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The Real Stink Shady here

Me and PopAnon are talking about collabing for a new Chainlink song. He's going to sing the chorus and i'm going to do the verses.

What would you guys be more interested in? A funny/gimmick song? A chill/smooth song? or a hype song?

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How about no

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Oo bump

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Not gonna lie I want one of each

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>What would you guys be more interested in? A funny/gimmick song?
It's a chainlink song.You've answered your own question.

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Chill song till we get to 10 dollars then gimmick song then at 25 dollars a hype song

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Lol that’s true it is all pretty much comical

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Can you do something similar to Hit em' up by 2pac? Let all them niggas know they ain't welcome on the yacht.

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Based. Do a gimmick hype song

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I’ll run it by popanon

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Collab of the century right here. Gonna be epic whatever you guys do

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You should put it on iTunes I feel like you 2 could come up with something amazing. I’ve only heard one pop anon song and it was pretty damn good and we all know your shit is fire

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A song about how Sirgay is betraying us to secure his life long supply on Big Macs; or alternatively how a cup of coffee can only be worth so much

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Uh yeah I’m thinkin based, where you posting it ?

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hype as fuck

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I like the cup of coffee idea. Could be a smooth song for that. The big Mac one seems like straight gimmick. I like gimmick.

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Not sure yet, we’re talking about it.

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>tfw your shitcoin community has no rappers and pop singers

I wish I was a linky sometimes even though I make fun of you fags all day

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Hype hype hype

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Make Sergey Nazarov part 2 ft Popanon

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You do with it what you want, but beating stinky linky that will be hard work. I cant imagine that the emotions that went into that can be easily recreated

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What do you mean beating stinky linky ?

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Sergey Nazarov, had it saved under stinky linky. I mean the lyrics, the beat, the presentation, you can hear emotions that went into making and singing it while it was created at practically the perfect time; recreating something like that is nearly impossible, but that said through hard work it is of course possible to come close and I'm looking forward to whatever content, critics come later ;^)

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We’ll have to see. Having Pop on the chorus in a game changer

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Can you upload it?

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Doesnt makes it necessarily easier, but gives more option, personally when I think about pop and hip hop, I always think about early 2000's UK alternative hip hop, or smooth raga
somebody already uploaded it

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do a Pop Smoke - Dior remix

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Can you choose a less cringy rapper than Eminem though

>> No.20553958

make a collab with linkanon too

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A sooner track is fitting right now

Still never selling

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i didnt choose this name it was determined by trips in 2019

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Get Lil Link on board too for the ultimate stink track. A hype song with all three of you to establish our dominance now that we're in top 10 territory and drawing fire. Also embrace the gimmick. The meme magic autism is what separates us from every other investment and asset class in history.

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We need hype in these uncertain times

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Thanks, bro.
Can you upload your songs again? They are no longer in vocaroo

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ill eventually upload all of them to one area. maybe once me and pop put out this track, depending on where we release it, i may just put it all out then,

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