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>over a year ago
>convince "friend" to invest in LINK with me
>he says he's good for $1,000 worth (2300 LINK at the time)
>no contract or anything, I assume he's good for it
>I buy it all, ask him to send me the $1000
>he dodges me for weeks, nothing but bullshit excuses
>eventually I stop asking for the money
>already up big off the mainnet pump

>slowly lose touch with "friend" over summer 2019
>hes totally self-involved and basically dgaf about me at all
>he misses an event that was very important to me, he promised he'd be there
>doesn't even give me an excuse, just no-showed
>that's the last Ive talked to him besides a Merry Xmas mass text

Yesterday while I'm at work he texts me this. I just about shit a brick.

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Ahahahahhahahahahaha. "Just take out the initial I never gave you" ahahhahahahaha.
What an absolute piece of shit, lmao, how are you going to tell him to fuck off?

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tell him to fuck off? what other options are there

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>new number who dis

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Send him just enough cash to buy rope.

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A nice easy reply of "go fuck yourself" seems in order.

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Any chance you could give me some link too?

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Yeah thats gonna be a no from me dawg. If you still see him and need a story just tell him you sold after he never put in and tell him you're still kicking yourself over it.

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I'm just not going to respond. I thought of doing some kind of funny meme response but we've got mutual friends so I'm just gonna do a ghosting. He has zero claim to my linkies.

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Are you laughing your ass off rn?

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That's a great idea man, that's exactly what I'll do

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Tell him you sold his share ages ago because you thought he wouldn't pay you and you were worried you'd lose that money. Make sure to end the text with sorry, it hits differently.

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Send him this: “No. You never paid me, I bought it with my own money. It’s mine and you’re not getting a cent from me.”

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Yeah fair enough, not worth your time. I can't fucking believe the audacity of some people.

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don't write that in text though
only say that in person

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retards notice?
time to sell.

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He never sent you any money, he never invested.



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Normies seriously think this is how investing works

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Besides telling him to fuck off you can also say that you no longer have it, that way he should stop bothering you.

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Nope. Fuck him

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Ops a fucking liar guys, I gave him my PS4 and we called it even. Give me my linkies you Edomite bitch

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When I got the text yesterday I got all worked up about it. Now that I've considered all the implications I can laugh about it, cause he's got absolutely no leg to stand on. Our friendship was on life-support already and this just pulled the plug. I won't be responding to any of his messages.

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Op tell him you sold it back. He never paid and never owned it.

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Imagine writing that to someone. Fucking degenerate

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Tell him you cashed his share out some time ago and it equals exactly 1k, which he owes you, so you're all even

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Nobody can be that retarded. OP's "friend" is just a complete cunt who thought he was taking advantage of someone, but ended up losing out on a lot of money.

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Send him a peepeepoopoo

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Don’t be a dick and give him his links dude. It’s not worth potentially getting shot over it. When links worth $1000 he will kill himself for selling now. That’s revenge.

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what? he never paid so what's the big deal, you owe him nothing. that alone would infuriate me and I would tell him to fuck off (after confirming that he's not joking). i'd remove him from my life no questions asked

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Find cheapest price on rope and chair, send him the links and ask for his wallet address so you can send the exact amount needed for it, minus interest.

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>please give me what I’m owed for what I never paid for
I can only imagine the political opinions your “friend” must have

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I want to laugh, but I've met this kind of behavior myself. He might be in deep shit and would go far to convince himself his route of logic is actually legit. This COULD get dangerous anon. If it escalates, buy a gun or call the cops.

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>Mutual Friend: "Anon, [cunt friend] told us you owe him like $17k after he invested in some stocks on your portfolio. He said you guys went in together and now you're holding out on him. What's your problem?"

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Pleae keep us updated if he keeps messaging you!

I had a friend who wanted to do the exact same thing

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tell him that u sold at a loss and he owes you 200$

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Response: He never paid me and dodged my calls. The full investment was mine and the gains are mine.

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just text him "you never invested" and block him.

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Block his number and never reach out

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Same issue with a "friend" in 2012 when bitcoin hit 256 and crashed instantly. Replied to his requests to cash out "his bitcoin share for 250" (60 dollar "bought" at 13 bucks he never paid) with "who are you?" and blocked the number

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>Implying a complete narcissistic cunt who can't into investing would regret losing money now and having no money later
Normalfags would rather take a $20 bill right now than a $100 bill in a year, cause they can use it for beer money or buying something on amazon right away. Why do you think so many people live paycheck to paycheck? For Americans this goes doubly.

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this. you could have someone photoshop you selling for a loss and have that fucker pay you back instead.

