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Fantom lads only goes 2 blonde 2 the hardest fuck, mates. Fantom to moon hard, dont say your not warned biz!!

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4 sure where the one 2 be the rich 4 all 2 see us, fantom lads!!!!

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5 tps
> pic related

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fuck u

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> fuck u


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i just did what u said and it ended with 682,3 tps,
maybe u just have slow internet bro

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cool story, still buying fantom. retards like you will never understand scaling.

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>start a stopwatch
hahaha fucking kek

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> this is what you did
200 / 0.29 = 682,3

> this is how you do it right rajeet
200 / 29 = 6.7

also there is noway you could have done it in 300 milliseconds

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> you will never understand scaling

explain 5tps

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nope, 0,29 secs is right.
did it again and got 657,9.
when the confirmation tab opens (sucess) i hit the stop button

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there is no way you are this stupid right?

read the instructions again...

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lmao this faggot can't even script his own test to calculate the tps on testnet and mainnet even when 90% of the work is done for him.
Suck my dick retard schizo, you're so wrong and you will never admit being too dumb to know how wrong you are.

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where's your buy order son? if you really thought FTM was shit, you wouldn't waste your time, writing this low effort FUD, filling out captchas, etc. You are here to buy in cheaper - actions speak louder than words anon you can't hide your intentions. I don't waste my time shitting on Chainlink even though I think it's garbage - why would I? I couldn't care less about the project and filter everything related to LINK. People only FUD if they are interested. But what you don't realize is that 4chan doesn't affect the price. This isn't a tradeogre shitcoin with zero volume

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sorry pajeet,maybe your poo in loo internet is restricted to save traffic for hairy porn.

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Redpill me on fantom

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i'm gonna have to COOM now

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all you need to know about fantom is here

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Thank you anon kun

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Gonna buy 50k to add to my stack if this dip continues or it crabs for the next few days.
Also, hi Skitz. How ya been mate? I haven't been on here much lately. I see you are still fudding the shit out of FTM, beats being a wagie I guess.

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That man has a great body, but a butch face

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This guy >>20583912 copy-pastes that shit in every FTM thread, I get banned for replying to a roll thread while these pajeets fuck up /biz/, I better go back and sit on my hodls while waiting for a lucky moon mission

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time for fantom

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How much for the next leg up? Can we breach 250 sats?

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We 4 fantom will MOOOOON mates!!!!!

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poo in loo
>pic related

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Definitely. Look how little volume is needed to pump it. It will likely be even higher with the right volume. Nobodies selling.

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Schizo can we fud harder as my rewards are decreasing as more pajeets are buying and staking their fantom. This is not good for me, you need to up your fud game sir