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Insider here.This board has done a lot for me, so trying return the favor.
>inb4 pictures of fat chicks
>inb4 no rebuttals with sources

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It's fake, isn't?

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my nevvy stays super steady

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Oh fuck! Oh no
Just sold my stack to buy rope.

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>$1.00 price requiring a mcap of $7B (making it the 5th largest coin)
During he next bullrun $7B wont even be top 10. This is a top 20 coin. Do the maths and have a bit of foresight. That's not even factoring in token burn rate.
Lazy FUD. That's all you're getting from me.

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Based. Expose more RSRfags.

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This entire FUD assumes that the crypto market stays the same as it is now

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disprove one thing on there then? it's all just copy and pastes, the tweets, the shit from their website...

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The 2 star app reviews were because they got overloaded in a beta version because there was more demand than they anticipated. Just buy a little bag then you can stop worrying about it.. you'll be sick if it goes to a dollar

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>dishprove muh schizo fud!!!

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>his ass..
it's the ampl schizo still trying to get his rsr back

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He's posted proof and you haven't.

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You can read them yourself, average rating seems pretty good: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rsv.walletapp.reserve&hl=en_US

Shitty fud overall, imagine believing unsourced screencaps from a Mongolian postcard collecting forum.

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This is a bit deterring, but so far I genuinely believe in the product. I liked the presentation, the ideas behind it, and I think the idea of a stablecoin is taking off. It's not my main coin right now and of course, only put it what you can afford to lose.

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hahaha i hope this fud works

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its literally a placeholder token.
its worse than ripple fags
imagine buying an admitted "placeholder"

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Source to that screenshot? Might actually sell all my rsr for pnk

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rsr is literally has the ripple market maker.

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RSR is supposed to reach 1 $ in the best case scenario?

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must admit this has fudded me

always wondered how that SJW managed to get the project up

i should have bought SNX instead for based Kain

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>the FUD appears when coin dips slightly
like clockwork
remember that these are just anons who want to aCOOMulate more bags

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Imagine caring about the credentials of a guy who raised as much money as he has and gotten unbelievable access to the institutions of the elite

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They're hiring people that can't get real jobs

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does any one else remember the thread with the venezeula-coloumbian anon who said rsr was a joke and laughable. like a forced meme no one used

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Legit getting FUDDed right now

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you keep telling yourself that, anon. kek

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Its literally not FUD. Its facts.
I personally dont care if you invest in this or not, however dont you think other anons should get to make balanced, meaningful decisions?

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I'm currently up on my investment and I'm seriously considering exiting my RSR position for PNK

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the fact that all this shit is on record yet RSR pajeets will defend it is why I think I will continue making money in crypto.

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i got fudded hard, sold my 500k stack
rip 1k$

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Thanks, bought 200k

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If you're new here I'm gonna spoon-fed you kids. Do not buy this coin, there will never be a mainnet. It's 2020 and every top coin has delivered at least some product on chain. Reserve has a stablecoin with no liquidity in 2020 as their product. Put your money into something that won't go 100% go to zero. Sorry biz scammers you aren't gonna fool anyone this time I've blown your cover.

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satsgang fud timing perfect with the current dump to get more cheap rsr

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Sold 500k, fuck this shitcoin

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redpill me on why these always seems so coordinated. been in crypto for a year, but only got on /biz/ in january

obviously they don't care if we lose money, so is it really fudders trying to get cheaper stacks?

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No, it's honorable men and women who only want the best for you :v)

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Any press is good press. People shitposting out of boredom when the coin is stagnant or dipping.

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>sooooo much seething
sooooo comfy

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There was a normal market correction for RSR so fudders are trying to capitalize on the dump by scaring more people into selling so they can increase there positions. Sadly, this technique is pretty effective

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op, you forgot to mention the fake netflix partnership.. and how paypal flagged reserve as a scam and blocking payments

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and nevin is a homosexual. he sucked peter thiels dick and gave thiel free coins just so thiel can put his name to project.. then they used thiels name to give free tokens to other big named people.

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It's a literal pump and dump ran by the discord trannies in pic related. These people have obscene bags they're the only ones who benefit from anyone buying this shit.

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Paypal integration is compliant with paypals tos
Netflix was never a partnership nor was it ever portrayed as one
Try harder

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These based hodlrs will make it

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silicon valley cuck project

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i'm with her

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Damn I've never seen fudders get soooooo scared and emotional over a project! BULLISH AS FUCK!!!

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do you get paid 10 cents for every post pajeet?
you can get 12 if you shill for the chinese

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since RSR started the moon run at the beginning of june, it's up 300%. it retraced 30%.

the fact it's held above .01 is fucking incredible. fudbois can suck my diamond encrusted benis. not selling.

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good luck getting dumped by bitcoin fund manager

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Kek I always knew RSR was just Walmart value brand XRP

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>RSR cant be successful because Libra died

One of Theils main strats is to have a monopoly but pretend you dont, what a useless video

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welp, looks like elevator's going back up. see you nogs again when i need a cleaning service.

