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What is Bitcoin's fucking problem

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Rlc is mooning

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my alts aren't bleeding

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Shut the fuck up shitskin.

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idk it feels to me like my alt might moon as if the past couple days were shakeouts/corrections

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Pivvr3D launches in LESS THAN THREE hours!

Ever heard of Proof of Weak Hands? POWH is a novel concept that proves that people have weak hands. How does it work? Each person that buys in gives 5% of their buy in to all the current token holders, as dividends, then when that person sells, they give 20% of their tokens to token holders as dividends, because of the way it's designed, it never makes sense to sell. Why would you sell when you get dividends on every single buy and sell?

But people have weak hands, they will sell, and you will get their divs. The original contract had 10,000 ether in it at the top, and this one is launching new TODAY! Get in at the beginning and get 25% of 10K ether, split between all the token holders, according to percentage of tokens! Because of the mechanics of p3D it always makes sense to hold, because once people dump you, get divs, then when the price gets lower more people buy in, and you get more divs, it's a perfect system. But people are imperfect, they will dump, because their hands are weak and they are whiny little sissies. So get in now at the beginning and collect all those sweet dividends with your iron hands. Weak handed faggots encouraged. Thanks!

Join here: /gDj4D9f

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Are you upset?

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Swipe launching.

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that's a man isn't it?

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No, they're right: you're a shitskin shill.

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don’t touch these 25% x2 currynigger scams. nobody buys in after launch.

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According to delta all my alts are mooning, what shitcoins do you hold anon?

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You missed LINK and now you’ll miss again. Bummer dude!

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>he doesn't hold RLC

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we can only hope

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All biz is anymore is shills and FUD

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The fuck are you on about. The recently released SWAP, DEC and BZXR are all mooning right now, so stop hodling ancient dinosaurs like Link and jump into something new.

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I don’t seem to have this problem anon. What shitcoins do you hold?

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pajeets are seething, real life chads dont care

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it's like pajeets WANT to lose

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>those suicide stacks
Rip anon

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he's got an RLC make it stack though

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>RLC make it stack
>2500 RLC

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the world needs only one crypto, and it's the original Bitcoin (sv)

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You should have bought LINK, faggot.

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But I'm up $2k this week from brand new altcoins.

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