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Daily reminder that you are gigantic faggot if you talked shit about this token for the past 4 months. It’s going to unironically hit $0.50 this year.

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>implying I dont have a comfy 15k stack
This will be one of the most talked about coins on biz soon

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LINK +104% this month

PNK +130% this month

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>tfw pinlket with only 50k pinkies
Why wont it drop so I can accumulate more wealth?

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Don’t feel bad man. I only had 50k. Bought another 20k this morning at 0.043. I think we are both set to make at least $50k on this!

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Fuck I hate 81000 and now I have 50000. Oh well.

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What did 81000 ever do to you anon?

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It dumped and I sold

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more like $5

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14k linklet. Bought before the whole Covid thing but held strong. Now at .044. Will hit .05 next week.
14k stack, no ones talking about this yet. But I see this being an easy 2$ token

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I also haven’t bought more because it wasn’t on any good exchanges. Had to get it through that weird ETH transfer thing. Can’t remember the name.

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Uniswap I'm guessing. It's pretty easy to use actually, I prefer it over regular exchanges now.

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That’s it. It just doesn’t feel super secure and the hassle of sending ETH over to transfer is annoying.

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How does it feel?

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Feels bad man. But I have a suicide stack. So

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We about to break $0.05 anons

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should i be staking all my pnk

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uniswap is great because you're in control of your crypto 100% of the time

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Daily reminder:

I will never ever sell my pinkies

>$ 0.50
not selling

>$ 1.00
not selling

>$ 2.00
not selling

>$ 5.00
not selling



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New ATH in a few minutes? This would be the third day in a row.

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5 cents lets goooo

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i'm not feeling the same energy as link desu

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ayo u aight pnk boi

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its going to a buck you fucking cucks

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I keep trying to educate biz with this well written article but people ignore it every time, suit yourself

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Nice PND scam. How about you put your money where your mouth is, Pajeets? This shitcoin is going to 0. But I guess if I'm wrong you can take my money...


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Dump please I only have 50k!!!

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Most of us have probably seen it but I appreciate you educating these brainlets because it's difficult at times

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> 1 post by this ID
yeah, I don't care, retard. DYOR

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I bought several months ago.

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Imagine not holding PNK

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Jesus, too scary. What will you tell your kids when they ask you why you didn't invest in Kleros like the parents of their superrich friends?

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i hold some
i'm just being honest

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thanks for the money

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i've been staking 100k now for over a month and zero cases

>> No.20451986

which court are you staking in?

>> No.20452066

Sold the rest of my PNK and matched you. Enjoy paying off my beachfront cottage Pajeet.

>> No.20452068

general court/onboarding i think

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stake in a specific court senpai, your probability with current # of cases is likely to result in 0 cases for you. There is metagaming to this as a juror

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i don't have any experience in any of the other courts, and i don't wanna end up losing my pnk due to failing a vote

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just vote with the majority bb

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I have yet to play around with Kleros Court. Does it tell you in what favor the majority is voting before it ends? If so, that’s kind of stupid. Also, I only have around 80K PNK. So I doubt that’s enough to ever get a case

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was just thinking this myself, also can you change your vote b4 all votes are cast? It seems like if the first juror yolos a vote and eveyone else just follows that's... bad

>> No.20452686

i'll try to, if i get a case
i forget the rankings but 80k should be in the top 400-ish? all i remember is over 260k is top 200
surely out of 400 people you'd get selected

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i don't think you can see votes
though idk what's stopping dozens of whales from getting together in a discord and all making sure they all vote the same way (collusion)

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hmm, got me thinking this seems like a flaw. Although still it would make sense to collude on the right choice

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Where do you buy PNK?

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with ideal token distribution and enough cases that would be a minimal issue, but with this being cheap for so long i could see a few whales wanting to fuck everything over for their own greed (as if having a shit ton isn't enough for them and they want more)

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at least all top 100 pnk wallets would need to collude for this to feasibly happen
however, every juror’s token address is visible to the public. as soon as anyone notices (and they absolutely would) PNK would immediately become worthless and the whales would lose shittons of money
true collusion renders pnk worthless which is the final most powerful incentive against collusion

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people being people are greedy fucks and they'll do everything they can to make more, even if it stupidly costs them everything later
it shouldn't happen, but it very well could

>> No.20453131

It's an interesting problem. I think as long as the system works and if you can vote in coherence the large majority of the time, their may not be a need for collusion at all

>> No.20453155

that’s exactly why kleros works
read the white paper, DYOR on schelling points

>> No.20453421

i could see it if each case has a shit ton of jurors on it
but if too few jurors collusion could happen

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If it's that simple, doesn't it negate the whole use case of pnk? Their court system is a sham if all you have to do is vote with the majority no?

