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How much time do you spend everyday doing research on stock/crypto? Do you like it?

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Once my exchange lists a new token I assume they've done the research for me so I just buy a decent stack of each one.

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0 hours per day

I like not doing research or buying stocks/crypto

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research? i just buy whatever my favorite youtubers recommend

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>How much time do you spend everyday doing research on stock/crypto
0 i buy what ever biz shills the most with the best memes

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i don't really research the money and shit that crypto makes, i'm moreso into it for the technology and what it can do. i put a little in every so often, and i'm just keeping it on a hardware wallet for a few years. i check 24h changes about once a day just to see how they're doing

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that's a woman

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just kidding it's a man! it's a man!!

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Imagine being this idiot and thinking this strategy works. ROFL

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I spent 2 weeks going through biz shillings to find a gem. I saw RSR had the most potential and bought, now I'm up 400%.
you fucking retard

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it does when i got chainlink at 3.5

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who is this

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i buy anything thats on green

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my sister

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I spend about 9 seconds a week throwing a dart at CMC and then buy 100k

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I read a lot news related to finance and economy, on different sources. When an idea pops up, I do further research.

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I quit my job to pursue this. And its paid off, not just financially, but mentally and emotionally. I spend everyday exactly how I want to. And once you're familiar with the defi game.. you learn how to research more efficiently and mitigate risks. Im happy and love doing this shit

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I spent from March (came into some money) to June browsing on biz and following some channels and following their shills. I didn't have any skin in the game until June. On £20000 invested I've made only £500 more than I lost. What I have learned from the winners and losers is not to back coins based on TA, they must have good fundamentals. My biggest win was cardano, I bought the top back when the Shelley road map release was given and then it dropped about 20%. I held until the summit in July counting on hype and news drops and then made enough to make up for my shit investments (based on youtubers like data dash). I don't really do my own research now but get multiple views on a coin from different content creaters. When there is a consensus, there tends to be a winner. I rode the rlc pump and dump and nearly got rekt but earlier buys were early enough that I could sell all my bags at a small profit.
I'm getting better at spotting a shameless shill and pnd now but obviously if I just bought link in March I could buy my lambo now.

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respect anon, that's a very honest confession

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i just buy link