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Ok anons. Give it to me straight.
Married 25 yrs , 3 kids all over 21 and spoiled.
Financially successful but humble.
My Bday passed last month , I didn’t get a single gift. My family wanted to go to dinner. I paid. I didn’t think about at 1st but over the last week it’s really given me a complex. know it’s COVID-19 . But not a freaking pair of socks? Coffee mug? Slippers? Fucked up, no?
I’m a top 200 link wallet. Should I leave em all when my stack hits 8 figures?
I can replace her easily with a 25 yr old fox.
My kids only like my $.
What to do?

Not trying to brag by any means.
The $ won’t affect my day to day life. Just thinking I can get a new family that will give a fuck and buy me a gift. Even a freaking box of chocolates or a freaking card.
FWIW I’ve thought this over before. I hate my wife, but really thought my kids would have something more then a happy Bday old guy.

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Shut the fuck you dirty little paypig

Maybe get a patreon girl to shovel your money into? She will appreciate it, kek

You'll never make it anyway, piggie. Time to pay $$$$

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I already made it.just want to feel appreciated. Thx for nothing

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Yeah no one loves you even though you’re a provider. They just tolerate you. They’d probably love you if you weren’t such an ugly faggot but hey, at least you got link

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You are living my worst nightmare. Try and withdraw your attention from your family and see if it pulls anyone in?

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Link is my saving grace at this point. Fuck everything else Anon

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This thread is pure cancer
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel appreciated you Redditor tryhards

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Too many missing details (that we actually don't care about).
Were you a good father/husband?
If yes, then don't worry. You are the provider, and they know you buy what you want. It is all materialism. Enjoy your father.
If not, then fuck off.

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Anon , where do I shift my focus to?
I’m a old school spirit. Party scene is not my thing.

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You fucking kikes can serve Satan in hell

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>game hunter
>porsche driving boomer
old school spirits gotta do oldschool things

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Can’t answer what you didn’t ask but,
Very good at both father and husband.
The wife is crazy.....little bit of bipolar.
Kids know now she is batshit and I was both mom and dad. We are high school sweethearts, well actually since 7th grade. Things aren’t great but not turmoil either. Really puzzles me.

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Haha, funny....
I’m in the middle of a outdoor kitchen build
and tinkering with my 71 bronco. Just went Holley sniper and I did it myself. Very satisfying.
Love fishing the gulf coast. (Snook is the best tasting fish in the ocean).
Got a set of Hawaiian Ribeyes marinating for 30 hrs now.
How’d you know....

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Damn nigra. The dangers of spoiling uour kids and allowing them to use the Internet.
Ill always remember The Bernays quote when I see or hear about disappointing children:

"We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind."

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Just disappear my guy. Just vanish. Throw a dart at the map of the world and just fucking go.
You made it already, right? If they're just leeching off you, close your accounts, tie up your loose ends and leave without saying a word. See if they notice.

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I fantasize about that at least 3 times a year for the last 5 yrs or so.

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Happy late birthday anon. Try to live your life like it's only one you got because it probably is. Choose to be happy my nigga.

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why would your family give a fuck about you when you view them all as easily dispensable.

your new family wouldnt be any different either.

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Guns, machining, hunting, bushcraft, and ultralight camping deep innawoods. Also recommend making your own alcohol. Mead is pretty easy to make and is genuinely really good. Beer can be more of a pain in the ass, but I also recommend that too.
Regardless, happy birthday anon.

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>waah my family dont appreciate me so imma ditch them when i get rich

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kinda this desu
how did you treated your parents? did they witness it?
kids usually follow parents example in how to behave

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Happy belated birthday anon. You should have raised your kids better though faggot

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>expecting gifts on your birthday past the age of 12

wanna know how i know you own a switch

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I always knew if I was rich I’d spoil the shit outta my seeds. Why? I grew up piss poor. 6 siblings in a 3 bdrm all sharing everything. I wanted $ to improve my situation. Definitely did not want my children to ever want so I kept on buying or saying yes when appropriate.
Whatta fucking bonehead mistake.
Wife has been toast since 2011.
She been in autopilot due to daily meds to maintain stability. I pretty much spoiled the kids. Not here.

