You'd think people who do paid FUD would use less insults. It only detracts from your arguments when potential sellers read our posts going back and forth. You have nothing and you're scared. Cycles don't get that much longer but they do a little bit after each halving. It takes time for the reduced sell pressure from miners selling daily to operate to have an overall effect

>> No.20648205
File: 558 KB, 965x677, image0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fren... can i please get an inv back to the unofficial? my account was shoahed

>> No.20648242

>Thus, Link doesn’t have to be worth less than Ethereum.... just less than the combined value of all chains it is on

Not even. The real value is in the facilitation of data transfers and collateralization. ETH and blockchains in general will be reduced to just settlement layers. LINK

>> No.20648291
File: 477 KB, 1080x1073, 12000yrdeathcult.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20648293

Lol, at those prices I'd have made it
Of course, if a loaf of bread is now $1,000,000 then I won't have made it

>> No.20648333


LINK will be worth more for sure.*

>> No.20648354

People who buy crypto based on the shitposts here are never gonna make it
>how much money does sergej pay your village for defending Link, pajeet?

>> No.20648378

Just calculated, that's enough money for tier 2 gold diggers to willingly have sex with me

>> No.20648393


Hyper inflation will probably occur but I doubt that level and if you hold even 1000 LINK to stake you will be fine. Also self sufficiency is key. Set yourself up so you can grow the grains and buy the tools needed to produce high quality bread for yourself! :)

>> No.20648505

just don't buy bread then..retartd
there are other foods

>> No.20648521


I literally do this for fun...and for the memes. Again with the insults. You have no idea how obvious you are and bad it looks. Not to mention the projection. I say you are blatantly paid FUD (you are) and then you respond that I'm some kind of a paid shill. I've just been here too long and get bored so I throw the newfags a bone every so often.

The community is ironically important for Chainlink's success. BSN(China) actually mentioned it. Well Red Date the technology firm behind BSN.

>> No.20648681
File: 361 KB, 1567x1253, LINKNWO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20648704

I don't want to be a BILLIONARE I just want to be drive my formula Atlantic 4age around the mountain and smoke a cigar

I'll even settle for not waging 5 straight days a week

Anyway I'm never selling

>> No.20648759

What the hell? I hate chainlink now.

>> No.20648760

>You’re a paid shill
>no u

>> No.20648841
File: 449 KB, 444x258, badumtiss.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you jelly faggots?
No, but your arms are!

>> No.20648858


Good one bro. How do you think this is going to go when all the potential buyers and sellers read the thread?

>> No.20648961

Why should I care? I’m neither paid nor do I have to protect my shitcoin because I poured all my savings in it.

>> No.20648969

You're right, I'll buy those $1,000,000 potatoes instead

>> No.20648983
File: 90 KB, 800x600, LINKIQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20648993

That would be the nicest outcome.

>> No.20649059


I bought in 2017 through 2018, there is nothing I need to protect

>> No.20649127
File: 193 KB, 920x896, 1585336165263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>so fucking dense

>> No.20649234

>anon doesn’t understand technology
then let’s call it maximizing of gains

>> No.20649894
File: 2.42 MB, 1080x1405, DavidLINKGoliath.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20650215
File: 425 KB, 1165x649, 1F00B816-5617-4D9E-93C4-03C1BBD34A48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welp at least your motives are obvious now

>> No.20650309


Mine? What are they?

>> No.20650356


Keep bumping your pump and dump coin

>> No.20650383

*obvious because of your reactions

>> No.20650408

Bro I'm just bored. I want to discuss LINK if anyone has questions or insights. Idc if you or anyone else buys or sells actually

>> No.20650602
File: 18 KB, 328x330, 2262CA3B-B28F-4D3B-9E31-1D8C6361FB0E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean discussions about space magic and cryogenics? Or other shit that makes the lurkers here buy your bags

>> No.20650688

I’m sorry I fell for link FUD from 2017-2020
I admit my faults and I was wrong

>> No.20650715

Kek why does everyone think you need billions to get into the club. His dad was high up in planned parenthood, sending a shit ton of souls to moloch and they allowed his son to become a billionaire.

>> No.20650742

Digits confirm
I am forgiven

>> No.20650745

I mean, what is there to discuss? Link threads usually are nothing but a giant meme circle jerk and gullible retards fall for it
>last elections surely made people believe in meme magic

>> No.20650777
File: 20 KB, 486x332, CDE73CB6-3602-4FCA-BCDF-090A6C1163E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shill cavalry arrived

>> No.20651546


Old school 2018 threads talked about tokenomics all the time. No one has insight on the speculation similar to what I posted in the OP?

>> No.20651599

Accurate as fuck

>> No.20651664
File: 269 KB, 332x332, 1539535810055.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just worked my way reading this entire thread only to arrive at you. I don't normally say this but take your fucking meds schizo.

>> No.20651709


Based. You can still make it man. You just have to wait longer than the OGs. Dollar cost average if you are inclined and don't be scared about short term fluctuations. Long term this is about the best bet crypto imo

>> No.20651839
File: 185 KB, 1213x683, 1595545079073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related

>> No.20652166

Great pic...saved thanks. I think LINK is lower than where we are.

>> No.20652907

I legit have no idea what you are talking about. My OP is based on LINK tokenomics and information provided from the book The 4th Industrial Revolution

>> No.20653136
File: 33 KB, 680x335, ethlink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20653191


Our top will probably be mid to late August before a retrace. Probably $19-21 and lining up with Smart Con

>> No.20653311
File: 7 KB, 250x250, 1541283137854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

August is going to be comfy as shit.

