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>nothing with cryplets announced yet
>staking not implemented yet
>libra connection not confirmed yet
>oracle integration not done yet

Anything else I’m missing? And people think it’s going to actually dump? Kek

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This is more proof that 100 LINK = make it stack.

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>noooo but it has nothing to do with chainlink

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>nooo but bsn was a larp and governments won’t adopt smart contracts

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>noooo you just got lucky chainlink is a scam

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>noooo docusign has nothing to do with chainlink

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>it’s a scam you just got lucky!!!

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You forgot staking

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>there’s no EY connection someone just photoshopped their logo on the picture!!!

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Yep. 100 LINK = Make it stack

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Whatever you gotta tell yourself to cope

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Keep on dreaming poorfag, make it stack is 10'000 link

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>LINK will top out at $100
Kek. Make it stack = 100 LINK now.

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Op is a fag

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Yeah man its pretty crazy how early we got in Never selling here, maybe sell my staking gains but probably not. Just gonna live humble and leave it to my children to rule the world.

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Take your meds

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>take your meds schizo
>you were just lucky!!!

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>libra failed already before it started
>cryplets never existed
>staking confirmed 0.02% return
>oracle partnership was with a literal who Brazilian and gravelcoin

Linkies:this is bullish

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Salty no linker cope

You had 3 years

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Linkies are so delusional

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Three years.

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I remember when there were more than linklets on here and actual discussion

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>>nothing with cryplets announced yet
>>staking not implemented yet
>>libra connection not confirmed yet
>>oracle integration not done yet
so ChainLinks still not doing anything they promised?
>this is bullish!

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It has always dump after pumps that big, even for the mainnet pumpb

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In 2017 100k link was a make it stack (10k suicide)
2018 10k link was a make it stack (1k suicide)
2019 1k stack was make it stack (100 suicide)
2020 100 link is make it stack (10 suicide)

Anyone else see a pattern here? Nu linkers getting pyramid schemed!

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Yeah. Not even to mention smart contract summit got cancelled. Lol. Who was on the speaker roster there again?
>Professor at Princeton. Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Offchain Labs. Former Deputy United States CTO at White House.
>GLOBAL PRODUCT EXECUTIVE AT CONSENSYS, John serves as ConsenSys Group Executive for Enterprise Main, delivering products, services and leadership to enterprises that use the public Ethereum Mainnet to conduct business. UBT enterprise integrations.
Yorke E Rhodes III
>CO-FOUNDER OF BLOCKCHAIN @ MICROSOFT, Blend of CTO, CMO and Creative Innovator. Yorke is the Co-Founder of Microsoft Blockchain and a professor at New York University.

Yeah. Fucking linkies with their scamcoin.

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Buy the hype. Sell the news.

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>Yorke E Rhodes III
The guy who basically told ChainLink to hire niggers for diversity and they basically responded "yes, sir!"

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Market makers are buying the news before it is news to anyone. That isn't going to be a good strategy here. Link isn't going to see the 3-5 range again. Onlookers waiting for entry will be FOMO'ing, for the foreseeable future.

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Yeah but it was kind of our fault though

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fuck im so horny

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>buy the news