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Once LINK hits $1000 DOLLARS EOY what will you name your yacht?

mine will be the SS Did Nothing Wrong

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Grow up loser

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I'll start a company making and selling yachts

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I'll call it the Reddit Chainlink BLM :)

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Heroin 69

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nice just bought 100K to fight systematic bigotry!

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Based trips of equality you are welcome aboard my yacht young sir/madam

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You have to register your names so I'm pretty sure the thought police won't let you call it something overtly racist. Plus have your power level in the open like that isn't a great idea.
I'm gonna call mine something subtle like Evola, or The Powell.

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I'd buy 2.
My personal yacht; "Juels the Majestic"
Another one, bought second hand called "Nexo". We will navigate on a sunny sunday, with some close marine friends, and we will sink it, just for the memories.

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Bismarck jr.

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Mine's the SS You Are Free to Go.
So when the sea-pigs try to pull me over, they say
So I spin the yacht in a 360 and leave.

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Based and redpilled

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SS Wake Up
Cause you dreaming.

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Yeah I’m thinking based

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Or Aftoshi Betreyomoto

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Buying a yacht is the stupidest fucking thing you can ever do in your entire life. My job is to drive boats, so I spend a lot of time talking to faggots with fancy yachts. You have to hire a whole fucking crew to work for you. If you were to hire me as a captain, you'd be paying me like 300k a year easily, not to mention the rest of the crew. Cooks, deckhands, etc. Then there is maintenance. Boat parts are fucking super expensive, and the engineers that maintain them are seriously not cheap. If you want to have a party out on the water, then rent a boat/yacht for the night or a few days. Purchasing one for yourself is seriously fucking stupid.

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I will pay my captain 1 link per year, while you only make 300k per year working for some boomer who bought ADA.

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"Weebs will be shot on sight"

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S.S. Stinky Dump

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I will name mine "10000 EOY"

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Didn't you guys hear that LINK pump is cancelled?

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SS Straight Shota

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>mine will be the SS Did Nothing Wrong
high iq humor

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I rather buy a nice luxurious RV than a boat. Maintaining an RV will become my hobby

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Hey Link Marine brothers, don't want to derail the thread. I need someone who can use Adobe Illustrator to make a few things for me. Shouldn't take long and I'm willing to compensate with OG Link Dice.

Please only contact me if you can really do the work. ChainLinkChad@proton

t. ChainLinkChad/dice anon

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360 is a complete circle so you would end up facing the same way, retard. You mean 180.

I would name my boat HMS Jesse Slaughter

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newfag, do a 360 and walk away

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I'm painting my yacht hyper pink and naming it wojak

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How retarded can you be?
Just do a 360 and fuck off from this board

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the SS BBC In my wife PLS

this, one of the smartest guys i know was a body builder and boat captain for rich assholes and made fucking bank

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lol, newfag.

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I think it's bait.

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How fucking new can you be?

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What a stupid name for a yacht.

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You know we thought that when LINK hits $1000 EOY, there would be a yacht party, but there will actually be yacht parties. Every anon will own a superyacht full of cute asian wo(men).

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The SS Himmler
We can sail together brother

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Fanta Sea

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The Sinky Linky

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SS PeePeePooPoo
see you at the party, anon.

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SS Simeon

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brah isn't a zoomer thing. zoomers say stuff like "brodie" and "my solo" rather than brah