>> No.20453767

Any other top 200 holders?

>> No.20453777

oh that looks useful
where did you find that site calculator, by chance?

>> No.20453810

Just top 260ish for now, but I'm working on it.

>> No.20453893

what's the cutoff for top 100/200/300?

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also, i have a question too:
right now kleros decides how much pnk you have to stake to qualify for cases
if pnk does a 3x are they going to adjust the amount needed to stake?

>> No.20454009

Yes they will eventually lessen the amount required to stake as the price rises, unless it's voted against by the community. That's the beauty of Kleros it's truly decentralized and ran by the community which was fairly distributed tokens so the team can't sway decisions.

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god i wish i had 675k
i got over 200k though

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Someone could 4x their money betting $100 on this ($400 payout), so if PNK goes up to $0.10 or more any time between now and September, you'd literally make more betting on the price than holding the token

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No, you can’t see what anyone else votes until afterwards. You can’t conspire

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gambling addict

>> No.20454332

This project is fucking amazing. The possibilities are endless.

>> No.20454334

>I'll just hold this token I believe will go up in value instead of making significantly more by taking the same position using a dApp built on the same platform as the token, literally utilizing the token for resolution

>> No.20454360

how much is a suicide stack of this?

>> No.20454421

50k, $2529

>> No.20454432

i've heard 50k suicide stack
i also heard 250k make it but i think suicide stacks are usually 1/10th of a make it stack so probably 500k to make it

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PNK is a 4chan coin #2. We all know who #1 is. people fuding this are just brainlet idiots that sold because they had no idea how huge it is. PNK will be a crypto household name for decentralize and online justice.

>> No.20454455

500-1M fuck you money
100K make it
50k suicide

>> No.20454499

It really depends. This has the same max supply as link. ETH 2.0 and the constant bullish partnerships could push this into hyperspace.

>> No.20454560

same max supply, but when i look on ethscan it only shows like 750 million in circulation

>> No.20454568


>> No.20454625

I like how you boys think this will even come close to $1
I personally bought at 1c and am in the top 50 wallets
Dumping all my shit at 0.50 for a sweet x50

>> No.20454657

PLEASE GOD CAN ANY PNK MASTER GIVE ME SOME SPARE PNK all my other investments have shit the bed and I’m fucking broke please someone spare me


>> No.20454670

It will though, lad. Take profits, but don't dump it all at $0.50

>> No.20454709

I bought at $0.007 James Bond level

>> No.20454760

i wish i had the balls to put 15k into randomass coins and get lucky for it to be worth 500k later

>> No.20454821

Based and november pilled

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this is true Link marines need to step up their gains

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If the minority is right he can appeal, literally free money

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The same thing that's stopping just 2 mining pools from getting together in a discord and 51% attacking Bitcoin.

>> No.20455183

PNK coin will be known world wide for decentralize justice ,,

>son I have Kleros trial today for murder ,,

>> No.20455184

please research this god damn coin and stop typing stupid shit

>> No.20455265

i'm asking questions any sane person would ask
are you only able to insult instead of explaining simply how these are not flaws?

>> No.20455269

5 cents secured boys OOOOOOO

>> No.20455629


>> No.20455711

wtf the volume is so low
anybody willing to do an off-ex trade?
is that even possible to do securely?

>> No.20455740


>> No.20455751

>wtf the volume is so low
>anybody willing to do an off-ex trade?
>is that even possible to do securely?

Yes, you can use Kleros for that. Not kidding.

>> No.20455773

you come up with a stupid question 10 minutes after looking at a project and think that hasn't been thought of by anyone running the fucking project? holy shit

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1.2M stack holder here
comfy as a baby

>> No.20455837

fine, i guess you can't explain it then
goddamn that's a make it stack if i've heard of one

>> No.20455879

Nice stack anon. I’ve got a 500k stack. Whats your exit price in mind?

