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I have around 720k in crypto currently. I will cash out once the next golden bull happens and settle down, living a comfy neet life.

Now, i would like to move to a white country without shitskins. France, the western part of germany, the benelux countries and the UK are all fucked.

What eastern european country is comfy to retire in? i am looking for low cost of living, hot chicks, low crime rate. language does not matter, ill have plenty of time to study it.

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Croatia but we are full fuck off nigger
also, checked HH

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> the western part of germany [...] are all fucked
unfortunately true, it wasn't like that 15 years ago, sigh

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Poland - we do not tolerate shitskins. We have mountains, lakes, sea. No matter what you like, u will find it here. Our girls are beautiful and food is awesome.

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croatia does seem extremely based, cucking bosnia out of all that sweet oceanfront property

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Poland is a good choice, definitely.

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I'd suggest Estonia. Stay away from south eastern europe, it's a complete shithole.

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Wroclaw is a pretty city with lots of pretty young girls

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Croatia is part of greater Germany
Can't deny it

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Come to CUBA. Best country in the world and very cheap.Most beauty's are here. Less taxes.

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This westoid nigger is not welcome here.
Fuck off we are full.
You will get raped on the streets. Also our PiS government imports nepalese and pajeets and niggers en masse.
They will murder rape you.
You are not suided for the slavic life.

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Why not the fucking nordics duh?

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if you are a westoid you will never be able to live in EE

people are too tough for you, you will cry

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not Ukraine, we dont ned you

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and don't come in BVLLGARIA because we are already full and don't want you

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Lmao shitholes fit for forgotten wastes

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>not a shithole


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That's why you are so desperate to live the (((West)))?

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>We have mountains, lakes, sea. No matter what you like, u will find it here. Our girls are beautiful and food is awesome.

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stay out of eastern europe
all shitholes, nobody wants to live there, not even eastern europeans

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let me take a wild guess anon, u never actually been to ee

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Don't you mean why are you so desperately shilliny your shithole?
>B-but we don't want you here.
Desperate to remain in a relevant civilized as opposed to a nazi eastern bloc shithole like you faggots. Worthless monkies

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u mad?

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your future is brown, muslim and smelly.

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You don't know what it's like living around Mexicans 24/7, that'll toughen you up quick.

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mexicans are well known to become transexuals

try being a trans here

ahaha fucking westoids are so deluded you are fucking pussies don't come in EE you will never be able to assume the consequences

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You are literally an arab hahahahahaha
You have illness.

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There's a joke we have in Cali.
What's the difference between a Mexican and a gay Mexican?
About 4 beers.
Even the hispanics can't help but laugh at that one because they all know it's true.

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as a polish poorfag wageslaving in UK to make it with crypto apart from Poland (biased pick) I would probably choose between Hungarian bros and Czech for most of the year, both beautiful and cultured countries, the latter has the most westernized culture in the eastern block while remaining almost completely monoethnic, and of course visit Croatian frens in the summer

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I'm literally a medBVLL
and would jump you in less than 20 seconds IRL

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Ugly boring shithole
t. eastern yuro

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I visited Colombia, great country you have bro and real men living in

I wish you all the best

here in Cartagena

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You are that same fucking arab that's been bullied here and on /pol/ as you sperg out because you are basically retarded. Hahaha everyone fucking HATES YOU

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more of her? any nudes?

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i know it might sound crazy but poland.
All the shit people say about poland is because it's full of brain dead people whom you could make a good use of.
I'm a citizen of pic related and i've been in most of those countries. I also hate polaks but that land and economy is good.

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Actually, Croatia is the most racially homogenous country on earth afaik
t. hunfag

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come to Russia bro, Sochi

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>he thinks the next golden bull is not after 2026

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Fuckin shill.

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shut up and don't give the good places to westoids

they fucked up their own country and you want to give them yours?

russian women will beat him anyway

nordc.ucks are spotted from far

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poland is a shithole and all of your women burn coal in the uk

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every women burn coal in the uk
because it's literally a burning coal country

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move to argentina OP
europe is fucked

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Love you guys down there, HH brother.

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argentina is france in 2050
already lost

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we need the world to end and soon

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argies are whiter than the average french "man"
it say a lot

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fuck off arab bro

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Where is cannabis legal in EE so I can play wigger reggae there

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kys westoid

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You're literally an arab. I can't wait for someone to track you down

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Yeah, and commit suicide after 2 years as the custom dictates

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yes yes
you guys have been wishing for this for 3 years now

in Pattaya, in Bogota, in Sofia now...

One day I will probably hear "Frenchbro" in the street but it will be the last words of this guy if he has any harmful thoughts towards me

But I know you are just a keyboard warrior, pussy westoid

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Don’t worry, no one wants to go there

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i’ve heard estonia has tons of smoking hot women and they are easy to get because the men are all broke and ugly. plz confirm

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You're mad because half of EE countries have a strong cultural affinity with mediterranean subhumans. The Ottoman Empire left traces, skidmarks some may say!
Relax I'm french I already live in a mediterranean hellhole don't need to move to EE to experience the beauty of med mind
>woaw guys fascism is awesome
>woaw guys colonialism is awesome
>woaw guys our ex-colonies are reverse colonizing us it's awesome we got a pass to continue using those countries as playing fields
>woaw guys after centuries of european shenanigans in the mediterranea there's now hardly any difference between the anglo-saxon and the sandnigger they're all psychopathic pieces of shit
FUCK mediterranea this sea is cursed

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baise ta mère et viens pas ici sinon je te plante

si je vois ta gueule de narbonoide au delà de la frontière tchèque je te saigne

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Grodzisk Mazowiecki

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Since you're a racist:
Varg lives happily in france, so stop being a retard. As for "low cost of living, hot chicks, low crime rate", you can't have your cake and eat it faggot. You're gonna be retarded rich so why do you care about cost of living? My advice, move to Norway. Blonde chicks and very low crime. Also beautiful.

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he is just your average french victim

probably less than 180cm and a feminine body type

natural selection is the best that could happen to this loser

(being stabbed by algerians)

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HH, brother

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hey french bro, lets hijack the topic
What does the FrenchBro thinks about religion and soul etc ?

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>France, the western part of germany, the benelux countries and the UK are all fucked
France and Germany are OK if you stay away from big cities.
If you want to live in a city though, Poland is probably your best bet.
I've visited most, and being Bulgarian, I see no good reason to move from here, but Poland is just better for a foreigner.

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next time when?

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Brit here, lived in Bucharest for a year and was fine with it

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there is no next time. all you slavic fascists are gonna get fucked soon.

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Nice try Simeon. No one's interested

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az napravih toq meme brat, based

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>all you slavic fascists are gonna get fucked soon
t. abdelrahman

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I think religion is bluepilled
I'm spiritual though

Bucharest is just like Paris, full of faggots, niggers and so.yboys

blagodarya brat
see you in mladost 3

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bqh napravil takyv sy6tiq meme ama s kanadec, syrbin, gryk i rumynec na mqstoto na amerikaneca, ako ti trqbvat 6te gi pusna v threada

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ne govoria bulgarski manogo

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в poccию, блядь

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az sum francuzi

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hungary probably

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russian bitches lick my assholes like there is no tomorrow everytime i go to moscow

they do the same with turkish assholes it's so strange

don't you feed them?

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This is so fucking sad, man. Eastern Europe will literally be the only place white people can live in peace...If anyone brings faggy progressive ideas to eastern europe I hope the locals start "scaring" the newcomers, so they leave.

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we take care of this

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