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lmao this

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could you imagine the counter suit

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its not his links dude. he made 1000$ "investment" with zero risk, if link woudl be at 0$ now u think he would have ever paid that 1k back? lmao how stupid u can be

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What if LINK dumped instead, would he still have a "share"?
That's why you never mess finacially with acquaintances.

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Easy, you just got rid of a piece of shit from your life and all it "cost" you was 1k USD!

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Do this OP. I want to see his response.

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>"Wow, anon, he said he offered you an extra $800. Is it really worth losing a friend for some extra money? You know he's had some problems since (stupid normalfag bullshit that's treated like a big deal)."

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Post more so we know this isn't a larp anon
A simple "You never sent me cash so i never bought" would do

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both of these posts were made the exact same second, but their post numbers are not adjacent, and they both contain the exact phrase "tell him to fuck off?"

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Go no contact. It's already been this long without seeing him, maybe you forgot who he is by now.

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*Draws katana*
Back the fuck off?!

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Don't do it. It's tempting but don't. Tell him why you won't be giving him anything. Even if he gets mad you have nothing to lose and he might learn an important lesson. You don't have to be a dick about it, just explain to him that he never paid up so he isn't owed anything.

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Kek, normies really think that and completely underestimate that no matter how normie they are, being rich beats it all. Just to have the imagination at benefiting from anons new gained wealth they will bully the friend

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OP just send him some nice meme picture and type something like


post his reply on biz ofc ty

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Ghosting is the correct move.

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No contact is the one and only way to "solve" this, as you can fully explain what happened to anyone irl if anyone cares enough to ask.
Even if OP lied and said he sold forever ago, it'd still be wise to never respond to the guy.

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Normies never cease to amaze me. Tell him you need the $1k from him right now so you can cash out. Never speak to him again and never give him anything. You profit $1k.

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once you're like 30+ with a family friends don't matter. you don't even have time to hangout. your wife should be your best friend so having no friends is not a problem. you can always meet new friends if you're that desperate.

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here’s what I don’t get OP, how did you agree beforehand to “buy his share” when he never gave you the money to begin with? Should’ve just told him that you would buy his LINK if, and only if, he actually gave you the money, instead of pretending there was ever an arrangement at all

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Considering how retarded your average person is and the lack of care for logic, you’re probably right.

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But seriously tell him you sold it back at a slight loss or whatever.
Its not worth it. When LINK is $1000 you dont know what he might do. Even to you. Best not to let him knkw you have it

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Or string him along and dodge him for weeks using bullshit excuses the same way he did to op, but the key ingredient has to be the torment of making the guy believe op is the process of cashing it out for him

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Ugh, I hate you already even though I know you're script-writing. Well done.

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What if OP's friend is unstable? People would certainly kill over big money.

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Just say the links he thought were bought never were because he never paid. All the links you have are yours bought with your money. There are no links of his to sell. It’s that simple and it protects you legally.

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"Hey bro, I'm not into crypto anymore. Lost my wallet address anyways lmao. Hope u find peace. More important things in life then ecoins."

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I'm not going to say anything back to him, but if he sends me any more texts in the future I'll post them on /biz/ and link this thread for context

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Or you could say did not read never selling

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He trusted a friend and the friend was a cunt. OP learned a lesson and made money from it so all’s well that ends well.

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say something back, tell him he's a bitch and he can go fuck himself then block him. This fucker deserves to be reminded of how trash he is.

Keep that money and live your dream famo

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Actually yea the best would be to completely ghost him. Like absolutely ghost him. Don't even "seen" his messages. Whenever you bump into him in real life ask him what the fuck is he talking about. Act like it never even happened. Like the guy is tripping on acid. Then add a small remark how you are worried about him and how he should try to get some help. Then do the boomer pat on the shoulder and say something like "you'll make it one day sport" with a nice boomer smirk.

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If you have to lie, you could always say that you went long on leverage and got liquidated when CZ droppped the price to 1 cent. Oh and then follow up with the fact that your friend still owes you $1,000

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This is a great idea lol

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Tell him you already cashed out his $1000 since he wasn't gonna pay it.

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Just ghost him OP. It’s never worth your time to try to stick it to him. Just keep your gains and move on to better friends. Ever seen A Bronx Tale? Just walk away from trouble when you see it.

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im a lawyer op to fully protect yourself from a suit you should respond something like

>You never paid me the initial after frequent demands to clear your debt and so I had to sell at a loss to recover funds. You actually owe me X amount of money.

Otherwise the contract is somewhat potentially up for debate.