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because you're old, man. here's something to understand; your enjoyment of those things depends on the context of ~50 years of compounding experience gains. to you, tinkering on the bronco reignites a wealth of memories and satisfying skills. but what to you is a comfy reminder of the 50 times in your life you've adjusted valve lash on a shitty carbeureted engine, is a tedious chore to your brat children.
you have entered the stage in your life where all of your stories converge in a seamless, ever shifting, acid-like narrative that only you can truly understand. what you want from your family (understanding) is impossible to attain, even if you have a son or mentee who's committed himself to understanding your experience. i watched my father go through the same struggle and tried to help/listen to him as much as possible, but even the best intentions can't fill in 50 years worth of experience.
it's time for you to shore up any old male friends you've had so you can relive the old memories with someone who knows, and then do whstever the fuck you want for yourself and whoever wants to listen. good luck oldfag

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You need to into alpha chad, but 25 years ago anon. At this point, you're fucked. If you buy a new family, you'll have all the same problems unless you unfuck yourself first. You gotta have that shit on lockdown from the beginning.

Protip: sell your link, buy a yacht, get massive yacht and life insurance, go sailing around the world, "accidentally" hit a reef and die, donate your millions to a worthy charity while only leaving a "fuck you" in the will for your family.

Only way to recover from this embarrassment, desu.

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Umm, I’m already rich. Made my 1st million in 1999 and been going vertical ever since. Net worth of $23M before real estate trust. It’s not about $.

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Just do it like Nike
Why haven't you

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atleast you have some kids man.

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Very based. Really!

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Happy bday big guy.

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>Should I leave em all when my stack hits 8 figures?
so what are you even asking? family advice? just leave them now.

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pretty cringey larp thread u got here

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Your mistake in life is believing a bunch of propaganda about gratitude and hard work, you somehow believe that if you work hard and put time into relationships that it will cause a reciprocal relationship of care from others. This is admirable but it doesn't work like that in real life, I've met tons of hard working dads who get treated like shit at home, the truth is you need to do everything in your life FOR you, because YOU enjoy it, and free yourself from desires that are contingent on other people (admiration etc) humans are inherently social beings so its hard, but you need to learn to enjoy the process of living. Whether its making tons of money or finding a hobby, stop seeking gratification and respect from your relationships with other people.

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That’s the paradox, we who grow up poor become good men and providers, yet our children up up fucked because we spoil them. It’s not too late, you can make changes at any age, it’s just harder to break yourself from the mindset. If you want to really make changes, you could see a couples councillor, let the wife know you’re feeling under appreciated. Really talk things out. As another Anon said, running off just presents the same problems usually. Being a 50 year old boomer in this day and age is younger then it was 30 years ago though, the world is still your oyster in a lot of ways.

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Just do you oldfag, wanna leave? Then fucking leave and never look back. Go live in SEA cheap and free ish, wgaf?

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Thanks anon
Food for thought.
Not trying to be a prick but that sounds too “country” for me. I’m more >>20462824
Better how?
More of a PS4 guy.
Father Time is not on my side. It the F U act sounds kinda cool.
>writes tuition checks for my dumb ass seeds without ambition.

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I moved out before college.
I didn’t like my dad, my mom was a bitch.
We faked it and got along until they passed in 2004. I don’t have much dealing with my siblings.

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Larp about my stack or my family is shit tier?
Kinda feels like the path I’ll be taking. Not SEA though. Thinking more South America. My espaniol has improved drastically over the last 6 yrs, since flipping houses again.
Thanks anon
Ok anon. Have a good non cringe life.

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I never do this anon, but I'm going to give you advice.

You will die in court over a divorce, don't do anything without insane calculation in that regard. Realize something now: your family always viewed you as a provider and not much more.Realize that you're stuck in a system that is meant to kill you slowly. Get out of it with careful precautions. Find out exactly how to secure your finances, especially in regards to divorce. Do not initiate divorce on your wife unless you have all the pieces in place for a clean break: keep it close to the chest with your lawyer.

Next, about your life, you're secure so all you have to worry about is never giving away your commitment for free to any thot. Keep them at arms reach, you're the commodity, sleep with them at best. Reframe your life in that regard. Pursue knowledge, pursue a genuine hobby (probably not vidya), puruse health and fitness in a safe way (may or may not involve doctor perscribed hormones). Focus on growing your wealth, be your own person, simplify your life to work for you. Only then will you be able to develop what you seek in growing a genuine social circle where you don't vie for anyone's value because you are so abundant you can't possibly be missing anything.

