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what would you do if someone just handed you 100k post tax?

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Quit my job and get some nice food/coffee on the way home

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say thank you

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Then I'd put it x50 on BTC short

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send nick fuentes a ninjet then move to ireland and put the rest into link

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Dump it all into Link. Maybe also adopt a heckin pupperino and get trans bottom surgery like I’ve always wanted :3

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Dump it all into cloudflare stock

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Does 100k even mean much

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Unironically buy 100k worth of link ASAP. Don't even DCA. Just buy now.

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realistic answer i'd buy gold until i figured out what the fuck to do

if it drops just continue with life, when it goes back to normal with or without profits i would've planned how to sustain/improve the portfolio and lived a decent life which i'll give money to poor people, cuz yknow good faith n stuff

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>ywn have a fake tits gf (male) to go grocery shopping with
Why live?

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gib me 20k
story time op how you get 100k

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All in LINK.

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What makes you think he got 100k? He is not even larping

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Based and brought-up-properly-by-grandma-pilled

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All into TQQQ

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i saved up...

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precious metals and a sleeper van

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Are you trying to invest 100k? If so LINK is guaranteed to get you returns IF you believe smart contracts are the future

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that doesn’t seem too far outside the realm of possibility anon. especially if you make it

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Buy a video game, pay some bills and then invest the remaining 80% in a diverse portfolio that includes link while keeping the last 20% in cash.

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Yes this is money I don't need. I have another 60k that I could play with as well. T. Lives at home

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Also bump

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10% PM
20% Crypto
50% ETF
10% Cash reserve
10% to live in Cambodia for a year and plan my next move.

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buy 100k paper gold that is backed to 100% and has no shitty terms (we only send 1kg bars, etc).

then go to a bank and take out a loan over 60k with the gold as collateral for 1% interest maximum. only pay interest and renew the loan once its due.

60k and 1% is 600 per year, that is $50 a month. that all while gold keeps gaining value with definitly more than 1%.

if you like risk you just buy bitcoin with the 60k, lend it for 6.25% on various defi project and wait for the gbr.

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