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>Validation at 13:30 UTC today
idena.io use the links from the website to join the telegram and get an invite if you don't get it from the telegram ask the discord trannies

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Node synced, lets hope for a comfy validation

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lol unbeliveable people are still shilling this holy shit

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biz hates money it seems

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send a message to @idenaplug on telegram to get an invite

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The market cap of this thing is 2M. Two million dollars. The concept of PoP, if done well, is worth a billion alone, and the anonymous team is delivering on their vision HARD. Every day there are hundreds of people asking for invites in the telegram to mine DNA. The wallet and flip generator work like a charm even though they're literally only a couple of months old and the whole readiness of the project blows most billion dollar projects out of the water. And it hasn't even started yet. I'm being 100% serious when I say that at this rate, Idena will be a top 5 market cap project in 3 years.

If you FUD Idena, there are unironically two options: 1) Your IQ is <50 and you haven't even looked at the project, or 2) You're trying to accumulate and are frustrated with the fact that there is zero liquidity in the sell books. That's it. There are no other options.

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SJW Coin

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I like Idena, but they should focus on PoP, making validation easier while retaining AI-proofness, sharding and smart contracts instead of this oracle rhetoric. Pop is unironically so fucking revolutionary in terms of being able to secure a blockchain for minimal costs, that if they just get that right, they will literally eat Eth2.0 for breakfast. They don't even need more identities, whatever 3k nodes they have right now is enough. Once people see Idena smart contracts operating without any scaling bottlenecks and practically without gas costs, they will understand.

Idena is bigger than most DNA holders even realize, and the team's feverous working pace is indicative of the devs being aware of how revolutionary this shit is. Personally I don't even look at DNA price anymore. I know this is going to be a top10 market cap project, so all there is to do is wait.

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any invite for a white male ready to pass validation?

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hurry the fuck up anon

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Amen to that.

> any invite for a white male ready to pass validation?

Here good anon. Enjoy and start the dream.


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Another one:


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Why can’t I just pay 9k pajeets to mine for me?

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If you don't have DNA you are lower than bacteria, will never have sex and have no life.

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Until this is answered your coin is worthless

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20 minutes until the network shits itself again

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based retard

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"Hey pajeet, sell me your $10 for $8. Oh, you won't? I guess there goes my master plan"

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„Hey pajeet, sell me your vote worth 0.2c for 0.5c?“


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gl bois

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bad flips?
I had a fine validation. one weird in short, mostly good in long.

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god damn pajeets ruined it again with their 1 2 3 4 flips

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sorry bro. It seems that this has gone better for a lot of people, but not everyone is so lucky.
6.78% growth this epoch is pretty good though, I'd say. We're at ATH with node size!

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>RBCs are doomed and no longer alive
What a brainlet take. They're simply machines designated for a particular purpose which doesn't require replication. They are no more or less doomed then the countless other differentiated cells in your body, which despite having DNA for transcription purposes will never replicate, and therefore are as every bit "doomed" as RBCs.

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This anon gets it.

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Tfw missed my alarm and slept through validation and need to wait till next month for another. Why live?

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validation went really well, devs got their shit together, moon mission incoming

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I only made 4 dna doing validation. Not sure it's even worth it. How much will I make now that I'm mining?

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Better luck next time sir

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4 wtf? you got some on the "stake"right? you make 11 per day i think

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My first validation. I got 16 on stake and 4 dna on main. Is it normal?

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i guess rates are lower now cause ath in number of nodes, you will get more next validation. base reward higher and you get around 20 dna per flip you submit, just make sure your flips are good so you are not reported

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Every account in Idena has two wallets: the Idena wallet and the stake. The stake is like your pension account: 20% of all your Idena rewards (mining, validation rewards, flip rewards, valid invitation rewards, and so on) accumulate in the stake, while the remaining 80% goes directly to your Idena wallet.

The stake cannot be spent while your account is valid. You receive these coins in your Idena wallet or in any other wallet that you choose only when you voluntary terminate your Idena account - that is, “kill” your cryptoidentity.

When your account is killed by the network protocol, you lose your stake.

Idena does not use the stake for governance purposes.

Discrimination of identities with the Newbie status

Only 20% of earned coins is mined to the main wallet for Newbies. The rest 80% is mined to the stake: in total 60% of earned coins is temporary locked in the stake until a Newbie becomes Verified.

60% of earned coins will be sent back to the main wallet once a Newbie becomes Verified.

Newbies cannot terminate their identities to withdraw the stake.

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60% of your stake will unlock once you're no longer a newbie. You can mine about 10DNA/day at current network size.

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i am feeling comfy frens. this coin could unironically be another antshares

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lmao this nigga here holding a coin called ANTshares lmao fucking ANTS

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