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>big money


>> No.20439044

>do the boomer thing
Perfect way to end up with a fractured scull and your brain all over the pavement

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It's a possibility yeah but will you really feel good lying to some dirtbag to preserve your personal safety or do you want to be an adult about it and tell someone what the real deal is and then deal with the consequences? I just think it's better to tell the truth

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Like the fuck is this, never gave you money, never put anything on the table. Now faggot thinks he's entitled to his 1k investment he never paid for lmao

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Good. That is quite literally your money.

>> No.20439068

good luck. if i were to diffuse this (i wouldn't, i would tell him the harsh truth) i'd respond back saying "haha funny, i told you to give me money man. maybe next time, nothing is stopping you from buying though"

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I'm assuming OP is bigger and stronger than his "friend". Otherwise OP should be carrying a weapon assuming he is in burgerland.

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Tell him to fuck off and die and if he ever contacts you again you'll sneak into his house while he's sleeping and slit his throat

>> No.20439074

This OP. You need to legally protect yourself. With money on the line normies love lawsuits.

>> No.20439084

ghost. don't say shit. he may or may not try and sue you so it's probably better you just ghost his retarded ass.

>> No.20439086

$19k and rising. The cunt is gonna act like it's his, and continue to request "his share" which will continue to rise of course, so he will ask for more each time, ignoring the fact that he wanted to cash out already.

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Yea, unless they have a written contact, he would be laughed out of court.

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normies are retards holy shit

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“I never bought anything cause you backed out I have no link”

Wait a few years and dunk on him with yo nuts out

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>tfw all my friends would immediately turn on him after they realize he never actually gave me the money

why do people hang out with these office character archetype cucks who just want to avoid conflict no matter what?

>> No.20439114

this is true. it may get worse if you dont say something like lawyer fag said

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This is Oscar winning levels of faggotry
It's beautiful

Do you think while typing this, he was aware of how much of an asshole he is?
Or just blissfully unaware?

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Honestly there's no way somebody can be this entitled. I'm sure OP's "friend" knows there's no way he's seeing any of that money.

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Thanks for the story anon it was enjoyable. Also if you’re in USA a non verbal agreement is good up to $5k and he could take you to small claims court but the fact he never paid would be in your favor but a major fucking headache. I’d say do not respond but if you can subtly pass it down the grapevine that you sold at a loss and you’re bitter he never paid you and that’s why you won’t talk to him. Don’t say anything directly as that is damning evidence. Ghost that fucker.

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Yup, ghost him. Never pay that merchant

>> No.20439129

yea no shit he gets thrown out but u know the legal system is used as a weapon to scare people and force them lose funds paying for lawyers?

op needs to give this shit brick the idea he not only doesnt have the link but that this idiot OWES him money. he will never ask again after that

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This OP.

As much fun as fucking around with him would be he could still be dangerous in a civil court.

>> No.20439136

This has to be fake right?

If not... It's said that friends are a reflection of yourself, so it's a bad sign if e.g your wife doesn't like your friends, so bad news for you I guess.

Any way he can do you one more favor on his way out of your life after you ghost him if he tries to somehow pressure you for the money via your common friends (bitching to them that you fucked him over) you can use it to further weed out your friend circle.

>> No.20439149

this wouldn't work right? if he had put some money down even 1 dollar it would validate his share. any non larping lawyers want to explain?

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Here's a scenario that I am in:

I owe my dad $3000 for a legal payment. I convinced him to buy $500 in LINK when it was relatively cheap which is now worth over $4000. He did take the financial risk, but he never would have made that money without me. Should I try to skirt out of the debt?

>> No.20439152

he didn’t sell though. furthermore his friend never paid him at all, so there was never any debt to collect. Implying there was ever debt creates liability because it implies there was an agreement over the ownership of $1000 worth of LINK.

What really happened was OP used his own funds to buy LINK. Full stop. There was never any agreement and never any payment, only talk, which didn’t go anywhere because his friend never provided the funds

>> No.20439158

OP is safest if he says something like

>oh finally i lost ur number. dude u owe me money for that! you never paid me the initial a year ago even after i asked u several times. i was forced to sell at a loss to recover my funds. you owe me a 200 hundred dollars bro heres my bank details:

he will never chase this up again. the alternative is that op risks this idiot going on a suicidal lawsuit

>> No.20439159

Like I said in the post under yours, I just refuse to believe he thinks he's gonna get ANY money from OP. That's probably also why he didn't wait for a response to demand the $18k.

>> No.20439162

Word of advice from me, I'd say you sold it and have only $100 or something in it now. When did the Binance thing happen with link, can't remember. But when that happened I had about $25k in usdc that i used straight away to get more link. I have over 30k now. I wasn't here for the cheap under a dollar link, all my buys were around 1-2 dollar.

