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Is there some other place for good link discussion? This place is a shit show

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>he still hasn't sold

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we are rlc now

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They went inside your little boy pussy

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im here fren
still hodling

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no. we not.


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"good link discussion" time is over. You're three years late because you're an idiot who only starts paying attention to something once it's pumping already. not gonna make it.

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What's link, never heard of it?

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yes we

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its nothing fren. go back to slep.

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it’s crabbing, and that’s no fun

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probably shake off some more soft hand faggots as they get home from work, then we mooning. ATH $10 tonight. checkem

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Link has been discussed to death. The only thing left worth discussing is huge market fluctuations so you'll only see link threads after a big pump or dump

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no we not nigger. First it was Req... Then Pink retards... Now RLC faggots act like they are riding Link coattails.

We want NOTHING to do with your shitcoin. Go away. Let it die.

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Did JBP actually read that from a script, or is that some AI shit?

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Most of us are mentally crippled now that link has skyrocketed and we never bothered buying despite memeing about it so much.

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If you ask for info in a humble and respectful manner you'd be surprised how much info you can get here.
Problem is newfags all act like needy chicklets demanding to be spoonfed so link OGs like me just tell them to get fucked or troll them with misinfo for our amusement.

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Worry not kind dear, just a few cows on the tracks. Sergey prepone payment for marketing due to incidents. We await him doing the needful and sending Ethreum to revert of making Chain Link thread, rest is fine.

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Fucking this

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we sold and bought FTM and RLC
LINK is overvalued normie shit now

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we all sold lilnk and bought ripple. their arguments about judy could no longer be denied. ripple has judy's seal of approval and link does not, nuff said.

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Man shut the fuck up I’ve been here since day 1 link and hold 65k link but ya I want better discussions. Don’t get me wrong I like a lot of shit here but you know it too you have to read through at least 50 threads to get one substantive one

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Not really dude like I want to understand why the fuck duecth Telekom would want to run a node, like what fucking data do they have and what does it mean like who else is going to jump on bird soon

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alright well what do you want to talk about?

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from their announcement it sounded like they were treating this as an infrastructure project to provide services to their clients. While they'll obciously monetize their own data, it also sounds like they are looking into providing smart contract functionality for their corporate clients. If they were just looking to monetize their data they wouldn't have to set up a node. They are clearly seeing node operation as a piece of the telocommunications infrastructure they'll provide in the future, but who knows what that will look like.

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We moved from toilet fud, two man team, radio silence, spelling bee contest, shadow forks to google, oracle, t systems, 100s of whos, all knees bent, defi, paid zeus simeon fud and 8 fucking dollars
This is a great ride, personally waiting for staking and retirement
Call me deluded, I have become immune to this, all my wallets have 0 ETH in them
1000EOY this is a trubute to all OGs and linklets

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its crazy to think that there will nothing in our lives like link ever again. what a ride.

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They're done paying us
I actually like the culture here, which is why I'm responding

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But the question remains: where do we do from here?

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6% of RLC is owned by top 5000 link wallets

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Come on man...

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After you make a few mil off link become a certified investor and buy some spacex and get rich all over again.

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Tell me more. How much did they pay and what did you have to do and how did you get the gig kinda thing

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yes fren.>>20630315

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i know there will be other opportunities after link. It just won't feel the same way you know what i mean? This is a once in a lifetime ride. the memes, the fud, the real world thinking we're delusional, the one-sided rivalry with cRipple. It'll never feel like this again, like rosebud in citizen kane.

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True, but imagine how cool it will be to see your spacex stock moon after the first successful mission to mars.

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Why doesn't he focus on colonizing the moon first

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He'll do that too but since it's been done before it won't cause as big a spike in my spacex stock.
Plus higher grav and having an atmosphere and more water makes Mars much more attractive as a permanent settlement, but I'm sure there will be moon bases too.

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Jordan Peterson is an OG Link Marine. he was a guest speaker at a Chainlink seminar when he said this.

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AI generated message...

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Source on that?

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writing paragraphs to newfags is a newsfag sign

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>no link threads
Time to buy leg up incoming

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Pretty much this. You have to give something to the conversation tho too. Don’t expect to just be spoonfed

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Thanks fren. This really brings me back to the good ol days.

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because it's /actually/ over
the game is done
link went from a 4chan meme to one of the top projects in the crypto space- how is that not enough for you?
>3 years
even if you poorly swung link you'd still have made it
except its now over

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We've been shaking off weak hands all fucking weak. It doesn't take that long for weak hands to bail...

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I think they're getting 404'd as spam

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the fad is over now grandpa

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>LINK memes at an all time low

yea... I'm thinking buy