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I don't know about dates or prices but this looks really bullish. XRP hasn't had a face melting rip in a while, it's past due. Could it be about to happen?

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man im diggin this

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Top kek all of your meme lines mean nothing. Remember the golden cross? It just dumped from there. Just admit it XRP is a pump and dump scam coin with no functionality and no use case. That Judy lady didn't even shill XRP. She probably doesn't even know what it is.

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enjoy a (you) too

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51K XRP chad reporting in!
You're right OP XRP is ticking time bomb set to explode at any moment!

>Pic unrelated

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all time frames look primed and ready

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I see you

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Now do a year and see that XRP is making a parabolic downward formation. >>20572547
And what do you see?

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>parabolic downward formation
what are you smoking tonight be honest

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You’re the ascended master who gets in first every XRP thread to fud but actually has more than me

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It's a real thing I didn't make it up

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>>20572646 (You)

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XRP hasn't had a face melting rip since early 2018

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>51K XRP simp reporting in!
>You're right OP XRP is ticking time bomb set to dump at any moment!
Pic related

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That’s when the 2 year fuddening begun and everyone dumped and forgot to look at the news

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If you sent me 10 million XRP I would just send it back to Brad Garlinghouse because its worthless garbage and not worth selling

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why not use the graph of XRP? its trending downward sure but its not parabolic. show me where it is and ill eat the left sock on my foot right now.

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Kek how much did you lose and how long did you hold

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Go from 1/9/2018 to today. It's a downward parabola. Its reverse mooning. Its headed for the equator.
I bought a bunch on Kraken back in the day for cheap as sbit but it wouldnt let me sell during the pump. When it pumps it locks your funds. Complete scam.

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im sorry you lost money fren

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Yearly looks fine as well. Here's weekly. Last time bellinger bands were this tight it hit 50 cents from 29 cents in a couple days.

Exact same set up. Except the bands are tighter now

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That sounds like krakens fault you know how shit the exchanges were back then also fuck coinbase that’s still happening. I find it sad you got mad at the ripples for that.

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Do those lines even mean anything when they're constantly increasing the circulating supply? The market cap has been going up for a while now but it doesn't change the price because the supply keeps on increasing.

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You must be a braindead fuck she’s liked xrp post on Twitter kill urself kike

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This shit will never EVER go over more than a few fractions of a penny above 20 cents EVER again. It's destined for a slow bleed down all the way to fucking zero. Useless jewcoin banker scam.

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Binance did the same thing with LINK a few times during their pumps. I used to swing LINK and that got me so mad kek.

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Yes xrp is a scam in fed documents yes

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That's right, now learn how these pump and dumps work and you can make money off idiots like OP.

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wait for the crash retard. youre gonna eat your words

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This is why this bull run is going to be so full of shit I can guarantee you there’s going to be pink wojaks screaming at the top of their lungs because they can’t cash out and tether is a ticking timebomb.
All XRP holders know the graphs have been shit, but the use cases and developments are clear the connections are solid the documentation exists there is larp but every happening has happened and the power of memes cannot pump this monstrosity to the moon. It’s not a speculative asset. 2020 is peak clown world economics and the happening of all happenings is getting closer but there’s just too much to say you have to research yourself

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You get your financial advice from a guy that sounds like the Burger King foot lettuce guy. Why should I listen to you?

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King Solomon and Kevin Cage are more based and deep dive and factual, everything they review is documentation in plain sight. I also go and read the shit myself which is why I knew today nothing was going to happen

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Also you get your financial advice from frogs and memes and literally there’s a faggot NEET in this board who cries about being a failure and has a 750k networth as if he’s not going to spend it on anime figurines

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I'm not sure why I bothered. But at least I got to hear Sinatra. Good luck to all of you. If digits xrp mega moon this week

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not digits per se but ill take it

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Kek not bad, reminds me of 2018 link fud

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Brad probably sent her 500 million XRP for that. She's probably dumping every day.

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Damn y’all really retarded to fud anything huh lmao

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What would even be the point of FUDding? If everyone on biz that holds XRP sold the price would go down maybe 1%.

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Oh no really ? You’re telling me that it’s supply is so big it’s stable? If you retards sold link you’d crash the price. You’re a retarded fudster haha.

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Yeah it's basically the worst stable coin ever created. It slowly goes down in value but its impossible to crash.

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I’m going to buy XLM and rename it XRP2

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mr 200k ripple strikes again, forever butthurt

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Man I bet you got some xrp bags and just wanna talk smack. When it reaches a high price that’s when you’ll regret saying that.