>> No.20455936

anybody willing to become my steam friend and then trade me 10k pnk for 2.25eth
you will just have to seem like a real person

>> No.20455937

Kleros escrow does that

>> No.20456129

wtf i can get exactly this on uniswap v1 but on v2 the slippage is insane
what the fuck is going on
why is v1 so much better what is happening

>> No.20456167

It's just more liquidity there

>> No.20456191

ok i have 10k anyone wanna play video games

>> No.20456216

nigger just buy on uniswap
use V1 it has a lot of liquidity

>> No.20456694

An obvious prediction would not have a good payout. If you simply hold the asset, you have no risk of being wrong at market resolution (there is none). Why take a gamble when you could just hold the asset?

>> No.20456744

The upside is far higher depending on market sentiment, and prediction market sentiment may not match the token market's sentiment, which leaves room for arbitrage. There are multiple good reasons. You could go long by taking a "Yes" position and buying a large amount, thus influencing the price, or go short by taking a "No" position before you sell and so on.

>> No.20456808

Swinging is always a risk, just ask my wife..

>> No.20456812

About 250m tokens have not been minted and sold yet. It's up to the community to determine if, and when, they'll be minted.

>> No.20456848

>The upside is far higher depending on market sentiment, and prediction market sentiment may not match the token market's sentiment, which leaves room for arbitrage. There are multiple good reasons. You could go long by taking a "Yes" position and buying a large amount, thus influencing the price, or go short by taking a "No" position before you sell and so on.
plus it's fun.

>> No.20456891

wouldn't the community always vote "no" since fewer tokens in circulation means their holdings are worth more?

>> No.20456950

Not necessarily. The last resolution was passed that handed 200m or so tokens to the devs. They needed the assets because OTC sales were way above projection and they ran out. If there is good reason, like necessary fund raising or more OTC sales assets, I'll be voting yes.
That being said, it'll only pass if the devs have a good reason to mint them. That's the beauty of kleros, everyone gets to vote on it.

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The only competitor for Kleros ir Augur (REP)
Augur is totally fucked up and came full of bugs on the last audits.

Kleros: 25M marketcap
Augur:210M marketcap

So... I'm not pretending to sell any pinkie under 100M marketcap.

>> No.20457112

cool, that sounds reasonable

>> No.20457127

what exchange is it looking at

>> No.20457184

This: https://omen.eth.link/#/0xb485c94df8c5a61b7d0751434a4628bd9e244108

>> No.20457375

wouldn't augur need something like kleros to determine if what they're paying out is correct or not?
things like who won the sports game or election

>> No.20457382

Uniswap V1 or Uniswap V2

this moved dramatically since oyu posted it
i find this website very intriguing thank you

>> No.20457453

>this moved dramatically since oyu posted it
The payout is high for Yes

>> No.20457860

Hey team, poorfag here. I bought 10,000 PNK for $150. Feeling very comfy.

>> No.20457875

You won’t be a poorfag in a year if you hold steady.

>> No.20457900

Nice. You will make a lot more money, fren.

>> No.20458389

Alright I bet some on YES.

>> No.20458429

Nice, good luck. This is way more fun than trading shitcoins.

>> No.20458435

fuck omen, shits a scam. i put money on the corona market and some nerd is saying statnews isnt legit so the market should resolve to no.

fuck you OP

>> No.20458457

What's your payout?

>> No.20458500

Ty, It's pretty cool.

>> No.20458518

I didn't bet that much but if it's yes it'll be a 6-7x or so probably.

>> No.20458605

Dispute the result in Kleros Court.

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100k pinkies, a comfy investment.

>> No.20458705

960+k PNKies here - should I round up to an even million? Feels like we may be at a near-term top because I’m feeling quite euphoric.

>> No.20458763

god i wish that were me

>> No.20458767

what does odd mean
it makes so much sense until i get to the 190.88% one

>> No.20458780

anon, omen resolves with realitio and then arbitrates through kleros


i'm looking into realitio now though, thanks


>> No.20458783

Seriously though, wwyd? Or maybe I should just dump my entire ETH stack into it...

>> No.20458793

>Seriously though, wwyd? Or maybe I should just dump my entire ETH stack into it...
I would do it, but first buy shares of Yes here: >>20451507

>> No.20458796


the market i got scammed on

>> No.20458816

with that much i'd just hold for a long long time
having a round number is aesthetic but possibly too autistic
holding that seems very right though
you could maybe use it all to stake, to get cases, to earn eth, and use that eth to buy more

>> No.20458849

Exactly, if you don't like the result given by realit.io you can challenge it in Kleros Court.