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If you hate you wife and your kids are adults, I don't see any reason why you wouldnt get a new wife regardless. Don't get hang up about this gift stuffs tho, if they're not used to give you gift your kids probably don't even think about it being bad, you just used them to pay for everything yourself

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I'm guessing you're a burger. I never understood how family relationships are so fucked in the US of A. I'm a Southern Europoor studying in the US, my folks busted their ass to get me a happy life where I didn't have to work for anything and I managed to get into a top 10 uni with full scholarship. The first thing I did with my first """big investment""" was buy my mom and dad a trip to Paris(they've always wanted to go), and feel like shit if I ever go visit them without getting them presents. Just pulled 1k from Link to buy my dad a big ass couch for night reading for his birthday actually. Have you tried talking to your kids and bonding with them? I just don't understand why they wouldn't want to make you happy if you've been there for them. There's little other joy greater than the one you get from making people you love feel good. I'm sure your children feel the same way, they just aren't used to living alone or understand how hard you've worked for them. Just try reconnecting, big guy.

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Go hang out with chinese immigrants and shoot finger guns at gangbangers you fucking boomer

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agreed, based

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you are sir are the ultimate sacrifice to modern civilization. nothng more than a walking fleshpile just waiting to be replaced by your wifes new bull, when you die. man, id say leave em this instant. leave for a small city in italy or france or heck even swiss. i dont know how the bond bewteen you and your kids is but this sounds shit. there are more sides to this story i guess but its healthier for you to just leave and start new.

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Maybe have a full and Frank conversation with everyone? Tell them you are fed up with getting treated like shit.

In the mean time make preparations to ditch the wife.

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Nice "problems" boomer I have cancer. Be a man not a mouse. Talking about your money and shit. Your wife + kids probably see you as a homosexual if they smell this attitude on you, dead serious. A place to live costs about $1.2k a month, I promise you nobody "needs" you around.

If youre genuinely
1.) Masculine
2 ) contribute to your community irl where family can see the impact
3.) In good shape
4.) Not a schizo freak who is nice to waiters but a ticking timebomb at home

And your family still doesnt respect you, I retract my advice, sometimes shit is just all fucked up. But the impression im getting here is you need a passion so strong your wife and kids cant fuck up your mojo. Do you think Sergey has the problems you do?

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is that russia?

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Move to the Philippines and get a nice committed Filipino wife. Your greedy family won’t be able to get you there especially because the Filipino government wants your money to stay there. I’m in the same boat and have been giving serious consideration to this. My family doesn’t understand why I watch Gran Torino every week. They think I’m racist but really I just like the scene where they read his will.

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Strange that I'm talking to somebody my father's age who is posting big tiddie elves. You don't have one good kid? Where did you go wrong man? My dad is a straight up piece of fat shit but I still love and do things for him.

Actually, I think I know what happened here. You sat on your computer every day instead of being a father and paying attention to them after work. You did this for decades.

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Their mothers ruin them. American women use their children like tools. Want to virtue signal? Gaslight your kid into being trans. Husband won’t spend 90k on an overpriced status symbol with no resale value? Tell the kids lies about him until they hate him. Husband wants to save for retirement rather than keeping up with the Joneses? Cheat on him and then blame him for not giving you enough excitement even though you’re 40 and it’s cringe as fuck when you try to act like a 21 year old party girl.

American women are shit and they will turn their own children to shit too. My worthless family is the worst thing I’ve ever done.

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Exactly. I can’t even imagine what OP is like irl. I was a bit spoiled and still have a great/close relationship with my parents because they were supportive and loving.
OP, have you tried actually talking to your family instead of whining about your birthday online like a little baby? Being rich must be so hard you poor thing

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Cuck manifesto

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Well are you the celebrate birthdays, loving dad kinda guy? Or were you always distant and only worked to make money?

>> No.20465829

Sounds like you feel into the trap of:

> If I provide a high class life to my family then I'm a good dad and husband

Not only is the false in some cases the exact opposite is true.

I have one child and I make sure to spend at least 15 hours of quality time with her every week. Doing fun stuff with her, listening to what she has to say, and giving her advice on life when I can.

