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>wake up from my nap in a lounge chair on an Angolan beach
>been living here ever since the CIA helped topple the government in 2026
>the country is now a colony, foreigners are subsidized to move here
>7Mobile Africa is now a multibillion dollar transnational corporation and controls half the continent
>I walk back to my beachside villa that I bought for 50 RSR
>on the way I run into a beautiful African woman
>the white man’s burden calls to me so I proposition her
>we go to my house and begin to make passionate love
>after finishing she sends me 1 RSV as thanks for this enormous privilege
>receive payment easily as the CIA and 7Mobile Africa have ensured the Reserve app is used universally
>laugh as $1 is worth about .0001 RSR and I hold 2 million

Imagine not holding a coin that will let you LARP as a CIA banana republic president in 10 years

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Is RSR actually a CIA project? That would be pretty bullish if true

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No. RSR would not be available to people like us if it were a CIA project. Not to say they can't take it over in the future, but they are not currently footing the bill or research.

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so buy then right?

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remember guys
the more you're getting now the less is left for them

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Absolutely not. Clearly a scam. Look it up

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pure poetry.

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>he doesn't know about Y Combinator's CIA connections
They already indirectly support it. Why do you think this coin is being primarily promoted in places where the US has destabilized a country or wants to compete with China?

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its the only crypto directly connected to the Builderberg group and that group essentially is the final boss of what the CIA and other glow niggers globally can and cant do. so yes.

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why is this coin giving me early link vibes....I think this might be it.. my last chance.

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holy shit,

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7Mobile is the first mover and a big cellular phone service provider in all of Africa.
well, OP is essentially talking about how projected economic growth for Africa is set to go parabolic in the coming decades.
OP is also talking about how 7Mobile is in a partnership with Reserve, as in ALL of their phones come with the Reserve app installed in the firmware by factory default.

you do the math.

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no this

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I’m pretty bullish after realizing that the Silicon Valley Illuminati was balls deep in it. Thinking this might be a good one to buy and hold a few years.

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I own an make it stack and even i didn't know this. Spent 10 seconds researching and it's actually true. We're all going to unironically reinstate Rhodesia

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How many years will it take until you can buy an entire country with a make it stack?

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browser extension, 4chanX - never use this site without it. its a major QOL improvement

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Alright I’m sold which site are you guys using to swap for this colonization coin?

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Do I have to fuck the negress?

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That's what they want you to think. Wake up

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It’s your genetic duty anon

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If I make it from Reserve I will be using my gains to bleach the entire third world

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RSR memes are truly the most based

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What an incredibly racist reason to buy a coin, where can I get some?

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I wouldn't mind that price

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im ethiopian. i bet i have more RSR than you faggot. ill further the conquest of your wh*Te females

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The best QOL improvement is custom-made css

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RSV officially forked: etherless transactions on RSV are live. This is it fellas

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That's it? Just a tweet? I was hoping for some kind of demonstration

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Big if true

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the more i look into it the more i realize it could actually be used as a financial weapon to undermine countries

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If it ever goes to 5 dollars it will surely topple my dick

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Haven’t they mentioned Maker as a comparison to what they’re trying to do? Is $5 FUD?

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Follow the white rabbit

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What is the company’s plan for the massive supply of tokens? I see that only a small amount is currently circulating but don’t know what their policy is as to how they’ll be distributed.

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I'll be doing my part in Asia

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They'll be released in waves. They don't really want to crash the market.

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How high will they let the price rise before doing that? A few cents? A dollar?

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We don't know. Invest at your own risk. I got myself a suicide stack in case it does take off so I don't kill myself. That's all I'm willing to gamble.

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sounds bullish desu

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Explain the difference between RSR and RSV

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Nevin Freeman is tied to one of the 13 illuminati families

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I've decided to put an entire bitcoin into RSR, I just have a few tidy-up questions.
Where did Nevin go to college?
What was his major?
What was he into before RSR, etc. ?
Thx lads

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TLDR: Maker is done

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dyor you lazy faggot. you won't even do the most basic google search? i swear, you people try and stay poor. back to plebbit

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Spoon feed me, just this once? Here let's start with a freebie:
>Where did Nevin go to college?

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>posting this in every RSR thread
you literally could have the answer if you just researched for 2 seconds instead of constantly copying the same shit over and over

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No RSR for you

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faggot copy pasta

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Holy shit they can't answer it! At first I thought it was just a troll. They actually can't.

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>i'll trick them into doing my research for me
wonder (((who))) could be behind these posts. just buy RSR or dont. either way -- fuck off, moshi

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What’s the make it stack boys? I have 200k

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I actually cannot find his CV for education but he worked some different research and writing jobs before doing Reserve. Here he is lecturing at Oxford University.


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100k Suicide 1M Make it.

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Strange. Must be the wrong CV? Surely he attended college somewhere? Right?

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I know he worked for Kroll Associates for a couple years

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Does anyone have full sized image of that alien bird thingy? Wtf is that. Gives me the spooks

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Not really, lots of tech guys in the Bay Area didn’t go to college. His investors clearly don’t care.

Source? I haven’t seen that.

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Chiko crypto researching for his next video?

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How will reservecucks ever recover?