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Yes high price very soon many moon one xrp=one bitcoin

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Yeeesh lmao the highest xrp will go is $300

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Just stop. It’s too sad to bully you anymore. In 2017 both ripple and chainlink were 17 cents. Now only one of them is. You made the wrong choice and you have to live with that. Stop pretending like ripple is going to take off, it’s breaking my heart.

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Itll never even go back to 30 cents

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You retarded faggot linkers actually think swift is going to make you rich kek

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The chainlink bag I bought in 2017 is now worth more than 7 dollars s token. I’m so far in the green that I’m going color blind. Xrp hasn’t even kept up with inflation. You’d have been better off if you invested in a CD.

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Lmao my low supply coin is higher priced then urs anon haja must mean it’s better !!! Fucking retard.

This swift was created before the internet you think link will fucking help it? Swift is obsolete ripple and xrp will replace them. We’re in a new era fucking retards really out here shilling link a fat like low supply coin.

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here are the true digits. check em

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>Lmao my low supply coin is higher priced then urs anon haja must mean it’s better !!! Fucking retard

No, what I’m saying is that my investment has so vastly outperformed your investment that it isn’t even fair to compare them.

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Yes because your token is a low supply shit coin that only has oracles and smart contracts lmao the price crashes from 8-9 to $7-6 faster than xrp does .20 to .19 listen I’m not gonna argue about it link is legit useless and won’t make a difference for our date swift.

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Did you sell your meme dollars? Or are you waiting for 1000? because you’re not getting there, the memes ran dry and if you retardes faggots think Judy Shelton was good news for link then pic related, you’re out of the picture.

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16 uniqueposters wew

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I bought in 2017 when both xrp and chainlink were 17 cents. My chainlink investment has currently increased by 30x, whereas your xrp investment has increased by... 1 cent. It’s all over for you and you need to come back to reality.

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Scotty is not privy to pertinent information.

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I’m looking at the future, not quick meme powered bucks. This shits been playing out for years and you’re not going to be there kek but it’s ok it’s ok the chinks still like you I think. It’s just that the United States of America won’t be taking your neckbeard Cayman Islands LLC PnD very seriously.

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People call us linkies deluded, but at least we have something to show for it. Your delusion will be a case study for later generations.

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that judy lady got voted into a better position, is a fan of the gold standard, and considers ripple/xrp to be the basis of a system, if not the system, to replace SWIFT.

think for yourself and do your own research, of course.

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No one fucking cares about your gains
You linkies are braindead as fuck omg lmao

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Lmao my coin made me gains it must mean its superior.

Xrp is meant to be a stable coin the price staying at .19-.20 proves that, it might have crashed from its ath but thats because it moved with bitcoin not because ripple or anyone else.

Also link is really useless you retards just meme it and shit, like if link partnered with swift swift would still be a outdated slow piece of shit. pro tip Waifu judy is pro xrp let me see a post of chainlink she liked haha.

call all the xrpeeee holders delusional but when it gets the okay and bumps past $15 and you only hold 100 kys please just hang yourself.

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>Xrp is meant to be a stable coin the price staying at .19-.20 proves that

Ding ding ding. That's what stinkies will never understand. If XRP was volatile, it would not be in the position it is now.

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I dont know you anon but I like you, smart guy.

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This. Linkies will still fud xrp because it’s a higher price.

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My bros you know whats up.

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Oh ok I understand what you mean. You’re saying that if I don’t want the value of my investment to go up I should purchase xrp?

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your last chance to buy xrp at 19 cents

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You see this guy hahahaha he really is a brainlet. He doesn’t understand that xrp will be a higher price than his shitlink and be x1000 less volatile hahaha

Yeah before the last shake out

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but not before the final FINAL shakeout, which will come after mother of all shakeouts, soon after the biggest shakeout of all time occurs, after which we return to our regular weekly shakeout programme

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you know never to touch XRP. buy suterusu before it moons anon.

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Why would it be over it’s an institution. Slow and steady fren. Stock up!

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Ripple is a scam but If David Schwartz is a good guy he will let us know before the pump

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>considers ripple/xrp to be the basis of a system, if not the system, to replace SWIFT.
Where/when did she say this?

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I can’t say anything to what he said but swift was around before the internet so it’s slow as dog shit like bitcoin slow, now xrp is coming in like a white knight it’s meant for cross boarder transactions you can’t tell me it wouldn’t be good enough to replace a slow ass system. And link on swift wouldn’t do shit swift would still be slow as dog shit.

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>all time frames look primed and ready