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All these alts pumping and then dumping while bitcoin stays stagnant is pretty much what happened before BTC began the 2017 bull run, just FYI. I predict there will be threads saying exactly this:
>Bitcoin dumps, altcoins dump.
>Bitcoin pumps, altcoins still dump.
this thread appeared so many times during the beginning of the runup in 2017. Except this time ETH may follow BTC.

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Based oldfag

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Same goes for ETH.

This is gonna be big. 100k+ big.

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Yep, newfags are about to get an upsetting lesson. Bitcoin is about to bitchslap 99% of alts. When the king moves you better not be caught in some shitcoins.

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Yeah the truth is that for alts to really pump the whole space needs a major liquidity inflow. In the meantime they exist for accumulating more bitcoin.

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Kek, I remember bitcoin being called "the shitcoin blackhole" or something like that

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How will litecoin fare tho

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>being here on 2017 is now considered "old"

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Been here longer than 2017 friend. Unfortunately I cannot fucking leave this place. Neither will you.

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Also LINK fren.

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Good. The bcash and bcash sv shills will try to fud it though.

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ltc is weird, it moves at it's own pace, at least it did in the past, mostly on rumor of deals with this or that. If you are patient, get a stack of ftc, set alerts and wait. suicide stack is 1 million

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NOBODY wants your ponzi scheme coin with zero use case other than waiting 1.5 hours to send someone some money, and hoping someone else buys it from you at a higher price. Fuck out of here.

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Heard a lot of this shit as well, as well as "muh tether scam" you're saying nothing new son and the process will repeat.

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Very true. People forget, but bitcoin is king. Unless it gets flipped into oblivion, it is going to fucking destroy everything.
Ethereum is a bit of a game changer, but until we have sharding, which is ~2 years away, it won’t surpass bitcoin. The synthetic bitcoins on ethereum chain is interesting though, and this alone will likely make ethereum follow bitcoin in its pumps.
Newfags learn eventually.

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Me too. Wish I had money in 2017.

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yea but back in your stone age days there were no alternatives. Now there are better coins to buy and BTC will struggle to capture the same market share as it did before.Trends don't last forever big boy

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Dont care, wont hold your boomer shitcoin

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Man I was an extremely poor uni student in 2015 who was still skeptical on Bitcoin and didnt want to risk putting what little money I had for food into it. 300 bucks a coin man.

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>t. invested in Samosa Token, legendary blockchain revolution ERC20 future technologies guranteed moonshot invested in by George Soros

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You're correct. Bitcoin will eventually get overtaken. But it will not be this run.

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same except it was 2016, $600, and I put the last of my savings account in

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Agree to disagree. I think Ethereum will propel this next bull run, not stock-to-flow or halving effect. ETH will outperform bitcoin this run. Bitcoins day's are numbered

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>there were no shitcoins in 2017

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Yes, we are still awaiting the much awaited flippening operation dragonslayer.

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There were shitcoins back then but they were true to that name. Today, those "shitcoins" have so many projects and use cases that they're legitimized. In 2017 you were speculating on ETH, in 2020 it's not really speculation anymore.

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Bitcoin is just premined shitcoin.

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Just sold all my bitcoin and donated the money to africans. Oh wait I’m not Vitalik

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I gotta balance out this thread. BTC will always be #1 because it is PoW with the highest hash rate. If you have millions-billions of dollars, it’s the only blockchain you can trust.

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based rational thought poster

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Literally no it isn't. Don't talk shit about what you don't understand, you knuckledragging coon

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You can only trust the hashrate if you can trust the people providing it, and 90% of BTC's hashrate is China.

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Thanks for the (You), sir

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time to kill myself to retain my honor
(it's just fun calling people knuckledragging coons desu)

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He's right though. Satoshi and a few random nerds mined BTC for months if not years before actual competition showed up. Look at how much fucking BTC satoshi is sitting on. Looks premined to me

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It was publicly available to mine during those "premine" years. Cope harder

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it's people like you who we will dump our bags on at the top, and who we will buy our bags back from at the bottom.

thank you for your service sir

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Fuck bitcoin

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Satoshi owns 5.5% of the current circulating supply. Your shitcoin team owns 40-90%

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wrong. Consensys is so chronically broke they fire people left and right during bull markets (ETH). If you're talking about chainshit and XRP, then yes those are centrally supply scam controlled garbage. ETH is pretty equitably distributed.