I could probably make 2x more money than I do now if I focused more on my career, but my career isn't my number one priority. Kids don't really know how poor or rich you are until middle school and beyond. And having a cheap house and a lot of good positive times with your kids is 100x better than living in a big nice house and having new cars out front.

Not enough dads understand this. The one thing your kids will treasure more than anything is time together.

Also OP if you have an issue with your kids and the nature of your relationship you need to talk with them about the issues directly like you're talking to us now. You're not getting any younger.

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Marriage is a mistake, you just don't. Also fuck having kids, this world is fucked. Enjoy your life and meet interesting people.

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married for 25 years. well well. like i dunno man, leave some money for your children and then just put it all in crypto and cash it out slowly in Ho Chi Minh city.

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>married 25 years
>posting that image
based boomer

>> No.20466173

unironically neck yourself

>> No.20466305

I'll add that you should've redpilled your kids about jews. They have been raised into apathy through media and government education.

>> No.20466375

you get the children that you raise, faggot
having a wife is almost the same way

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>I always knew if I was rich I’d spoil the shit outta my seeds. Why? I grew up piss poor. 6 siblings in a 3 bdrm all sharing everything. I wanted $ to improve my situation. Definitely did not want my children to ever want so I kept on buying or saying yes when appropriate.
>Whatta fucking bonehead mistake.

Heh. I was just talking to my friend who I'm a god father to her kid for. When I first started learning to invest and getting into Link, I told her that I was gonna for her kid's college funds and spoil all my friends LOTS.

My thoughts now? Never. Absolutely not. When you keep doing for others, you'll give them a false sense of expectations and entitlement, they won't truly understand the value of what you've done for them. More importantly, for money, people choose their life partners, sacrifice their own bodies and morals and even kids for it. I won't devalue these important life decisions (should I spend time learning how to make extra income? Do I really want to be in this super easy job but gets me nowhere or should I get a career change? Do I really want to date this deadbeat?) by imparting that kind of money.

But I'm quite generous with knowledge, I shilled Chainlink to all my peeps. Most ignored me, but a couple got in though I somewhat regret telling them.

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I think you should hide your link wallet from your family until you manage to change your mindset with some kind of therapy.
Money will make things worse and reveal even more strongly the true nature of your family.

I can't really tell what happened, but I get the feeling that you may not have been present in your children's life enough and have not been a real father figure for them.

There is a concept that you have to give if you want to receive.
However that does not mean that you will always get something from the people you want.
It means you need to have a different point of view of loving things with no expectations.
You won't get what you want by forcing it, but you can find other healthy people who will give you back a similar form of love without expectations.

The world is a mirror which only reflects back what you chose to be and send out.

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You are living my worst nightmare anon
And it’s starting to come true for me
Since I have started making it from crypto I have already lost a lot of friends
I can’t say anything anymore without people thinking I’m arrogant
It’s the worst. Is this the price you pay to become wealthy?

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This you probably are to available. Every mans super power is the ability not to care. Don’t dump them out right cause that’s a form of caring about a lack of attention. You’re subconsciously expecting them to come running back in reality they’ll hate you and bond even stronger over it and take your money in a more consciously strategic way. Your paragraph proves that you’re giving this too much thought and you probably do smother them with too much attention let alone money.

Whatever you do. DO NOT LEAVE THEM OUT RIGHT. Just ease off and enjoy doing your own shit. Like accumulating link or whatever your other hobbies are. If you don’t have any find one. You sound like you got the money for it. Remember it’s your life and you gotta win.

>> No.20466802

Story? RE?

>> No.20466965

Ur a fag if you are wealthy you should be throwing an awesome party your own birthday,not wondering why your adult children are not giving you trinkets. You are a complete goober and have problems that money can solve, read the bible.

>> No.20467168

that's the thing with us humans, we always gotta bring some shit up to be unhappy about, just send me some linkies already

>> No.20467174

It's even worse than that.
Even without money they would still think you are arrogant.
The more we improve the bigger the pit between us and normal people becomes.
But the further you get, the less people remains who can understand.

The worse part is I get the feeling there are more and more people on 4chan who don't understand anything and behave like normies with feelings protecting their indoctrination on reddit.
On most boards outside of /biz/ I now get emotional insults when arguing with logic from people who don't belong here.
I fear the day comes when even on /biz/ I won't be able to have a discussion with arguments and logic.
It's at least going in this direction.

