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are the RLChads sleeping?
hewo barons?
are we gonna pump?

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no it's over

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Man this shit is so boring. Hope it's just consolidation for the next leg up

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lol no, aws soon, amd soon and coinbase very soon, als oreal adoption soon

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Just bought 2k barrels

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Yea I think he crashed wanted to wait for mumu time but its too late in BLM land

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You impatient retards thinking it will be a green dildo every day.

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What's wrong with that bro

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Real Life Chad Oil Baron

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High expectations lead to weaker hands. Better to dca time to time and otherwise just forget about it.

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It'll blast straight to $3.50 next week

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RL chads, other than being balls deep in THE BITCOIN OF CLOUD COMPUTING. What else confirms your status as a chad?

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God please

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Idk is this what a chadfolio looks like?

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Bought some via metamask. I want to but more but there IS no "get RLC" choice now. I only see "Get eth". Wtf

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Gilles was caught doing this:


Its over...

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Binance is getting wiped out too, only 130K left

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I heard supply was running out, that’s why I pulled the trigger and picked up another 2K this morning.

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Using oil funds to shape the future society and not for hookers and blow

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Price doesn't matter fren
I lost 20k on paper and didn't even feel it
That is kinda chad but 50/50 is the most chad
KEK wtf
Yeah supply is really low im surprised it hasn't gone to 10$ yet

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Down from 1m? Is this a singularity coming?

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LINK got me here I’m not gonna turn my back on now after I held it from .35 cents dude.

I fully think RLC is legit but it hasn’t treated me like LINK has (yet).

If/when it does it might deserve a 50/50 rebalance.

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Ok. Just sitting on 200. I guess i won't make it.

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The singularity is near
iExec acceleration of adoption is real
11490 EOY
Ok fren I understand. To be a chad you have to be the chad.
How does 400k next year sound

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>>20474751 Link/RLC folio here since 2017, 50/50 approx since EOY 2019 when iexec sitting @ $0.30

I do believe that we will indeed make it.

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Now that is based.
I am surprised it took biz this long to come around to accumulating digital oil

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Still so much earlier than anybody else. "I just bought a suicide stack for 100k imma make it?" -redditor 2021

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Yeah maybe even 2020 kek if anyone on biz sells they are the early Bitcoin sellers

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If I use portis on the iexec website and buy with fiat, is there a waiting period or can I get my barrels instantly?
I haven't been able to find an answer to this. Coinbase has the 7 day waiting period and I dont want to wait that long. I'm getting 7 grand in about a week and want to dump it all into rlc because why not.
Please friends, help me out.

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I don't know fren I have never done it that way. Maybe ask in the team slack

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Do you know of any way to do it instantly?
Another option I've heard of is the exodus wallet. That would still require the coinbase waiting period, but if you know of any way to get eth instantly I would be extremely thankful

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When Amazon?

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I think cash app then into ETH then kyberswap

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I thought cashapp only did btc, I dont see the etherium option there

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Yeah swap out on binance or something

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Cashapp wont scan my licence, shitload of redditors had the same problem and apparently the support did nothing and they all got butthurt and deleted the app.
Looks like it needs to be coinbase. That means I will be purchasing $7000 of rlc around august 7th. If all the hype is right then I'm basically fucked because I assume at that point I wouldn't be able to buy that much, right?

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Gemini is better than coin base, I don’t know about the freeze time though.

RLC will still be a good investment in august,

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I just arrived in washington state yesterday
Washington fucking state
It's a great duty station but the enemy of our kind.
I guess I wont be cashing out my 350k suter anytime soon but i wasn't planning on it anyway.
This opens up a whole new problem, how do I make the exchange when exchanges dont operate here?
A VPN is possibly an option, but I'm unsure about it. I'll have to do a lot of research on this, because this coin is sending very strong buy signals and i got sent to a really nice enclave that happens to reside within a communist shithole state by the army.
Lifes a bitch, but she's sweet sometimes

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