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Friendly reminder that it was Twitter Linkies who discovered and exposed the Nexo/Zeus Capital scam.

/biz/ is way too busy obsessing over how to fud Link on Reddit to do anything actually worthwhile.

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then fuck off to twitter. are there people all over twitter and plebbit saying "biz is better" or are we the only ones that have to deal with you off-platform faggots?

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you mean
>fuck off back to your tranny discord

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ChainlinkGod is an incel

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Watch /biz/ try to take credit in the coming weeks and months.

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Sloppy divide and conquer attempt here, Nexoniggers.
The decentralized network of linkies, which has significant crossover across all platforms, is united in blowing you the fuck out.

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don't care. i like to be anon

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Please tell me how Simeon/Nexo are different from /biz/lets fudding Link on Reddit?

Hell, 99% of the fud in the Zeus document came from /biz/.

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Friendly reminder that NOTHING in the document has been refuted by LINKlets

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lmao, most of it was invented by /biz/ linklets.

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well biz doesnt larp as a well known asset management firm

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/biz/ larps all the fucking time, the fuck are you talking about.

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Satoshi tell me the next 100x please.

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>Please tell me how Simeon/Nexo are different from /biz/lets fudding Link on Reddit?
This so much.

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Chainlink Twitter is /biz/. They all hang out here, post /biz/ threads before they're even archived, and use the same memes.

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Blessing us with wisdom

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except they have usernames and online identities. there's a guy called "chainlinkgod" ffs. If I was trying to think of a fake name to rip on twitter faggots i couldn't come up with something that stupid.

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That's because most of them started here.
At one point /biz/ was actually the hotbed for Chainlink info.

All that's left now is fudders obsessed with Reddit.

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t. butthurt that actually knowledgeable Twitterfags keep messing with his shorts and swings by spreading actual info about Link.

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if link carries on the same trajectory the cringe will only increase. stop caring.

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He deserves the moniker. CLG is unironically the best Chainlink source still around. He writes great articles and threads clarifying important information/news all the time and has tipped out almost every well-performing DeFi project before it has mooned. Also he's a whale and that alone justifies the name

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Based id

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Actual coding knowledge too.

/biz/'s worst nightmare: someone with actual knowledge educating the unaware.

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Do we know the size of his stack?

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>"people called me crazy for selling everything and going all-in on a project nobody knew about when the entire crypto market had collapsed"
Use your imagination.

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Looking at the known size of the stack of those who were there at that time and use twitter I would put him in the 10k-40k range.
That's closer to a suicide stack unironically.
The few whales who had more than 1 million Link don't have time for twitter and prefer to remain hidden.

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>The few whales who had more than 1 million Link don't have time for twitter and prefer to remain hidden
Aren't they starting to become deebly goncerned as they're billionaires to be?

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st0uty is a big fan of chainlink bro

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Yet he's fudding it. That's kind of the point.

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He must have made 10k-40k linkies just from holding through the LEND and DMG moons.

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Jokes on you, I built up mass karma in /aww making shitty puns so my account would look legit so people would be less suspicious of my fud.

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That's the point.

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biz is fucking edgelord faggots who contribute nothing anymote
Biz today wouldnt find link but they would find nano and fud it on reddit to be cool

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No it wasn’t.

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It was.

The people fudding Link on Reddit are hardcore plebbitors themselves who do things like karma farming.

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That was close to their goal.
Some put their ETH gains into LINK to increase their wealth.
They also have plans to run their own nodes.

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Karma farming is done to make accounts legit which helps with scamming/trolling/astroturfing. Hardcore plebbitors don't "karma farm" in that sense.

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>/biz/ larps all the fucking time

yea, on /biz/ you fucking retarded mongloid

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>Hardcore plebbitors don't "karma farm"
lmao, of course they do.
It's a big part of what makes reddit the intolerable pandering shithole it is.

That's like saying /biz/fags don't larp.

lmao, yes and?

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ill bet one of you fuckers made this site with the link to nexo to frame them.

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Fuck off Simeon.

>> No.20493389

Yes and he also works for NEXO...
Well it was not with the intent to frame himself just a sloppy job he did to manipulate the market for his company approved Link short!

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This was all a conspiracy. Sergey directed the Nexo team to create a FUD report with breadcrumbs leading back to them. The result is a bunch of long-term holders becoming even more adamant defenders of Chainlink, and for the PR of a project having been betrayed by a comrade but redeemed by its supporters (making it look, to people from the outside, like the supporters are important).

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wait until they find out Sergey owns nexo

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It's beautiful

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Too bad this contradicts reality.

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How much does it cost to get someone to impersonate an existing financial firm that will sue them out the ass and why would you do it if you expect to be caught?

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/biz/ exposed this in literally the first thread that popped up here.

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>lmao, yes and?

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I don’t get it.

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All linkies are /biz/ linkies. If you're only posting on twitter you're not a linkie.

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Of course you don’t

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based Hutt

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why does link always get the best keks

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