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Is RSR really a bizcoin?

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Ampleforth is a programmed pump and dump that invades our threads and is trying to scam off our momentum. It should be viewed with suspicion, ridiculed and ultimately ignored. It also dumps 60% regularly.

Reserve Protocol is Money 2.0. Nothing else here matters.

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Well if you're asking that question, you'll just eat what your fed, and the people who know whats going on will give it to you when its ready for you. So just wait patiently

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rsr would be like mkr
rsv would be like dai
am it getting this right?

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I've been watching for a while but I believe in the power of memes

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It is now anons

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No but seriously I've done my research in terms of the fact that the dollar is going to be massively devalued soon.
But why RSR specifically and not something more tangible? Like returning to the gold standard?

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gold standard will be controlled by the russians or chinese most likely. Silver standard is more like it and even then that doesnt stop inflation. Ancient rome had a PM standard and hyperinflated by changing silver content of currency.

It still requires a central authority to be on good behavior and thus is a single failure point. Furthermore its a slow system easily unstable in the world economy, and cannot last in a space faring race. Gold standard will occur if we have a bronze age era type collapse. If we dont have a collapse like that RSV will be needed for the worldwide economy. Its what austrian and chicagoan economists have been dreaming about for centuries. RSV is literally the greatest liberation of mankind since thomas jefferson wrote the declaration of independence or Samuel colt invented the sixgun.

also RSR isnt a currency its a supply token like maker and RSV is the currency (like dai)

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>6.8% circulating supply

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People missed out and are now telling this coin is a scam. Still can have x50 when it eats Tether.

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You know RSR is great when people need to market their shitcoins as RSR 2.0

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