I work with a few guys who know about crypto, some are invested and some aren't, but they know. Anyways I let slip to one of them that I had 10k link. I seem him a couple weeks back and he's link, links doing well huh. (this was before the pump over the last month). Now, I told him I sold it all and I have weak hands. I don't. I still have all of it and my stinky linkies will remain stinky until $1000 and even then I'm only cashing out 2 mil. I'll see him in a few weeks again, and I'm sure he'll say something like 'oh I bet you wish you kept that eh' and I'll be like yeah, I wish I never sold.

I'm telling you that you need to say this, cause that cunt will hunt you down in the future. The guys I'm working with would do it too. Constantly hassle you for money and they would try to fuck you up. Same if you won the lotto. You never tell anyone, you go disappear on your own after setting up your family, if you have one.

My Blockfolio works on percentages too, so the total balance is low from someone that doesn't know what it is. But I know the true value. I'd never have it showing the true amount just incase I'm using my phone around someone and they see all my real investments.

>> No.20439172

This is the most beta response. Spend his $1k on a pistol for your glove compartment and some test supplements.

>> No.20439173

you guys dont get it. the legal system is used as a weapon 90% of the time to scare you and force u to lose money paying for lawyers

its fucked up.

>> No.20439185

>someone else makes an investment with their money
>it should count as you paying them the money they made

>> No.20439193

Still got messages of you trying to chase up the money? I'd save those in case this entitled man child decides to through a legal recourse and lose himself more money. People who think they can do this are legitimately nasty, vindictive, and petty as fuck people. Watch the future messages alternate between "You're my best friend" to "I'm going to kick your ass" and back again 3 times a day, minimum.

>> No.20439196

Okay OP do this.

If you decide to talk, act as if you haven't checked the price in a while and act gutted as if you sold, say you sold after a small dump and incurred a little loss. Say things are a little tough but if he wants to invest can he send you the $200 he owes you as you made a loss of $200 on the trade and then whatever he wants to go in again.

Pester him about the $200 and keep saying things like we can make lots of money on the next one I swear there's options to leverage our money x20 it's foolproof. Act like a degen gambler that needs money to fund the habit and make sure you flaunt 0 wealth in front of him.

If he does see you in a few years driving a lambo say you should have reinvested I got really lucky with a x125 leverage trade. If he is stupid enough to send you more money immediately lose it on a trade and apologize and ask for more. That should shatter any ties you have to him so you can live your life in peace away from him and he will think you are a gambling addict.

>> No.20439199

Yeah I know its pretty Jewish but that LINK is gonna be worth millions some day

>> No.20439200

Man what a work of art.

>> No.20439205

One of the key requirements of a valid contract is called "Consideration" which is basically the party fronting something to show that they are committed to the contract.
If he gave OP $1 as a "deposit" that would at least allow an argument in court that he had provided consideration. The court would almost certainly find the consideration to be insufficient, but at least there would be an angle.
But having given no money it would be a 5 minute hearing. No consideration, no contract. That's first year undergrad shit.

>> No.20439211

Looks like you already figured it out

>> No.20439214

i told every single person i care about.
(senpai and a couple friends)
in thanksgiving-valentines day

none of them listened.

i am autistic.

now here is the thing...

when its 6+

they sitll don't have any.
yet they know it is above 6.
and thinking about buying.

i don't even respond anymore.

like.. i been shilling link for almost 3 fucking years when making money comes up.
they all know it...
none of them buy it..

it goes to 6..
they know it.

theyre still not buying.

even a dude i told about bitcoin during the golden bull..
saw him in june..
asks me about bitcoin again.
i tell him "fuck btc, i'm chainlink"
yeah link.. thats the 1 this year.

this was at 3.80's

it shoots up to 8+
get a text from him.


stupid fuck only put $20 in.
but whatever.

at least he tried with btc/link..

the only boomer that tried.

it just boggles my mind, that so many people know what link is doing, but havent bought.
what the fuck?

they buy smokes, weed, etc. take out food etc.
and they know about link..

man that shit pisses me off.

i been living on like 0-300 a week all this time picking up every piece of link i can get.

just have to remember the rules.
never telll anyone in rl about crypto.

>> No.20439220

So countersue for damages, the moron can go bankrupt if he wants to be cute

>> No.20439224

dont know which universe OP is living in where he bought 2300 link for 1000 dollars in 2019

>> No.20439230

Stop larping please

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>Heh anon, I would love to give you the money only there is one problem.....

>> No.20439247

i hope you have a record of your past conversations, this cunt will try and sue you.