>> No.20458863

i would get to 1 mil for sure to take some pics and then re evaluate from there

>> No.20458882

doesn't it have to be set up ahead of time for it to go through kleros?
i mean like why don't they just say "no" and tell you to fuck off and ignore any request to take it through a court
unless they're set up for a dispute through kleros idk how you could make them do it

>> No.20458925
File: 248 KB, 534x800, 2047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats your opinion anon? I'm honestly awestruck that the result is being pushed to no despite statnews reporting it. gives me a bit of doubt in these 'systems of the future' if they're so easily manipulated

can we call a mini 4chan kleros court into action?

>> No.20458953

the market is set up to use kleros as an arbitrator through realitio, so thats not an issue

>> No.20458960

Defaults to Kleros as the dispute resolver. Realit.io is just to get the initial answer, but it can be disputed.
I don't really know, I haven't been following the statistics in that regard. It would be cool to see Kleros court get to the bottom of it if there was a dispute though lol.

>> No.20458962

that's cool then

>> No.20458970
File: 930 KB, 1536x2048, 5BECE6FC-EDCD-4683-B01E-34587FF0046F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is definitely my long-term moon token. When the shill posts began back in January, I got the same feeling that I got about Ethereum in February of 2017. Hard to explain, it was just my gut. Anyway, I put almost 60ETH into PNK during the last token sale. It’s now worth over 200ETH. Not sure how much longer ETH can be rangebound like this, I feel the PNK will begin losing value against ETH soon. But you know what, fuck it. I’m holding my Pinkies until the Coinbase listing and pump. Maybe a year. Maybe two.

Sometimes your life all comes down to one big decision. I feel this is it. Except this time I’ll take profits.
t. Put 10kUSD into ETH at $13 and still holding, not sold a dime into fiat...

>> No.20458982

PNK threads are always the most supportive!

>> No.20459057

goddamn anon, bigdickenergy
i too bought at 10 dollar eth and held all the way through 1400
i only sold half because i was forced to sell at 300 bucks (after it peaked) but i wanted to hold until staking
i've got >512 eth still that i want to hold until staking since i love the idea of being able to have passive income from staking
i unironically think eth will be 10k usd one day. idk when but eventually

my current dream setup is to make passive income from eth staking, passive income from chainlink nodes, and spending my leisure time resolving kleros court cases for extra spending money
i really could see this hitting one dollar some day though. idk how long though
i hope we all make it

>> No.20459066

Guys I'm in the top 300 and still I feel like I missed the opportunity to make it. Disheartening. I put money in Verasity and Pegnet instead keeping on buying pnk

>> No.20459095

I want more

>> No.20459253
File: 249 KB, 860x446, 6DFE1BD0-16FE-42E7-9897-1CEF063500F6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That’s pretty great, my fren. Your plan reads well. I too believe a 10kUSD ETH will become reality when the problems are solved, and deflationary features are implemented. Kleros Court is awesome, I love the idea and love the aesthetics. Team seems genuine, not scammy. I’m part French, so there’s that too. Anyway, I think we will make it if we hold long enough. There may be another massive downturn in the markets which will likely decimate crypto. I have to suck it up and triple down if that happens. Otherwise, I’m going down with the ship. My guts, my soul tells me that this is the future of everything. Perhaps by that time we won’t need to ‘sell,’ once we’re ready.

>> No.20459411
File: 229 KB, 640x1028, as long as you stay in crypto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same here- i'm going down with the ship or riding to new levels too
and yeah the ideal is that when it's all said and done we won't even have to sell

>> No.20459717

Checked and based. I really feel good about what the tokens I'm holding. It only amounts to $6.5K, but I hope I can at least make a few ten thousand off it. I don't really actively trade much, but I do follow the projects I'm in. I think PNK absolutely is one of my best holds. I've tried to pick wisely and not just buying random popular shit. I've gotten burned on a couple uniswap tokens and probably lost around $600, but I feel like that's par for the course until you learn. I hope we all make money in crypto, frens. Large amounts wealth could go to no cooler group than you bunch of faggots. I will absolutely come back here and give out tons of money if I ever make even $100K.

>> No.20460050
File: 47 KB, 680x510, EdFE10QWoAcsTYO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Roberto Saggese is secretary of the supreme court of justice in Argentina.

>> No.20460200

holy FUCK

>> No.20460291

bump for possibly big news?

>> No.20460306

Cases can be appealed, and each time the number of jurors is doubled plus one. So it becomes exponentially more difficult to collude or bribe.

