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this is not a drill
this is not the digital oil
do the research yourself
dont say you were not warned
not even top 100 crytpo
actually works
faster than anything else out there
great depression around the corner
your dollars wont make sense
praise kek for letting us know

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>faster than anything else
According to our fake test site with doctored data. lol.

Our documented 5 TPS forked ethereum virtual machine tech wreck and shitcoin is better than anything else out there. lol

Our fUSD is not backed by USD but worthless fantom shitcoins. lol.

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this is literal giberish lmao
your use of the word our as if you are a member
our data is legit fren
you are trying to force a dip bc you heard it was known
let it be known
the moment is here
you will not force doctored dips with your spam
if your bag has not been acquired that is not our fault

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No, NONE of your data is legit. All your partnerships are fake or with some of the most corrupt regimes in the world. Neither Dubai nor Afghanistan have even attempted to build anyting on your shit network, 6 months after launch. No central banks. All you have is lies. Fantom is a scam.

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you literally are trying to dip it just to buy more
sorry fren
you are late to the party
if you a linker
you dubble cucking yourself
we really out here link x building
flip dem links for digital oil and ethereum 2.fantom
or stay poor
let it be known
praise kek

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go to this site here
> Supercharge.fantom.rocks
press "Send 50x" 4 times (200 transactions)
start a stopwatch
click on "TX Hash" of the latest transactions
when the "Status" turns from "VALIDATING" to "SUCCESS" stop the stopwatch

divide 200 by the seconds it took for the 200 transactions to validate

thats the tps (transactions per seconds)

its around 5

yup just 5
if more then 5 people use it a second you will get a bottleneck

Their fUSD is not backed by USD, but worthless FTM. Sell your house and get bUSD backed by Bitconnect tokens anon.

have a nice day

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Fuck off, scammer.

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Sorry Chen, your fucking scam is useless. Buy LOKI.

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female to male fag coin buy TRB
shill me on LOKI

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okay mr buy the dip
the fact you even talking bout bitconnect
>forces me to assume you a pajeet
>you still butthurt yo dumbass bought dat shit
broke boy
im just trying to help
yall can stay poor lmao
pic related
yu a faggot lmao

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listen up nigger
i thought you wanted to stop being a slave
have fun in loki doki tokin land
pic related
you probably new here

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ching chong
>dont say i didnt warn you