>> No.20653387
File: 2.66 MB, 4032x1908, 20200717_102637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bake your own bread, anon

>> No.20653427
File: 3.88 MB, 1120x8000, 1590871624288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20653457
File: 3.77 MB, 1120x8000, 1590871761589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20653473

If Im living off of DEFI equity why would I ever need to think about selling ever? This is the question every Link holder should be asking.

>> No.20653480

At first I thought you were telling him to make his own thread lmao. That looks fucking delicious

>> No.20653488
File: 3.88 MB, 1109x7920, 1590871831259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20653514
File: 3.45 MB, 1120x8000, 1590871922606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20653636


Agreed. Easier said than done I'm sure though. Once people reach 5-9 Million in their net worth many will probably still capitulate and sell. Move it to dividend aristocrat stocks and forget about it. Maybe they live a little in LINK. Emotions have the better of getting people. Those who don't want to sell to early and those who are afraid of missing out and not selling the top watching their gains fall by 80%-90% like the last run. I have a plan to unload some of my gains when the time comes but as I said 10K at least will never be sold. Truth be told if I manage to sell the top with some of my gains I'll probably buy back if it drops far enough and if not I'll have those for my plans to create self sustaining living. I already don't work just trade in the short term for income

>> No.20653650
File: 2.84 MB, 4032x1908, 20200713_112621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon. I got into bread baking during lockdown out of boredom and to do something with all the flour i bought. Its really fun, and i only do sourdough. Was actually thinking past couple months that i can open a bakery to stay sane when link moins past $1k

>> No.20653790

>Once people reach 5-9 Million in their net worth many will probably still capitulate and sell. Move it to dividend aristocrat stocks and forget about it.

Is there anything wrong with this approach? Investing in bluechip stocks and living off dividends is very comfy.

>> No.20653821

wow, looks fucking delicious. i might need to give making bread a try now. :p

>> No.20653824

You fucking made those? I'm impressed. How hard is it? Send me a link to the process or recipe please

>> No.20653854

>when a /biz/ anon sets their mind to something its always elite

>> No.20653861

Imagine what a stupid fucking cunt you have to be to think that the retail pump of 2017 won't absolutely pale in comparison to the enterprise and legacy finance adoption that is going to unfold over the coming years. The coming era of blockchain will be remembered as a landmark moment where the coffin of the middle class gets bolted shut by automation while a select few frog-like visionaries and their leaders become wealthy enough to watch from afar as the old world burns by the hand of its own drones, and all we will be able to do is point to the past and say "we tried to warn you"

>> No.20653909


Its a viable strategy more or less, but I'll be honest I want 50 Million minimum and will wait as long as it takes. LINK can get me there in 10 years or less if I play my cards right especially in this next bullrun. LINK can get me past 50 Million but I could see that 5 years imo If I play this flawlessly given my case.

>> No.20653973


Basically this. If you have the patience LINK will create inter generational wealth that people didn't think could be possible in such a short time frame.

>> No.20653994

Its actually not to hard, heres this recipe from the pictures. The hardest part is understanding sourdough yeast culture and how to get it going (its literally just water+flour you let ferment over a few days before baking with)


>> No.20654006

If what you say is true, then that would mean even anons with baby stacks of 100 linkies will also make it big.

>> No.20654035

Nice thanks for delivering

>> No.20654067

this set was the farewell to biz

>> No.20654069

What do you think about linkpool?

>> No.20654129


Yes but its all relative. They might sell when those 100 or worth 100K and not wait until they are 10 Million. If you aren't a mindless consumer and hedonists maybe you can stake and forget and then eventually live off the staking divs from even 100. Can you wait 6 years though?

>> No.20654340


I think if you aren't 100% LINK the only other viable portfolio is 90/10 LINK/LinkPool. They work directly with the team, will give staking priority(early staking gains will probably be incredible lucrative), and you get paid out from the LP share directly. You also still own the keys and aren't putting them in an exchange or some kind of 3rd party holding to stake which will probably be typical for Staking as a Service through various companies that will eventually offer it.

Overall its has a lot of positives but I wonder the implications if you are American and try to buy and receive dividends(if the IRS or authorities find out) and its often over priced. I wouldn't want to pay more than about 38ETH tops right now. The liquidity is terrible and bounces around from like 35 to 60.

>> No.20654541
File: 1.58 MB, 400x300, hemanmirror.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20655050
File: 79 KB, 514x737, 1587732732798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any dollar value ascribed to a prediction is now more useless-- the dollar itself is in flux and the threat of monetary destabilization overturns one of the basic and most tacit assumptions we had about these equations: that the USD is a stable currency.

>> No.20655103

>live off the staking divs from even 100
Holy fuck, how retarded are you anon?
No, seriously.
Stop the hopium for those LINKlets

>> No.20655270
File: 2.72 MB, 5000x3827, 1525716092255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Evola and Guenon are both great reads as well. They go heavily into the "why" of modern decadence and lack of spirituality, and ways in which men who feel at odds with modernity can transcend the limitations imposed on us by time and space.

>> No.20655286

I can't even imagine that you will live a "high life" on 5000 LINK staked with LP for example.
They would have to make hundreds of billions on revenue, as you only get 25% of their revenue.
So yeah, staking 5000 LINK will be like a nice side job.
Staking 10,0000 LINK will be your monthly costs covered.
Anything above is extra

>> No.20655305
File: 3.81 MB, 6161x5009, 1522005846408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20655712

>248 replies
>no 42
Holy fuck

>> No.20655735



>> No.20656239


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