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Was Vitalik right?

>Oracles are awesome. Oracles are awesome. Much harder to argue oracles are worth $32m

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not he was wrong
typical midwit

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Vitamin is funding to accumulate link

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Vitaldent was fucking FUMING he didn't develop Link

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ETH is Vitaliks weak point. His ego can't handle other projects successes well.

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Doesn’t matter we have kek and meme magick with us.

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Is ETH worth 260+ dollars?

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The internet is awesome. Much harder to argue arpanet is worth $25m

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probably more

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he's right, it's worth so much more

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Look at this guy, you’re really going to take him seriously? Fucking kek he said 90% of ICOs will fail

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None of this shit is 'worth' anything. The only reason anyone invests in this shit is to try to make money off it, thats what investment is. When/if any crypto besides btc is actually used for any kind of purpose beyond speculation (hint: none of it is atm) then you can assess its value. Currently the value of all of it is zero

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LINK tokens have inherent utility and thus are valuable.

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Vitalik is irrelevant

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>Fucking kek he said 90% of ICOs will fail
Yes, and?

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considering Coinbase has free oracles, yeah.

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Correction: Coinbase has a signed API that oracles like Chainlink can use to great effect.

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>Fucking kek he said 90% of ICOs will fail
he was wrong, should be more like 99%

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i made a token vending machine and i think child porn is ok, listen to my opinion
its over, vitalik

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He's terrified that L1 will become a glorified document printer, a settlement layer for smart contracts. That the revolutionary larps who want the one world blockchain with the one world currency will be left in the dust when real enterprises start co-opting blockchain technology into a legitimate ecosystem of public and private blockchains, and Ethereum will cease being a currency and become a denomination in which you pay fees to miners to secure a contract.

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>>Oracles are awesome. Oracles are awesome. Much harder to argue oracles are worth $32m
this tweet made me miss out on link from 0.20 to $9

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That's the entire point of our financial system anon. Do you think derivatives are worth anything?
They aren't, it's just one big casino.

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Vitalik fears the L2 scalability prowess. Guess he shouldn't have been so slow with developing L1. Eventually the free market catches up and gets rid off inefficient slow entities.


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still not using link though, link still doesn't work see silver price glitch sergey will dump

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>still not using link though
That's like saying "gas pumps still don't use cars".

>link still doesn't work see silver price glitch
That wasn't a glitch, it was a contract typo.

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He said possessing child porn probably has the same societal damage as being a heroin addict, that's all, he never said it was ok you fucking dick

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coinbase does not use link for it's oracle. contract typos affecting pricing mean the oracle is not decentralized or trustless and thus flawed. there is no way to fix this.

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is that pic supposed to support links value proposition?

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*cucks your life's work into a settlement layer*

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lmao he didn't even say that either. he only mentioned heroin possession.
heroin ADDICTION can have highly negative societal impacts (i.e. increase in burglaries and other thefts to support their habit).

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Keep copeing. In the end there is going to be only one blockchain, thus making link's use case worthless, as it's main goal is to connect blockchain between each other. And connecting with data outside of chain doesn't need chainlink's help.

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Technically simple possession of both heroin and cp have negligible effects, the purchasing and other market making behaviours of them though pose a risk through the creation of a market and thus do pose a risk. Its literal legal autism kek.

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He means $32m per LINK

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exactly, certain individuals would not create further issues from possession of either, however as a collective they do pose a risk as you say. vitalik is correct in that simple possession does not inherently cause problems, although in many cases they obviously do indirectly contribute to them which he didn't address.

the fact that mere possession is an offence is more of a deterrent to stay away from that lifestyle entirely to prevent big issues occurring later. it's similar to a "thought crime" in that respect - punishing someone for something they haven't yet done, or may never even do, just to try and push them away from potentially doing it later

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Try actually reading the pic I just posted.

Coinbase is merely signing its API, which allows oracle users to verify on chain who the source was.
This is hugely beneficial to oracles, and Coinbase specifically mentions Chainlink.

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>contract typos affecting pricing mean the oracle is not decentralized or trustless

You're saying the contract and the oracles are the same thing.
The absolute state of your cognitive ability.

Protip: the contracts themselves aren't meant to be decentralized.
They're meant to be whatever YOU want them to be.

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Vitalik said MPC is the next bubble, so I'm all in ARPA. Made a good 30x off LINK tho but it's time to move on.

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>reddit spacing
Nice. Yes I read. there is still no incentive to use specifically link as an oracle. His tweets are pure cope.
I never said they were the same. It doesn't matter effectively link oracle gave bad price data which shouldn't happen. there is still no way to fix this.