Should we try to create a new private platform where new people can't join to at least keep the level from falling further?

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Hi dad. Seeing this makes me sad. We do appreciate and love you. I’m sorry I didn’t get you a gift, I had other things on my mind, but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect you and care for you. I guess I have been taking for granted the fact that you’ve always been around and maybe subconsciously figured birthdays don’t mean much to a person at your age, but I recognize now how silly that is. I hope you can forgive me and know I will always be your son who loves you.

>> No.20467252

Anon, just keep up the racism and derogatory terms. The moment they realize they won’t win, they’ll begin leaving like a black man going to the store. I’m not racist, but there are a lot of fragile people that will begin pouring into our boards in an attempt to gain knowledge without actually engaging in discourse in hopes to be spoonfed. Idk about you but that’s what I’ve been doing. The moment the anonymity is gone is when the genuinely meaningful conversations fade.

>> No.20467267

Send me money I send you sharpie in poopie, do the needful sir, here is my eth address: 0x00...000
(Just kidding you faggot jannies inb4 you ban me like you did when I posted a pic of prime asian nipples)

>> No.20467297

yes you should act like a whiny bitch boy child

guess what, your "problems" are LIFE. if you married someone you hate then that's on you, but it sounds to me like you need to realize that even if you get a 25 year old fox, you're going to run into the exact same fucking issues as you are right now. you realize that 25 year old women are still women right? your new family will also not give you a fucking gift because you're the man of the house, you're supposed to give to THEM. and guess what, that's a blessing. your job in life is to literally flex how much of a boss you are at any time possible, and expect fucking nothing in return. also, if your kids aren't giving you anything, then that's a reflection on how YOU raised them. take some fucking responsibility or die a loser

>> No.20467380


Perhaps you should pursue some of your own interests and hobbies, making it clear to everyone that you are willing to do it yourself while still offering the opportunity for others to get involved should they want to

>> No.20467415

But it's getting extremely one sided on some boards.
I don't feel like helping these people when I don't see at least one person who shows signs of thinking independently.
Spending too much time around them is toxic for your mindset.

The only answer I can think of is to start seriously trolling them.
But my time is limited and I don't want to waste it on these people.

>> No.20467485

I don't want to remove the anonymity, but something like a private telegram group like the one already existing for the Link marines, but with the ability to discuss instead of only getting news would be nice.
It's going to get harder with time to find a group of people with similar experiences.

>> No.20467617

that is just how it goes for us men. dont lash out at them for it. dont hate them. embrace it. love them despite it.

we men suffer in this way. we are not appreciated at all. but this means we're doing it right.

you got your link gains mid life crisis though. link will never let you down.

>> No.20467654

The reason why I still visit these boards to I enjoy digging thru the dirt to find valuable info. I like finding the patterns. Let’s take /biz for example, without it we would’ve never found out about chainlink until it was too late. But seeing as how the bullrun is just beginning to get going, we’re about to see an influx of normies, as a result you can expect this board to become 100x more toxic with the exit scam shills, retarded threads and pointless fud that you know is baseless. I agree with you on the entire time wasting aspect, there really is no point in dealing with a group that is conditioned to think in one way in particular. Luckily on this board, their easy to notice based on the types of questions and the pattern of messages that they use. You can’t expect yourself to be a savior for these people, you can only hope they figure it out for themselves. Just like everyone else who peruses these boards. Luckily for us, these new breed of people don’t have the patience to sift thru information and I believe they’ll be out of here before they know it. Or they’ll slowly get out of whatever brainwashing they’ve undergone on reddit and begin contributing to discussions in a meaningful matter. These boards have a culture that you can’t really escape or get anywhere else. I may be a little all over the place with my response but I hope I got the message across

>> No.20467679

Good luck OP. I'm 22 years old and don't have much to offer as far as advice goes but what I can tell you is your fortune is going to get fucked in divorce court. No matter how good the lawyer is, it's skewed towards the woman and "maintaining her lifestyle" that she got used to with you guys being well off, and a judge will view that as a valid argument. So you've gotta decide if you're willing to take a hit to your assets in order to have more freedom. If I were in your position and had a large amount of wealth accumulated, I'd probably do that. $13m for one man who has everything material he needs already is still a ton of money. I'm sorry your family doesn't appreciate you, anon. They don't know what they have

>> No.20467734

That's why you accidentally send your crypto to the wrong wallet before filing for divorce.

