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Alt coin bubble is bursting. Alts flow back to BTC, the safe haven. BTC will continue to grow withing the next decade and so will alts. Literally all you have to do is hold BTC and make a shitload of money. If you want to maximise profits even more you wait and buy the alt dips and sell them in a couple of months.

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you should save this post and read it again in a week

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What do you think is causing all the panic selling? People bought in at the peaks, and lost their dicks over a bit of a wobble, causing this correction. Now people will buy into Bitcoin's peak. Then, once all the other coins finish correcting, Bitcoin itself will suffer a correction, and again, fags who are buying into this BTC peak will panic sell, and again, exacerbate the retarded situation.

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BTC is already outdated in the crypto world. It's just a current requirement to get bettercoins, once more websites start adapting straight eth/xrp/ltc/whatever exchanges (as well as the dark web) btc will go down under.

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>be greedy when others are fearful

All in on eth and other top 5 (except ripple with its jew price controls), sell in a month, thank me at sale.

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BTC was always the only one with any use and infrastructure

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Kek, sure it will buddy.

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>BTC was always the only one with any use and infrastructure
anon I have some bad news for you....

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that's good news. looks like it's gainin popularity

by infra i mean the services built for btc and not for others. shops, flights, hotels, bank cards, atms, stocks, gambling etc etc. even other cryptos you would have to buy bitcoin first

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you realize none of those services would even work or be profitable when the fees are higher than visa and transactions are straight up dropping off the blockchain without being confirmed, right?

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More delusional than a no coiner

kill yourself

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keep dreaming fag

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i dont know. people are willing to pay being "anonymous". i see bitcoin booming untill governments panic about it.

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It's more about people on the receiving end.

Nobody will sell stuff when their bitcoins arent coming through

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Anyone think ETH will go back up?

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Not one argument

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Of course. It's been hovering around 85 which seems to be the floor.

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I just started investing in crypto and it was really disheartening to see BTC skyrocketting and buying ETH at what I thought would keep going up, end up being almost its overall high.

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i think you're right about bitcoin being a bubble, but i'm not sure that any of the current alt-coins being the solution.
it's all about greed. the huge corporations will want to design their own alt-coin which will give them the ability to corner the market before it explodes and lead to maximum return on minimal investment.
do any of the current alt-coins give them this ability? if so, please tell me which one, because that'll be the one that moon rockets.

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I'm not worried about short term profits. I put as much as I'm willing to lose into ETH in hopes of a viable long term investment. I'm not making the same mistake as I did years ago when BTC was $200

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Cheers, thank you

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This. If confirmations aren't timely and reliable, transactions will be held up.

BTC needs to increase block size or find a new consensus model. Neither is a tenable solution for miners, who want to do exactly what they're doing now and don't want to have to deal with new costs or new consensus models, both of which could impact their revenue stream and put them out of business.

LTC was smart, and could well be the solution in the near future as they've already implemented segwit, but we're not going to know until transactions start getting outright dropped. Ether is another possibility, but has a larger attack vector due to dapps, which complicates its adoption (you're not just buying into the currency, you have to buy into the value proposition of potentially insecure dapps being built on the technology).

I think LTC becomes a near-term solution, which will then become antiquated because scalability issues will still exist at some point in the future, and chink miners will cut their nose off to spite their face (NO BROCK SIZE INCREASE BECAUSE TOO EXPENSIVE TO MINE!!!!!)

Fucking retard chinks.

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xrp. it's the bankers crypto.

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This guy knows how the rich think.
Surprised to see anybody else knows these rules on biz desu. It's mostly memekids here

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Financial institutions seem to like xrp and tech companies are interested in eth.

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Well I gotta say you do sound like Homer Simpson, I'll give you that. Just as backwards and satirically stupid as ever.

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Just went all in on xem

How fucked am i

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Sell before the dump and you're fine. Because xem is only a pump and dump. So get out early sempi