>> No.20460314

aghagahhahahahahahaa fuck it feels nice being 10% richer every single day

>> No.20460336


>> No.20460441

what does this really mean for the project though?
isn't it just lip service?

>> No.20460498

Can someone explain to me like I am a retarded boomer how to aqquire this coin?

>> No.20460570

uniswap, use metamask chrome browser extension - it's a wallet. Put ETH in metamask wallet, exchange for PNK on Uniswap

>> No.20460603

Shit might take a minute. Mine took like 30 mins to get transferred. Poor connection maybe? But don’t trip it’s safe, I’ve done it.

>> No.20460609
File: 1.35 MB, 1500x1000, 1594990213154.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw i'm only a literal chad
I should have listened bros, how can I get more time

>> No.20460625

kek i was just gonna ask about wallets myself
what could go wrong with these?
i dont wanna lose all my moneh

>> No.20460832

it's like any other wallet-
you download the extension, make a wallet, and back up the seedphrase (it makes you use a password too, so don't forget that either)
besides that it's fucking easy. i wish had used metamask at first instead of MEW

>> No.20460835

Top 200 and I feel the same. Back when it was below 2 cents I should have gone all in. I knew it too. Oh well...

>> No.20460991

the only thing that goes wrong is u give someone ur private keys like a retard or send money to the wrong address.

>> No.20461120
File: 107 KB, 1200x675, E5F84417-3C45-41F5-AB9E-79CCB2C7A482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I keep my PNKys on MEWconnect for iOS.
Thinking about upgrading the app to MEW Wallet
Or using Coinbase Wallet for easy transfer when it’s inevitably tradable there. But I’m skeptical of all these wallets. Thought about a ledger, but still. Scary stuff when dealing with this kind of value in digital assets.

>> No.20461288

only wallet i've used is metamask and it hasn't been on a phone
and yeah, crypto is a trip. i'm amazed there are people that keep like 1 million link in a single wallet like "how the fuck do you sleep at night knowing if you lose that one private key you just lost millions of dollars"

>> No.20461352

nah, fuck off

>> No.20461357

How do you feel about Gold & Silver? I’ve been stacking a lot of Silver and enjoy the feeling of dense, physical precious metal in my hands.

>> No.20461369

I’ve got 10k coronabux to fuck with right now. So here I am. Wish me luck.

>> No.20461371

yeah i've got a few grand in physical silver as well
if things keep going up i might buy a few more pounds of it

>> No.20461439

4 months? More like 18 months.

>> No.20461492
File: 2.61 MB, 3264x2448, ADAA79B5-11DE-4FB0-BBEF-BF49ED9F6C21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice. I really love Monarch Precious Metals Egyptian Series Hand Poured Relic Bars. They are something to behold. Check ‘em out if you’re not familiar. I’ll leave the link. I’ve got a lot of this stuff, pic related a small, shitty example. They look way nicer in RL.


>> No.20461979

Is PNK now officially the new /biz/ coin?

>> No.20462024
File: 1.41 MB, 3700x3822, E79909A6-8BD2-4025-B499-B291B582B2DF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20462073

fucking niggers didt they teach you how to trade here? buy BZRX and put your gains in PNK.

>> No.20462163

Remember at Christmas when people said they'd only raise $50k and then they raised $1M in days and we mooned?

>> No.20462196

No it cant you retard. Why do we always have to spoonfeed? Lets say there are 5 jurors and 4 decide to collude but one doesnt then the one juror that is the minority is able to appeal. This will now double the amount of jurors. Collusion is now not only extremly difficult its also expensive.....

>> No.20462410

I finally capitulated and took some LINK profit for this

>> No.20462482

Still mad I took 150k of my stack to enter STA.

>> No.20462705
File: 41 KB, 554x438, Screenshot from 2020-07-18 03-30-28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry nerds im shorting this shitcoin

>> No.20462912

Funny thing is Omen uses Kleros, so we win either way.

>> No.20463231

delete this

>> No.20463302

sick $50 in volume on that prediction

>> No.20463316


>> No.20463332

just opened it tho ;_;

>> No.20463367

Remember DeepBrainChain back in 2018 (DBC), just like back then this PNK thing is owned by just a handful of 4chan ppl who are on top of the pyramid. Don't fall for this scam buys, there literally is no distribution.