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So anyone should invest in the other coins that will grow so much in the next bull run?

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The Paradigm Academy thing is super interesting fud, I had a look into it and it, Reserve, and something called Leverage Research are all linked. All had members working across all three projects at some point and all have been funded by Peter Thiel. God bless you OP, Reserve really is some kind of fucking Bilderberg coin.

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Nevin could be a child fucking CIA asset for all i care 50 cents and im fucking done with society. See yall there in no less than 2 years.

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He probably is a CIA asset, his entire project is a CIA asset.

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OR some kind of fucking Bilderberg scam.

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Unironically better fud than anything Simeon could ever muster.

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the FUD is strong.


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Why are you using current cap for a future reference? Just reading I feel dumber I award you no points and may you leave this board forever you midwit

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Fuddie are you ok?

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Any ambiguity on the protocol, tokens, confidence of the team or qualifications of the employees will not fud me. Even if you convince me this was all a scam from the start I honestly believe that they stumbled upon an idea that will actually work, a blockchain solution that actually solves problems. HODL

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Thanks just bought more.

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Is there any fucking coin that isnt a scam?
Even litecoin got exitscammed by its owner on the ATH.

I honestly dont trust anything anymore.
I just want stuff to pump so I can sell off.


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Why do you think the Chadfolio exists:
40% BTC
40% ETH
20% LINK
It's literally all you need. Everything else is gambling with your money in search for that illusive 100x. High risk, high reward.

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when is this shit going to stop dumping?

>> No.20567021

According to biz ETH and Link are scams too. Gotta go all BTC just be to be safe.

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BTC's only measure of value is based on energy spent.

Everything is fucking based off of nothing.

I am starting to think I should just buy gold-backed cryptos.

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it had a meteoric rise. even a correction to .008 would be healthy. start worrying when volume dries up.

this is how real assets act, only shitcoins moon and then dump into oblivion. the fact it found support and is consolidating above .01 is bullish af

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It's a top 3 red flag for sure. I'd love to have an RSR-cuck address it

>> No.20567307

Lol how the fuck is ETH a scam? It's the only crypto with a working product.

>> No.20567379

moving the goal posts already, wow.

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Look at the depth chart! stick a fork in this project, it's done.

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fuddy buddy

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Sell walls are bullish

>> No.20567540

Nice cog-dis

>> No.20567641

Nothing listed there is fake

hitting 1 dollars makes it bigger than virtually every coin. Hitting 56 dollar means it would be worth more than the the top 300 crypto coins combined.

Its sole adoption relies on third-world countries.

It has no chance against facebook libra.

>> No.20567685

is that really a tranny? just looks like an ugly chick to me

>> No.20567693

Facebook Libra is a dead project, guess who was busy meeting with Trump just before he decided to kill it? Guess whose project has people involved that are connected to the Trump admin?

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Mud person from South America here.

This is a complete lie. The app has less than 5 thousand downloads. It was a buggy as shit release and was so shit that paypal had to step in and stop people from putting money into reserve app for a few weeks.

There is no one here that is going to trust their life savings on a no-name start up versus a company listed on NASDAQ with a valuation nearing 1 trillion dollars. Once they release their stable coin, there won't be a soul using RSV. Actually, there isn't a soul using it now. 5k downloads and even less active users.

>> No.20567780

Amazing traction to a point that it has 5k downloads in all of south america with even less people actually using it. Not to mention paypal had to shut down people sending money to the app for a few weeks because not only was the app so shit, it was raising red flags, with users reporting it.

>> No.20567938

Those numbers aren't very impressive, but then again it is a pilot project and a test run. They are also promoting it in Africa by working with mobile companies who are backed by different European and American groups. I find that far more interesting since remittances and mobile cash transfers are far more common there. The project is still at such an early stage that it's impossible to say with certainty whether or not everything they are trying will catch on.

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Exactly this. IDGAF about this project after we get to $.50

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>'RSR is a temporary placeholder ERC-20 token..'
- my interest in this just proved temporary as well. G'Bye!

>> No.20568123

lol - have you seen the order book. This coin has already hit it's all time high for its existence

>> No.20568225

.50 eoy 2021, fren

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You think Nevin will delete those tweets after this goes viral?

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Those tweeks are either fake or long since deleted, anon. He has nothing from 2011 until 2018.

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Dumping proof of discord trannys' existence

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check again sir. control f on his twitter takes two minutes.

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yea im in that discord.
for the longest time they wouldnt allow any positive RSR threads to be on the board without flooding those threads with fud and BBW's
back when the price was like 90% cheaper than it now is

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People were saying that last week with the $.001 sell wall

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I swear, when I started poasting thought provoking threads about how this shit coin stinks, a ton of stinky chinkies came out to shill this shit coin

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yet its pumping again

fuck all fuddlings

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but true

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>Despite the fact that it will take a miracle for this coin to moon and its teams lack luster credentials, and the coin is flopping, it went up .001


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medium kek

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Bitcoin Fund Manager will pump us to the moon

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