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considerable IQ

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ETH had a 70M pre-mine lmao, ~61% of all ETH was premined.

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>ETH is pretty equitably distributed.

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61% of ETH was mined and then sold to random people, anyone could join and buy (decentralized). 61% of ETH was not kept by Consensys before launch.

Satoshi is sitting on so many coins it's essentially a premined piece of shit like XRP

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No, 50M ETH was sold to the public. 20M kept by the team. Thats nearly 4x team premine compared to satoshi, if you can even consider Satoshi mining a “premine” (you can’t).

Salty shitcoiner keeps making up bullshit, i’m so shocked.

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satoshi is the NSA or CIA. they're not dumb enough to crash the market when they're on the cusp of unlimited funds for black ops. think, anon, think.

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Name a good top 10 coin that doesn’t have a shit ton of coins owned by the founders.

Lots of smart anons in this thread. Bitcoin is still king and once it pumps, it’s drains the fuck out of alts. We saw this in 2018 when it broke out of the bear market. Ethereum will probably bull with it

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I’m not making an argument here champ. All i’m pointing out is factual information. Bitcoin has the best distribution by far. The guy i’m talking too is saying Bitcoin is like XRP and that Ethereum was better distributed, (objectively wrong on both counts)

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Your mental gymnastics are tough to keep up with. The amount of coins mined by nerds with CPUs in the first year or two of bitcoin before anyone knew about it basically amounts to a premine

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Lmao everybody said the same shit years ago. Here are some lessons

> Hold a big cash reserve to buy huge dips
> Hold at least 50% in BTC
> Always take profit at 3-5x

You're fucking welcome

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You have shit reading comprehension then. I’m not doing any gymnastics, just sting objective fact.

Informational advantage is not a pre-mine you fucking retard. There are plenty of people who still don’t know how to mine Bitcoin, so by your argument every single Bitcoin is premined.

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Lullll how does bitcoin have the best distribution? By 2011, 33% of all bitcoin had already been mined

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Bitcoin 2.0 is here. Look no further

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Name a single coin in the top 20 with a better distribution than that. I won’t wait, because it doesn’t exist.

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So then what is the difference of people buying the Ethereum ICO?

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There aren’t any. The distribution of all the coins are all shit. And it’s fine. It’s a stupid argument to have and no one cares. The founders deserve to be paid.

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I didn’t even add the 50M sold to the equation. The devs kept 4x as much in a “pre-mine” as satoshi if you count satoshi mining as a “pre-mine”

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Y’all are wrong. 2017 tards have much more money invested than newcomers. Whales now this, therefore they will break all the rules you thought you knew in order to fuck you over. They are smarter than you and have infinite means (comparatively to you). Good luck, you’ll need it.

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I’m not making an argument you belligerent faggot. Shut the fuck up then, all I said is Bitcoin has the best distribution of cryptocurrencies and you got whipped up into a hysteria even though you now admit that is correct.

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Can you tell me- why is Ethereum’s distribution outrageous, and Satoshi’s roughly 1million coins (or whatever it is) not? Is it some sort of arbitrary cut off you made? Or does it actually fundamentally hurt Ethereum and not Bitcoin despite basically being the same issue. Or do you just like Bitcoin?

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I never said it was outrageous, you are jumping to conclusions, you dumbass. I was refuting the person who was making objectively false claims. I own Ethereum, I own Bitcoin, this isn’t a football game faggot, you can like both and point out objective truths about them.

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My first post was saying that the distribution of all the coins in the top 10 are a joke. I love how people keep bringing this argument up...get over it. Bitcoin isn’t better. Satoshi can dump on you. The Eth Foundation can dump on you. Sergey can dump on Linkies. Xrp can dump on them. What the fuck is your point? Again, Bitcoin isn’t better.

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You are emotionally tied to your investments like a woman who gets beat, won’t end well for you when your taking simple statements of facts as some sort of attack on your bags.

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Actually, mathematically it is better. Satoshi owns less of the supply than other teams shitcoins. And once again, I wasn’t making a fucking point. I was stating objective truths about cryptocurrency distribution.

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I'm in the 1 million club with LTC. If I had a million LTC, I'd be getting plowed by ladyboys in Thailand.

