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RSR Rangers Help.

My boomer parents asked me why I’m putting so much of my paycheck into crypto (still live under them) and asked me to explain Reserve to them. Can I get some autists to help me out here?
They don’t know what blockchain is and have never even heard of eth. Just asked them.

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Don't own any never read about it or even opened a thread relating to it but just say it has a cool logo and they should go all in

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Go as simple as possible and appeal to emotion

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Ask them if they like luxury.

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Just tell them you're investing in an app that let's people living in fucked-up economies to convert their hyperinflated currency into a stable one.

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say your friend pajeet turned you onto it

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U win the explanation ty

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It's a startup of Peter Thiel and Y Combinator's that is trying to make sure third world countries who use digital cash are using an American currency.

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I shilled it to my mom but she didn't want to trade her XRP for it because "banks will use XRP"

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