>> No.20439249

>The cunt is gonna act like it's his
He has already mentally spent the money. Fuck him.

>> No.20439253

I think 10% from profit is reasonable tip from your dad. If u ask more you are being asshole

>> No.20439258

the lesson unfortunately is to tell no one about your positions in anything

>> No.20439262

yeah i figured and i'm a brainlet

>> No.20439264

This. OP you need to protect yourself from a lawsuit. Or ghost him like a little kid and expose yourself to risk. It’s all about risk management. Be an adult and deal with it upfront. Squash this now before it turns into something worse for you.

>> No.20439265

This guy isn't your friend. He may have been at one time, but he isn't now. Similar situation for me.

We were best friends in high school and beginning of college. The difference is he always cut high school, didn't even graduate. He eventually got his GED and started working at this family's bar. I went to college, held 2 jobs, got a decent career, bought a house, am now engaged. He has just been working at his parent's dive bar unable to get a loan to buy it because he has no credit, no money, and no collateral. Needless to say, we slowly drifted apart due to different career goals, friend groups, and available times to even see each other (he works weekends and late into the night). He started inviting me out to his bar to 'hang out' which I have done multiple times over the past year or two. The first few times I went I thought it was pretty cool, he would hook me up with free drinks the whole night and we would chat at his bar with some other mutual friends. After the first few visits, he started talking about tipping and how you should always tip a minimum $10 no matter what the tab is, and more if you spend a lot of time there or have a really large tab. He said even if you order a single drink at a bar, you should tip the bartender $10. I obviously thought this was bullshit, but didn't let it piss me off too much because he was my friend and struggling financially.

Well anyway, I ended up buying a house, getting engaged, getting a dog, etc. All that normal 'life' shit. Constantly invited him over to hang out over the past 2 years and every time it was supposed to happen he flaked out or couldn't make it. The final straw was me texting him a few weeks ago and he had totally forgotten about my engagement and wedding. I've been with the same girl for 9 years and we all know each other.

Basically, the guy views me as nothing but a paycheck. Zero effort on his part to actually maintain the relationship.Worst part is it took me so long to realize it.

>> No.20439267


This. You can lose a lot of money from all the jewdoo legal tricks that can be done in civil suits, even if the case against you is nothing. Not worth it AT ALL.

>> No.20439276

Consideration is an essential element of a contract.
He never paid so there was no agreement.

>> No.20439286

it only took me telling my brother for half the people in town to know my net worth. never tell anybody

>> No.20439292

lol fuck that nigger

>> No.20439294

The best, its the same people that will mass vote for socialists to force you to give them a part of your riches because they deserve gibs without risk.

Really fuck all of them. No risk taking rent seeker deserve nothing less than being starved to dead

>> No.20439295

>my stinky linkies will remain stinky until $1000 and even then I'm only cashing out 2 mil.

After that levelheaded take, you write this? I own a bit more LINK than you, bought when it was shilled and FUDed hard at 40 cents here.
But, I'm not delusional enough to think it will reach $1k, probably in a utopia where crypto is used everywhere.

>> No.20439298

True but doesn’t mean he can’t get sued and have to spend money on a lawyer.

>> No.20439313

"Since you never payed me, despite several reminders, I never bought any chainlink on your behalf, I only bought chainlink to myself, with my own money".

Do you have the "agreement" recorded anywhere OP? Like in messenger, texts etc? You should seriously figure out what do to legally cause this fucker will never stop, imagine how this retard will act when "his share" is worth hundreds of thousands

>> No.20439314


>> No.20439325

Did you actually tell him you bought it when you were following up for the $1000?

You don’t want to lie in writing by saying you sold his share if he tries to take you to court. If you tell him you sold, but don’t have a sell order for that same number of link, you may screw yourself.

The only thing that you should put in writing is that you bought link for yourself that you would have sold him if he sent you the money. Since he never paid you, he never bought it.

If he bad mouths you to friends it’s the same story. You hit him up multiple times, but he never bought.

If buy chance you end up in court, you were never going to “help him buy”. You were going to sell to him.

>> No.20439333

That sucks. I have friends like that, but we've mostly become 'hobby friends' ie we don't hang out unless we're going kayaking, golfing etc. That way we're not really in each others personal lives and it doesn't matter who has a good job or not or any of that shit.

>> No.20439339

>Hey mister judge Bill Gates said he would buy some shares of his company for me in 1992
>He refuses to pay me out
>I swear he said he will buy them for me

>> No.20439356

that sucks but you did the right thing. i'm with a girl right now that I will marry soon (been together 7 years now) and realistically if my 3 remaining friends (or family) did shit like this or like op i'd drop them from my life. my gf is my best friend and i don't need anyone else realistically. shit is cash

>> No.20439357

I dont understand why the retard couldnt open his own trading account.

