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ITT we post stuff we have saved, including predictions about the whole space, to laugh at or check how they are being followed so far. I will start with one slowly playing out, pic related

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This one is prolly the most infamous one. Need to check if I saved the reverse, negative version.

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This one, well, CSW bullshit would require a thread of its own

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This is one Linkies may consider of interest

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This one is a scary one, not crypto related

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you are right

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propaganda bullshit, wait and laugh at doomfags

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What are we looking at, anon?

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And the last one

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i find it funny how every single of those exponential log scales just end up going up in a nearly straight line at a fixed rate instead of flattening to near zero growth

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Platinum/gold, /sp500, /m2 money supply.

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Bro, his is not a 4 year cycle...

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/m2 if I remember correctly.