>> No.20467830

Happy birthday bro

>> No.20467865

Nice larp, you attention seeking loser. No financially successful family man over the age of 45 will use pics of anime. You're probably some scrawny little faggot

>> No.20467939

incredibly based

>> No.20467975

I just hope I will be able to find people from /biz/ when the next bull run happens.
I still haven't found anyone outside of /biz/ and youtube with this particular mindset.

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You know, there might be a reason for your kids behaviour.
My mother abused me mentally and physically when I was a kid (even tried to kill me once) and my dad was too much of a beta faggot to stop her, both were also heavy drinkers. My first 18 years were hell.
The only reason Im seeing these subhumans now at all (like twice a year), is that I want the house as soon as they die. So I pretend to barely give a shit about them, enough that I will get the house. Can't wait for them to die honestly. Both of them act now completely different towards me than they did when I was young btw. since they fear they will die alone.
It doesn't need to be this brutal in your family, but maybe you did something in the past that pissed them off, we clearly dont know the full story here

>> No.20468289

Cycles repeat themselves through the children who reproduce the parent's behavior later.
When a child is confronted with a traumatic event or bad behavior from his parents, he internalizes this as normal in order to continue to respect and like his parents who are all powerful because he depends on them.
Once adult they continue to believe this is normal and will cause their own children the go through the same thing.

The only way to break these cycles is to change your memories of your past to change your mindset and to reject the beliefs that your parents were perfect beings.

>> No.20468332

This is your problem. Do you actually care for who your children are as people? If not they don’t give a fuck about you.

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>My Bday passed last month , I didn’t get a single gift. My family wanted to go to dinner. I paid. I
Welcome to fatherhood. If things are going well, they will complain why you’re not giving more. If things aren’t going well, they will blame you.

>> No.20468396

I haven't gotten a birthday gift in 17 years and I'm 23 you pathetic cur

>> No.20468415

American culture is fucking rekt dude. Our schools and media completely destroy most peoples brains and turn them into complete retarded pieces of shit. The family unit is being destroyed. All Euros are going to get it just as bad soon if they keep worshiping faggy American culture desu.

>> No.20468871


>> No.20468926

No, you shouldn't destroy your family and leave the woman who fathered your children just because of a single birthday without gifts. If it bothers you talk to them about it. Stop the money flow. Be a man and the leader of your household. Help them out in essentials if need be but if they won't send a dime back then don't give anything back.

>> No.20468931

>Being rich must be so hard you poor thing.
yikes, pure faggy cringe

>> No.20469049

Your fucking rich. Go pay a psychologist to work out your problems instead of asking poor millenials on the internet who can't even tie their shoelaces without assistance from their mothers.

Godspeed anon.

>> No.20469077

And happy birthday for last month. Find yourself a hobby and enjoy life. Try to reconnect with your children if you want. Always be honest and truthful with your kids.

>> No.20469127

>calling people kikes on /biz/
t. frontpage tourist who clicked for those anime tiddies

>> No.20469152

nice LARP

>> No.20469158

based and criticaldopaminedepletionpilled

>> No.20469248

Fucking based and redpilled. You're doing it right, anon.

>> No.20469541

bruh you need friends. Find them online. Although most people on the internet are poor as shit, we still are friends with people.

>> No.20469628

Larp. If you were a boomer youd have signed your name at the end

>> No.20469713

t. kike

>> No.20470088

be a fucking man.
Your birthday ended when you were a kid. Now your birthday is to appreciate the fact that you have a family.
Jesus Christ. You think your great grandfather would be throwing a hissy fit about his birthday? You think any of that shit actually matters? It's just another day of the year.

>> No.20470291

There is no guarantee they will be able to understand his problems and point of view.
You will have to look for one with a healthy mindset and who thinks independently.
When looking for advice you always have to think if the person who is giving you advice is someone you respect and you want to be.
That's why we get more useful advice here from anonymous people who went through bad times than irl.

Reading books is also a possibility to get more advice from people with more life experience.