>> No.20439358

This sounds like a great Judge Judy case

>> No.20439359

It's fucked up how many people act like friends but are really just there on a transactional basis. Old high school friend I knew for 15 year just completely ghosted me after I had to move out of state for a job. Really I was just his bitch for forming investment ideas and political opinions

>> No.20439360

After thinking, you're right. I'm no better than the guy in OPs pic rationalizing something thats clearly wrong just because it suits my situation.

>> No.20439370


>> No.20439394

>"Since you never payed me, despite several reminders, I never bought any chainlink on your behalf, I only bought chainlink to myself, with my own money".

This would be very dumb to admit. From what the OP said, he agreed to buy the LINK for later payment. If he admits he bought the LINK, then his friend can potentially just say that this is an issue of late payment which he has offered to remedy by discounting the current value of his purchase with interest.

Also, if OP says he sold at a loss, he will be obliged to provide a paper trail to prove this if it goes to court (via discovery).

>> No.20439398

I'm glad you see it that way and I think that is the right attitude, good luck.

>> No.20439403


Many normies aren't evolved enough to be considerate, it seems. It's hit me like a brick lately as well, and never ceases to amaze me.

>> No.20439407

Take him to court? Are you a fucking retard? No contract, no payment. OP can do wtf he wants with his linkies. No judge would rule in his “friend’s” favor

>> No.20439409

Honestly, just tell him you sold the 1k worth of Link after it became obvious he wasn't going to pay up.

He's never going to be your friend anymore though, so be ready for that.

>> No.20439414

This. Just don't reply to him a wigger like that is too stupid to get a lawyer

>> No.20439416

Tell him you sold at loss right after. So he owns to you $216

>> No.20439445

>what is consideration

>> No.20439452

I'm prob about your age, that shit sucks after 15 years. Still rather have 1 real friend than 10 fakes.

>> No.20439453


If LINK drama ends up on Judge Judy, my sides will literally leave my body.

>> No.20439461

I would add to this and say that OPs friend is actually potentially able to argue that OP solicited the investment from him.

Not quite as black and white legally as you'd hope. It's obvious the friend is a scum bag but there's enough of a gray area for a civil suit to go either way.

>> No.20439473

I mean, obviously he was using your money as a free call option because he didnt realy believe in the investment and thought he would just stick you with a 1000 dollar loss. It’s unfathomable to me what huge pussies most people are with money. Anyway, yeah at minimum don’t pay him, personally I might also think of a funny and expensive prank to play on him. These are the types of people on gibs and society would be better if we jusy let them starve to death desu

>> No.20439477


Just pay the man, he seems like a good guy

>> No.20439478

Disgusting. Imagine not paying a single $ and then crawling back after moon and be like yo give me 18k. Tell him to fuck off. Cant stand leaches like that.

>> No.20439484

No I agree with lawyer anon don’t say anything and let him take you to court if it ever happens. The judge will laugh him out of the court room. Don’t incriminate yourself texting that trash human being.

>> No.20439495

This. Underrated and /thread

>> No.20439496

You are entitled to nothing but if it gets really high then your dad will be in a better position to forgive the debt.

>> No.20439498

His friend cant do shit. He asked for the money many times and didnt get any. The "friend" cant do shit.

>> No.20439511

What would you do?

>> No.20439512

Ask him for his $1000 first, remind him that he never paid you for the $1000 worth of chainlink.

If he responds positively, do so, if he acts like he paid you the $1000, ask him for proof of this transaction via bank history. If he doesn't do he can just fuck off lol.

>> No.20439514

This to be honest.

Complete ghosting just in case your words are used against you.

>> No.20439526

Send him a link to said video and don't respond to any other attempts he makes to get in contact with you.


>> No.20439542
File: 18 KB, 558x614, brain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the fuck would he do that. If the guy gives 1k then he can get the rest. You are retarded

>> No.20439543
File: 33 KB, 680x658, bdd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reply with this pic

>> No.20439552

Don't respond. Hopefully the messenger he uses doesn't give a "message read" acknowledgement.

>> No.20439563

You live in that $1k world. Normies will never know it because all the tech will run behind the normie shit they see.

>> No.20439568

keep in mind that OP probably doesn’t want to imply that the “deal” of 1k for 2300 LINK is still open, which could be inferred if we go with the narrative that the friend still “owes” him 1k. There was never an agreement because the friend never supplied the cash to begin with

>> No.20439581

You fucked up, OP. This guy sees you as a doormat. Careful if he does any herd drugs, dude could try to rob or bash you later on.. I know these types well

>> No.20439588


>> No.20439596

He seems like a free-loading cunt of a friend.

