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will i make it guys?

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>make it from LINK
>get AIDS
>spend all LINK gains on medication

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>im tranny
do you look ANYTHING like the OP

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is that a guy, because he can zuk my dick

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i've heard SRS is a scam, avoid that and you should make it i guess

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yes , now she is a women as me

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Nasty tranny stinker linker. You will never make it. You will only be a janjan.

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>not posting pics
fuck off faggot

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i will, fucking transphobe

another transphobe

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Chainlink FUD is actually transphobia because most linkers are LGBTQ

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here so a lot haters

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Here is your friend, tranny. You will be him soon. Moderating a backwater imageboard for pajeet scams

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>will I make it anon?
You will never be a woman.

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we can be better than real women

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Pics or you’re part of the 99% who should go the 40% route.

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53% suicide rate. You're going to hell sodomite.

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ure jelly homphobe and transophobe

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you want to fuck us

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the odds are not in your favor statistically

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>tfw subbing to 2 traps' onlyfans because i saw them on /biz/
>at about an ETH worth per year right now which i can get in like a day off shitty biz shills
>allocated another 5 eth from my portfolio for future trapvestments
uniswap shitcoins are going to be the death of me. money is meaning less and i just want to coom to teenage traps whores

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Based, enjoy the ride

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Who are they? Share plz.

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I have unironically been browsing trap porn week since /biz/, though I used to do it once every few months prior just for the kek’s.

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u like us

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>thats a man

>> No.20483504

they are women already

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absolutely degenerate
fucking disgusting

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no, they aren't

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they are women, transphobe

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no, they aren't
I'm sorry that you suffer from mental illness

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99.9% wont be tho. And im sure youre part of that 99.9% with your refusal to post pics

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Cope more

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>a spider is a bird
>no, it isn't

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transphobe, i bet ure racist yet , fuck u transphobes, im a real woman

>> No.20483746

back to pol transphobe

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OP, just a polite request for some of your original content, then we may be able to judge your original question. Regards

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what's your dick look like

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fuck off larp whore. i am a woman the end of story, lick my sweet pussy

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neck yourself tranny enabler

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i have sweet pussy

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transphobia i see, back to pol, transphobe.
transexual lives are matter

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>sweet pussy
>gaping, infected wound

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stfu transphobe

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Based, get bimbo surgery and post pics

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Present it

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Thats my brother

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btfo transphobe
im a cute woman already

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if you sell the top now for LOKI, yes, you will make it.

>> No.20484308

Yeah but with surgery u can be a hot woman. Might be able to date rich guys too, turn it into an investment.

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Shit thread, could have been fun

>> No.20484406

where's the tranny pussy?

>> No.20484411

i will
btfo roastie or male larp

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if you think calling people transphobic here is going to do anything other than make you look stupid you deserve to get clapped by anons. on the other end if you let random people define you (because you’re obviously offended seeing as you’ve posted 17 fucking times) you’ll be stuck in personal hell for the rest of your existence. good luck tranny

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