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tl;dr tomorrow at 4pm est go to binance and buy all the fucking Link you can get

What is this about?
ZeusCapitalLLP released a 66 page FUD document about Chainlink.
There are some strong hints that Zeus Capital is just a front for NexoFinance and that NexoFinance is trying to make money by shorting Chainlink.
NexoFinance claims that this was a false flag operation by a third party trying to sour the business relationship between them and Smartcontract.com.
Luckily, there is a way to find out: Tomorrow (07/21) at 4pm est we will all put every shitcoin we still have lying around and every fiat we can spare and buy all the Link we can. If there is no connection between ZeusCapitalLLP and NexoFinance, there is nothing for them to be fearful about. But if they indeed tried to fuck with us, they will go down in flames.

DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD HOW MUCH YOU'RE GOING TO BUY, ONLY POST YOUR SUPPORT. We do not want to give NexoFinance the ability to cover their alleged short position.
Inform all the important twitterfags (@ChainLinkGod, @Crypto___Oracle, @LinkMarine, @kekspawn, etc...)
And @cointelegraph: Fuck you for not crediting @_WhenMoon_

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You have my axe.

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and my sword

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..And you have my keks

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holy fuck, so this is how deluded linkies are now? begging people to go buy their scam coin? im disappointed in you guys

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Thanks OP, selling my stack tomorrow

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if you are with us then reply to this thread with "I WILL STOP THE SLOP"

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dont care what you think. i don't like the fact that nexo thinks they can fuck us over.

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yes goyim buy exactly at this time so i can dump everything i have
lmao the absolute state of /biz/

>t. linkwhale

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Nexo offered 5% interest on LINK deposits. Nobody else anywhere offers anything on Link because nobody wants to have debt denominated on it. They most likely didn't hedge adequately with options and were crushed by the recent pump due to the linkmarines looking for any yield at all flocking to their platform and nobody else using it. We now know they sold LINK deposits. So in desperation they decided to take a loan and have a massive short sell-off at the same time they published the paper, hoping to induce panic to make a profit and then buy in what they owe lower. It's all incredibly clear now, case closed basically.

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Hey Adam!

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Posting support in this epic thread

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We need to make it clear that we coordinate this at the exact second before the arb bots have a chance to kick in.

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I’m currently in the process of dredging up ancient LINKies long frozen in the cold.


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if singles, 4channel will usher in the chainlink singularity tomorrow at 4pm

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The LINK from our fellow marines was sold immediately on deposit throughout the lifetime of their "service". The current active short is taken from a LINK loan and is very much subject to liquidation.

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Why would they chose the most bullish crypto to short? Is it because no one would expect it or?

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The best thing is that chainlink literally ordered all of this
The wanted the fud report and the short from nexo
That’s why they don't give a fuck about all the things happening
They know

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cont. (admission)

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This wedge is dropping too fast we’ll be $10 by 4pm tomorrow.

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They published that phony as fuck Zeus Capital FUD report at the same time.

This is a pretty elaborate yet SLOPPY job.

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Theyre fukt

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The other thread got removed. Get ready to bake a new one bros.

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>buy all the fucking Link you can get
story of my life last 3 years brother

remember when you buy the link to put it in your hardware wallet and FORGET-ABOUT-IT

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>begging people to go buy their scam coin?
it's selling like hotcakes

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I deleted it to focus discussion in one thread fren.
Even if we're completely wrong, it'll be lulz if we pull it off and liquidate existing shorts.

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>im disappointed in you guys
guess which part of the BELL curve you're situated within

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I would laugh like hell if Nexo got rekt. Not only will it be even more obvious that they lied, but they will be posting pink wojacks to their users.

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you have my racism brother

i shall liquidate my assets right away to do what should have been done long alo, go all in link

fuck diversity , fuck diversification

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A - Attention: "Do I have your attention"
I - Interest: "Are you interested? I know you are. 'cause it's fuck or walk, you close or you hit the bricks"
D - Decision: "Have you made your decision for Christ!?" (look at that scene at 4:30, you see the light flash on the grid lattice ceiling when he says Christ)
A - and Action

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Okay. I have about 30% of my portfolio not in Link. I will shift everything to Link for about an hour.