>> No.20439603

Lawfag here.

Don't send him shit.

>> No.20439606

Another link larp thread. How fake and gay.

>> No.20439608


No, I don't think I will

>> No.20439610

There is case law around verbal contracts and if there are any text messages saying OP bought the link for him then OP can actually cause himself problems by lying. Sounds ridiculous but it’s true. If he just sticks to the facts of the friend never sent funds despite multiple requests for payment, he should be fine

>> No.20439614

Yeah ok tough guy

>> No.20439626

Larping lawyer, contract needs 3 elements of offer, acceptance and consideration, there was no consideration (friend didn’t op any money) so no contract.

T. Non lawyer but masters in contract law

>> No.20439629

It's an idea but that implies he had had a claim to the stake, no matter how tenuous. Denial of a claim from the outset is the approach to take.

>> No.20439645


>> No.20439647

What a parasite. Stay strong. No one will be on his side.

>> No.20439657

don't lie as many here suggest, that's just stupid and will definitely backfire in civil claims court
just tell him no, you never put in an initial, i paid with my own money, you haven't spent a cent, you get nothing

>> No.20439661

If he does take OP to court he'd have to show proof of the transactions.
The "friend" doesn't have a leg to stand on, except if OP starts lying.

>> No.20439677

Not a lawyer but I worked in the field for a long time. The best policy is no contact. This conversation wouldn’t count for anything if brought to claims court unless they had any other Supporting texts or conversation. Make it clear with any evidence you can that they made no investment and you have no intention of giving your money away. Also, take a screenshot of attempts to reach out.
Either way it’s paranoid because it would require a pretty fucking good attorney.

>> No.20439682


>> No.20439683

>The "friend" doesn't have a leg to stand on, except if OP starts lying.
this is important advice. DON'T LIE, IT WILL BACKFIRE

>> No.20439699

Look it's not difficult, he put in no percentage of the initial investment, therefore he gets none of the returns. Simple stuff.

>> No.20439705

OP this is hilarious wtf is wrong with normies. I remember when I finally went all in on Chainlink mid 2018. I immediately told my best friend at the time all about smart contracts, oracles, and all the research I had done up until that point. I was obsessed(reading 4-8 hours a day sometimes on blockchain and LINK) and basically felt like I found a lotto ticket valid in a few years for millions. I didn't get over emotional with him just gave him the straight facts.

I was so excited to share my knowledge with people I cared about, and then I got red pilled hard. I was explaining smart contracts and all he replied with was "well, those are some words." I assumed he didn't quite understand it but I tried again and told him I'd show him how to set it up and even $1000 invested could be life changing in 3-5 years. It was hovering around .20-.25. He could have had 4000-5000 LINK.

What he said next reminded so much of OP's story. My friend said verbatim. "How about you invest $1000 for me and if it does well I'll give you the $1000." He literally wanted me to take the risk but give him the profits. Lmao

I never mentioned crypto or investing to him again until he asked me about 6 months ago how I was paying my bills recently without working. I just said short term trading and long term investments. He gave me this look of despair as he was getting ready for work. Lmao He doesn't talk to me much anymore

I literally couldn't get a single person to buy LINK except my Dad basically. No one else got it or cared. Not sure which.

>> No.20439720

Best advice is just ignore this cunt

>> No.20439725

This. A contract isn't just a piece of paper, it can be verbal too. Stick to the truth which is you never received his investment stake despite asking, so he never made an investment. Ignore the not-turning-up-to-a-party shit, that's emotive and has no bearing on what is essentially a failed (from his side) business transaction.

That said, it's a nice thought knowing that he's out there walking around like he's got $18k heading his way.

>> No.20439749
File: 60 KB, 600x580, 1587634555794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>My friend said verbatim. "How about you invest $1000 for me and if it does well I'll give you the $1000."
Jesus christ these people.

>> No.20439750

No. OP should say nothing. Let Scumbag Steve file a lawsuit, alleging breach of contract, the contract is not enforceable because Scumbag never performed and there is a failure of consideration.

>> No.20439780

It was a funeral, not a party :/

>> No.20439788

People like you are the reason the world got this way.

>> No.20439796

Ironically, everybody I shilled Link to over the years, when it was .30c or so, I was so sure that I said whatever you invest (within reason), if you don't end up in profit in a few years I'll pay you back your stake.

>> No.20439802

Akchtually unwritten contracts can be enforceable, this one might not be because of the dollar amount, (texts could be meet the writing requirement), it depends on the jurisdiction.

