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i don't care if it dumps to zero

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based los angeles poster

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rip mac p

btw the answer is PNK

take it from a real G who moves in silence like lasagna. something big coming

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if you don't bang with shoreline get the fuck out lmao


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i knew who it was at first glimpse

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whats your favorite song?

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>i don't care if it dumps to zero
Either we flip BTC or some bad shit happens
We might settle in the top 10 actually

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Zoomer rap is shit

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where are your shoreline songs? you gotta prove your credentials before you get laid tf out boy

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shut up boomer lmao.

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Basic income token BIS


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Get off my board you Jogger worshippers

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its created by the wutang clan

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White people trying to steal rap like they did every other genre. Cringe af bro

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nigger coin

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didnt know anons liked shoreline, thought most of them were virgin racist neets kek.

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lol shoreline has 2 black members and 1 mixed guy. fuck off. also ohgeesy isnt white retard


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that 50 gon bless u for talkin bout us

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appealing to a white audience makes you a white rapper

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lol i'm not white retard

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even worse. you listen to coons debase your race and actively enjoy it

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i'm not black.

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shoreline are such fucking garbage lol

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post up or shut up

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Fair enough, then enjoy your scheduled minstrel show

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If ohgeesy did a dna test it would come back 100% european

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When is the deadline to get in low? I'm waiting on my bank to finish a transfer.

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to be honest i listen to more electronic stuff. i do agree that most people who listen to SM are doing it for the 'LARP'. maybe its more about reminiscing about older times fucking around and doing shit like sneaking up buildings to smoke a blunt

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not true, likely has some mestizo and mulatto heritage (as all latin american countries do) which entitles him to use a special word. whitoids literally cant cope

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I'm sorry I dont understand, I'm'm very new to this.

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i fuck with u anon what coins do u own?

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basically kleros is about to have its very first dispute/case that has a lot of money on the line. theres another thread i can link you to if you want, but this is a shoreline thread

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all in on PNK atm. too undervalued


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Kleros? I was talking about getting in on pnk. I'm definitely misunderstanding something, forgive my retardation.

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also, you cannot argue that the things they rap about do not happen. they absolutely do - so I don't see the issue if they are making music about it. it showcases the dark side of humanity which needs to be expressed sometimes

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sorry. PNK is kleros' token.

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I'm confused about this mission statement, they are an online court?

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SWAP. It's everything LINK was supposed to be. It will 10x in the next 7 weeks. Screen shot this and when you see it in the future you'll either feel like a genius or a fool.

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its an online dispute resolution layer.


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where is your shoreline song? if you aint talkin kleros we need rosetta stone

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go buy a real stock that will actually make you money. stop wasting money on crypto like a idiot

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You have been very helpful, thank you. Do you have a discord I could add you on?

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lmfao boomer. what's next, you're gonna complain our music is too loud?

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These are industry plants not hood figures. You're a fucking normie LOL

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so wait...actually doing it isnt degenerate but LARPing is?

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sorry, i cant disclose that. i suggest you join their telegram though

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if you can't deal with the wild west then leave

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Heavy & Boof’d Out.

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If you're actually doing it then you may have some depth in explaining the struggle, or atleast you present it in some unique way. When you're a full on larp, the only intention is being a coon for normies that dont know better and listen to whatever uninspiring garbage that the major labels push out

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zombie by stinc team and break a bitch bacc is so good. i used to kick it with thots when i was in high school and they fucked shoreline mafia,

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Yeah sure if you could give me the link. I am curious though, why dont you want your discord shown? At most wouldn't that just link everything you said in this thread back to you?

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thats a fair point. ultimately a market exists for it because of the former though. ie this is the 'imitation'. the imitation wouldnt exist without a demand for it nor the original

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just personal preference. i am active in a lot of crypto communities and my experience is mostly in dapp programming. been working with this since 2016 or so

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Um, sir. Isn't it obvious?

