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I bought it

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Get rekt, it’s going to 0

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Why do you think this?

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Just joking, I have a bag too. Enjoy the ride

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I just put in all of my investment savings ($5k) into it. Some anon in another thread convinced me to, I really really hope they were right. I won't be ruined if it doesn't pan out but yeah.

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she could ride my link, if you know what i mean

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Saying shit like this just makes people want to fuck with the market. You clearly have no idea what you're doing

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I will never understand why people did their own coins here

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>putting your entire savings into a single thing, ever

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I've done a lot of research on it and believe in the project, I've just been waiting for the right project to invest into.

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literally taking a dump literally and figuratively right no w

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He knows exactly what he is doing. You don't have to be sophisticated to buy RSR and wait.

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>being wishy washy and not maximizing opportunity

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To accumulate more while it's cheap, grugtard

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it's the oldest game in world if you know shit is gold

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Like 95% of my portfolio is ORN and I go to sleep laughing

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Ah, a shitcoin logo photoshopped onto a low red jpg of a thot. Now I'm going to buy!

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Based and gonna make it

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there's this.

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and this

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Peter Thiel is selling due to fall out with team? Please no

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Now you're a raging faggot. Congrats on this.

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This is 100% my investment money. And I'm 100% in RSR as far as crpyto goes. Can't lose when it's a for sure thing

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Nothing is for sure I’m crypto. If it’s true that investors are dumping then it’s a problem

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Sell it all quickly faggot. No it's not gonna doomp, I just want moar

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The Open AI investor has also unfollowed team members on twitter now. Wtf

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pick one

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It's true I'm Peter Thiel. Quickly sell your bags everyone. You have been warned!

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Watch, someone’s going to screenshot this and claim fud

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If this is really him, and it could be, then I’m worried.

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You’re a faggot

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Lol i remember you.

But in all honesty anon, you are going to make it.

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>Coin does nothing

>Coin pumps
I bought it

you are the dumb money that buys the top.

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>this basket can sure hold a lot of eggs

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please stop posting this male

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If you only have 5k it's actually better to go high risk

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provide a source for your claim or go back to mumbai

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Let's all get on the same page for the next thread where we can FUD the price a little cheaper so we can all accumulate.

I'm thinking a fake Peter Thiel rumor, the usual satsgang stuff, maybe some zoomed in charts with downward candles?

Thoughts? we got to get some more creative lies

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Long nose tribe strat

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I'm done with fudding. My bags are full. You go for it though fren.

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