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>oh a thread let me check it out
>it's devolved into two shitflinging retards screeching about semantics and unable to budge the other about which coin is more of a scam

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>t. a shitflinging idiot with subpar reading comprehension skills contributing even less to the discussion

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Even if Consensys kept more than Satoshi, they've used it to fund development in the chain. Satoshi has no obligaition and can sell his whole stack if he shows up. Both BTC and ETH were premined, ETH at least has used their premine for the development of it's chain.

>> No.20605075

he doesn't know

>> No.20605127

You have absolutely no idea what Satoshi has done, or what Ethereum devs have done with their bags. Satoshi hasn’t moved a cent. This isn’t a fucking Bitcoin vs Ethereum argument you fucking retards. RELAX.

>> No.20605172

>he thinks arguing with another autistic virgin on a mongolian giraffe taming forum about magic internet ponzi schemes is an intelligent discussion

>> No.20605213

I never said it was an intelligent discussion. By the way, this is a cryptocurrency board and the thread was about Bitcoin and altcoins. You should go somewhere else if this isn’t the content you were looking for, idiot.

>> No.20605230

Normies still only know about Bitcoin. They hear crypto anything and just think Bitcoin. They don't know about your oracles, or defi, or lending platforms or smart contracts, and the don't wanna learn. BTC will remain the king for the foreseeable future

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>Joins thread complaining about "shitflinging retards screeching about semantics"
>then goes ahead and posts
ya dragged me back into my own thread thx anon

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Charles Hoskinson destroys BTC PoW. Ethereum is making the right move to PoS.
BTC is practically a Chinese chain at this point because a literal communist authoritarian regime can take control and 51% attack the network if they wanted.

>> No.20605657

He's smart. But also a scammer. kek

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The pools are from china , not the hashrate , the hashrate is from all around the world.

>> No.20605865

>Been here longer than 2017 friend. Unfortunately I cannot fucking leave this place. Neither will you.
don't forget you're here forever

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i hope so i held 2 bitcoins but its felt like a huge opportunity loss it better freaking moon, BTC maximalists are starting to give me XRP bags ir eally want BTC to remain chad and believe it will remain a legacy PoW store of wealth prob tokenized on ETH

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Dude 800 btc per day are mined per day and no one will sell them due to their already low inflation.

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just tell me im gonna make it with 2bitcoins

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I've resigned to my fate. Hopefully after this run I never have the urge to return but I doubt it.
Honestly depends on your definition of making it and anyone who says they know how high it will go is a liar.

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Not true, if you can actually run full nodes on the network then a 51% attack is extremely limited and most people don't understand what little miners can do without getting their blocks orphaned.
Why do you think bch and bsv have a culture of saying full nodes don't matter? It's because they literally want to centralize the network around miners. Jihan for bch and Calvin for bsv. If there are only a handful of full nodes because they stuff so much weather data and shit into blocks then they can do whatever the fuck they want. They can create inflation, steal coins, etc.
This is why small blocks and being efficient on layer 1 is so important. It's the entire value proposition of Bitcoin. Nodes are a check and balance that limits miners power

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Imagine not immediately turning off the video as soon as he starts talking. This guy is the biggest faggot in crypto

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Shitcoins will moon too though. Like EOS and all that other absolute trash like XRP. Some made millions. The smart money is Bitcoin, always will be. 100k 2022.

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You'll make it. Sell for 200-400 grand, buy back in at the bottom. Millionaire in five years.

Or if you're like me, reduce your expenses to the point you can live off a quarter million.

Whatever you do, don't sell ALL your Bitcoin in the next bull run... always hold a little back just in case something ridiculous happens.

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I don't think you understand the concept of distribution or scarcity. How do you not get it yet?

>> No.20607629

I get this feeling deep in my ass that makes me feel like we’re in a period similar to Q2/Q3 of 2016. The fattest gains are yet to come....

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You retards do not understand market caps do you?
Crypto market cap just jumped $5.5B in the last hour. $3B went to BTC, $1.5B to ETH and $1B to alts.
Tell me again how btc is the loser?

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there are still no better coins than btc nigga

>> No.20609134

Bitcoin to $1M

- Kek

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Based BTC poster

>> No.20609619

I’m too much of a BTClet to worry about it, sticking with alts to maximize my BTC gains before it starts to pump

>> No.20609665

LINK will also follow.

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>ETH may follow BTC
You mean ETH will flip BTC. And swallow the crypto market.

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there was also a binance hack just before if i'm not mistaken. and the run before that a hack preceded it.

what just happened this month?

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