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>they will be posting pink wojacks to their users.
without a doubt

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Ironically they had no problem when the shoe was on the other foot. They liquidated a ton of customers during the Covid dump in spring.

Pic related

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tomorrow, 4pm EST

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So can we deduce their liquidation point from etherscan activity?

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I support this.

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So you niggers can post scam shit like this but all RLC threads are pajeet shills? Kys

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umm guys isnt this market manipulation?? why is zeus telling people to sell bad but op telling people to buy good??? link is supposed to be a stablecoin tied to the price of a coffee up as indicated in the whitepaper therefore you should neither sell nor buy as this could potentially disrupt the stability mechanism.....

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We are the link marines. We'd rather die on our feet, than live on our knees.

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This board doesn't have enough liquid fiat to make a impactful dent in the order books. But if you guys must buy, don't buy at the same time. You have to beat the bots first.

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ok let me see if i got it right

anon deposits his links on nexos for 5% interest, nexos sells the link, link pumps, nexos need to pay anon when his deposit mature, nexos now need to buy link at a higher price to pay anon, nexos shorts link and unleash the zeus fud in desperation to dump link

what i dont get is, this is all done in smartcontracts right? so how can nexos sells the links that anon deposited? wouldn't the contract secure his funds?

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Literally dumping hard which could foil the plan.

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can an anon with photoshop put a shit ton of linkies on the spirit bomb for me?

i cant decide if the nexo logo or simeons face should be on there.

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>This wedge is dropping too fast we’ll be $10 by 4pm tomorrow.

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Let's do this.

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this has the same odorous stench as that one time the Romanian, or maybe Bulgarian? (lmao euro gypsy-trash regardless)"marine" was trying to "fight off" a "dump" for his fellow marines. He was a huge whale and actually duped a lot of people, granted I didn't pay too much attention to what he was saying because short term price movements are for absolute lima bean IQ level brainlets. Long story short, he dumped a huge load all over everyone. Hopefully never bought back in.

Funnily enough, when I imagined what that greasy pig might look like, its very similar to that gyppo simian.

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It would be nice to know what their short price was. I fear that by EOD today they may have won, but i hope not. 7.58 current price

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Lads we gotta start shilling everywhere too, shill the upcoming EEA confrence with Sergey, Ari and a speaker from JP morgan and the oracle integration Q3

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basically, my point with this is; do not buy in when a bunch of "friends" promise to do the same. this whole nexus/zeus capital thing seems like inception level fud within fud, possibly even a tranny psyop. Unfortunately, we're all in this together- til we're not.

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Fell the power origins of market. Make another fomo pump on silver when You start doubt in your future currency, Thank you.

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it's dumping. we have a mole.

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Nexo's plan all along.

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If I wasn't already all-in, I'd be in. Simeon on suicide watch.

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This is perfect example of why LINK must be such a high valuation go work.

Even ass annoying as this stupid shit is it’s ultimately bullish for LINK.

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yes sir

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Any idea who the "investigator" is that Nexo is supposedly getting to look into things?

Guessing its probably just someone who works there instead of a legitimate outside source, but thats just my assumption. I don't know.

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42, tonight is Saturn's opposition (22:00 PM UTC), though I'm sure you need no reminder.

What are your thoughts on its coming effects on Link?

Is it happening... TONIGHT?

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No. Nexus is CeFi

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nexos is CEFI

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Juliet Bravo, reporting for duty

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Based. The future belongs to geniuses and retards. Fuck normies.

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why would someone trust his crypto in a shit like this?

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Is nexo in cahoots with a discord tranny group? Same fags who brigaded and flooded /biz/ with the initial report is now doing another round of demoralisation spam to agitate with this dump. Definetely multiple IPs involved, even accounting for other nolinkers piling in.

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it’s just the same autists, they always post the same crap