>> No.20463408

deepbrainchain was a non-functional token whereas this powers multiple working products including a prediction market with a million in the tank already and a market that had over 100k volume
basically fuck you niggerfaggot

>> No.20463995

this is why i sold. theres no usecase for this shit.

im hoding 10k suicide stack tho. rather lose 500$ than miss if pumping happens

>> No.20464416
File: 11 KB, 219x230, CDCB9D20-BC34-4E32-AA65-7B13D3B08EE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll go $ 0.1 for 2 weeks
We'll do what Link did.
We are a determined community with strong hands
You'll see our power
We'll be on $ 1 next year
This is exactly the New Link

>> No.20464517

>1$ 2021

As much as I'd love to see this, I doubt that that will happen. At least any time soon. That would mean kleros would have to x100 its January token sale value.

Don't get me wrong, link is sick as hell and I regret only buying 100link at 2.5$. But link "only" X50'D by now, I don't know if pnk can outperform this desu.

>t. top 300 pnk wallet holder

>> No.20464677

i too enjoy huffing hopium
i don't think we'll reach chainlink levels, but i could see this hitting 1 billion marketcap in a few years

>> No.20464741
File: 18 KB, 262x174, OB-UU315_botwt1_D_20121001131920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigger detected

>> No.20464753

Another nigger detected

>> No.20464864

naw nigga, naw

>> No.20464883
File: 37 KB, 334x497, 1594759301632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>22k link
>500k pnk

>> No.20464889

basketball im so fucking comfy right now

>> No.20464910

Nigger detection confirmed

>> No.20464921

no bitcoin?

>> No.20464964

nigga why chu gotta be likes that

>> No.20464968

tfw i only have a fraction of both those

>> No.20465354

Neither of you actually understand what you’re holding. Sad!

>> No.20465686

I once walked in on my mom servicing the bl4cc crack dealer from next door.

>> No.20465734
File: 731 KB, 833x1257, 1588707700656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new to crypto. bought 100 link at 2.8 and forgot about it for months. should i turn my linkies into pinkies?

>> No.20465763
File: 207 KB, 740x883, D50369A3-C884-4224-9115-417EC2F52C49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y-you all laughed at me...

>> No.20465780

pnk is the new link

>> No.20465793

post this again in 3 years when we made it

>> No.20466522
File: 11 KB, 269x179, Screenshot from 2020-07-18 09-06-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Short: https://omen.eth.link/#/0xb485c94df8c5a61b7d0751434a4628bd9e244108
Abort: https://omen.eth.link/#/0xc2fa89f6c53512fc266fea92e9c9fdea7dee3404

>> No.20466568

Unless a government adopts Kleros as its legal jurisdiction. I have said too much. Glowies are onto me. Delete this later.

>> No.20466688
File: 57 KB, 640x360, 44E29C9D-3A87-479F-8B7A-2D22C0C77654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought a couple days ago

Current prize pooled is .04989 ether
winner will be announced Sunday July 26

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Unofficial Statera Wiki is commencing a Weekly Prize Pool.

The weekly winner gets Ethereum and Balancer Tokens from pooled bets from the prize pool.

.009 Ethereum entry fee $2.
A maximum of 10 entries per wallet .09 ETH max per entry

If we get enough entries the pooling aspect of this should put a good amount back into the competition weekly


>> No.20466818

Statera is pretty much a stablecoin at this point. I made my money with it. I’m not interested in it any longer.

>> No.20466954

Yes we are community members not devs who made the wiki for the project.

I sold at ATH and bought back in recently . Good long term hold for value at the moment and expect pump when 500k get refunded.

>> No.20466971

Bought pnk also to hold hopefully for couple months if it goes good I’ll probably sell 20% if it pumps in a few months and hodl rest

>> No.20467315

>most replied thread on /biz/ is kleros thread

Top comfy

>> No.20467417

god it's so fucking rare to see a thread on biz get more than 100 posts

>> No.20467443

Yeah I’m the OP and I’m shocked it got this many posts. Typically PNK gets shit on and only like 20 replies

>> No.20467468

it's been a pretty quality thread too
i'm happy how it turned out

>> No.20467471

awesome project, so happy to be holding it this early

>> No.20468127
File: 58 KB, 888x499, EPmK4UrXUAA2C13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$1 2021 is completely feasible. Kleros curate is done and being integrated. Cases are growing. Stakes are growing. You're a retard who should sell.
W r o n g. Clement will take us to $1b by 2022

>t. Top 200 holder

>> No.20468580
File: 1.41 MB, 948x964, senorhanna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kleros is a chad coin

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