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I just listened to shit in this thread and let me tell you I am fucking shocked. No wonder why zoomers feel so desperate. The "rappers" in these videos look so poor they are literally surronded in poor people shit. Very sad desu. They are literally promoting a poor person mind set. You will never make it listening to this absolute trash listen to some Third Eye Blind instead and also DYOR on FUND.


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjKnSWYvJM8 how could I forget this one?

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Alright fair enough, can I get the telegram invite?

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hahaha what a faggot you get no pussy. i pull white bitches you dream about with shoreline. facts

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telegram -> @omen_eth

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>They are literally promoting a poor person mind set. You will never make it listening to this absolute trash listen to some Third Eye Blind instead and also DYOR on FUND.


I make money, break money, can't no nigga take from me
Fake money, boy, you broke, all my niggas stay stuntin'
I'm with Rob Vicious, we're not chasin' no bitches
We been chasin' the chicken, my niggas run up the digits
We everything that you isn't, my niggas handle they business
We not fakin', no snitchin', I put my trust in no bitches
We was up in the kitchen, saran wrappin' and sippin'
Heard that pussy nigga dissin', 'nother chop for the victim
I'm a dope dealer, road runner, Fenix got the pour comin'
Robbin' niggas, poor runnin', fuck around and blow somethin'
I been in the trap but a nigga makin' show money
Hatin' ass broke lil' niggas makin' no money

last line sounds like u lmao

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Oh yeah fuck I got reported for spam and I'm muted till the 23rd. Fucking cuck messaging app. I'm sure you can see I just joined tho, feel free to message me.

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AMPL gang Brrrdap

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desu telegram has a huge spam problem. but yeah you gotta be careful about spamming (because its pretty bad). admins wont tolerate it but you wont get banned for stupid shit like having the wrong opinions. tg is pretty based. fuck discord. their tos lets them datamine your active programs. i run it on a separate computer than my main one for that reason

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all in on trustswap

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i just realize i gave you the wrong link haha. omen is related to kleros though. but the other one you want is @kleros on telegram

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Bro I legit didnt spam, I asked a few questions in the libertas channel and I guess that constituted spam somehow.

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Joggers would still miss the fuckin court date.

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letting it be known
praise kek

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thats weird then. i have said some pretty trolly shit and havent gotten banned before. iirc the messages are sent to the mod team w/o context. ie the single message you sent. not sure what happened though, ultimately

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Regardless, their bot told me to go fuck myself essentially. The bot that the official twitter tells you to plead your case to. You seem pretty based, is there anything else you have faith in I should check out? I'm waiting on my eth but I should be able to trade later today.

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also unrelated, but NEVER send an unsolicited pm. very easy way to get a spam temporary ban. when you get an unsolicited message its very easy to report them for spam since a button appears to do so. so you could potentially pm someone, piss them off, and they report you for spam - since the DM was technically unsolicited. i do agree thats kinda bs but they cant do much outside of not fighting spam entirely

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based los angeles poster here
just another day
waking up praising kek
shout out bnw jdi rth
if youre not just about all in rlc
not sure what you really doing
thank you methanon for showing the newfags the way
we really out here holding dustcoins for years now
we buy the dips
we hold the bags
we get to the moon in a lambo
see you faggots on uranus

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just kleros

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Have you heard of libertas? It seems up your alley if you're big into free speech. Also I joined the CID discord today and apparently McAfee is going to announce something to positively influence it.

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desu stay very far away from anything he shills. its for a reason, and not to your benefit. sure you can make money, but its really really risky

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Bro I'm not gonna lie I listen to a podcast he appeared on and hes totally fucking insane but weirdly charismatic. I dont think Its gonna drop any lower so I shouldnt lose money.

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thats true. i just dont trust him personally. plus the btc bet (eating his own dick) was just a hype thing he never planned to follow up on

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Psst. Nigger, I'll poonfeed u

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Homicide or bitches(unrealeased)

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Yeah that was pretty scummy tbf. I'm gonna head off now and if you decide to message me, I'm andrew who just joined, you have a good one.

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too much niggers here

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Just wait for fleta hitting binance and you'll be blinged up homie

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You heard about FLETA?

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For the based shoreline posters. you guys listen to AzChike?