>> No.20439803

A contract requires consideration($$$$$) If anon's friend never gave money then the contract is void.

>> No.20439817

No reason to lie, OP is strongly in the right.

>> No.20439819

Okay, I was being flippant, but you get the point. Keep emotions out of it, fren.

>> No.20439823


Yeah, that makes sense. I have a few friends like that too, but they're mostly good people at least. This guy has no hobbies lol.

Yeah, when you have a few close people you can rely on, that is the best situation you can be in. Good for you man.I'm starting to think about starting a family and there are certain people who you just don't need in your life.


>> No.20439826

Best way to handle it is to not reply at all, same goes for when a girl fucks up
Just block if he doesn’t shut up

>> No.20439829

He's going to claim he gave you $1000 and then he's going to sue, because tards do tard things like that
I would send a message of "I kept asking you to give me the $1000, but you never gave me it, what are you talking about?"
The conversation will be evidence in court
because at some point his little trick will break and it'll be "COME ON DUDE, YOU KNOW I WOULD HAVE GAVE YOU IT, WE'RE FRIENDS, THIS IS WHAT FRIENDS DO"
Or some shit like that
Ignoring this one won't make it go away if you're dealing with "that type" of idiot

>> No.20439839

Nah, the guy admits in OP's pic that he never gave the $1k.
He literally says "I still owe you a grand".

>> No.20439841

>"How about you invest $1000 for me and if it does well I'll give you the $1000." He literally wanted me to take the risk but give him the profits. Lmao
I did the opposite for my cousin. He was struggling a lot financially and he used to care for me so I said, I'll invest $1000 on your behalf and you can pay me back when it goes up. I tried to make that deal with him because I really wanted to help him but he said no, he didn't want to.

>> No.20439842

Just reply one word "no" and then dont reply again for like a week lmao. You didnt sign shit you dont owe him shit.

>> No.20439856

Did you even read the post?

>> No.20439860

I invested in Link for my brother, but I never told him anything.

>> No.20439880

How the fuck does that work, should have asked him if he deserved the shoes you were wearing too

>> No.20439889

thats the best move. ignore him and try to avoid to ever talking to him again

>> No.20439899

This is the real answer

>> No.20439904

I didn't want to tell anyone about LINK at all besides my cousin but I recently told my brother and he bought a few hundred. I don't trust many people around me and I wish I had a few other people to shill to that I could help out but you never know man people can turn their back on you very easily so fuck em all.

>> No.20439906


>> No.20439914

>He literally says "I still owe you a grand".
It really hinges on whether OP said he would buy the LINK ahead of receiving the friends money or if OP said he would need the money first.

If there is a text trail where OP confirms he bought the LINK and then chases the payment it is way more muddy for OP.

Ideally, OP should have said "if you don't pay by X then I am selling the coins I bought on your behalf" but OP didn't do this because he is an idiot.

>> No.20439915

See, tards are everywhere, I'm one as well
I tried but see above
I'm retarded

>> No.20439919

lawyer found

>> No.20439922


I thought he was joking at first or something. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and responded "What do you mean?" and he basically repeated that line again and I immediately changed the subject and asked how his parents were doing. Lol We never talked about crypto ever again until he asked how I was getting by but that was almost 2 years later.

>> No.20439921


>> No.20439924

Shoot him in the ankle

>> No.20439939

If OP fucks up and says he sold his friends link he is validating that there was a contract. Even without consideration that could be used as evidence that OP considered it a contract. That’s why the best approach is to either not respond, Or stick to a single statement like, “I didn’t sell you link because you never paid me.”

>> No.20439940

google Statute of Frauds, fren

>> No.20439952

Tell him you sold his share a long time ago.

>> No.20439953

Just tell him you never bought him "his" share, you were waiting for him to send the money for it first.

If he says you said you bought it already or something, just tell him you never said that, he must be mistaken.

>> No.20439963

you didn't make the investment in the first place because he never sent you money so you couldn't afford it.

>> No.20439965

Lmao fuck that guy, he doesn't deserve LINK

>> No.20439970

Fucking this, kek
>Ay yo, new foan whodis

>> No.20439972

I am taking it that the terms were spelled out in texts, which could meet the writing requirement.

>> No.20439976


Well your situation is different and I have plans for my family(parents and sister) but as far as my friend was concerned the knowledge was the best I could do for him. The sentiment I got from my friend is that he didn't believe in me or my ability to do the research. He was unsure in me, which I guess is understandable but it was only $1000 I was suggesting.

>> No.20440002

if there was a valid contract, then his friend breached the contract by not paying the consideration (the $1000)

>> No.20440006

this 100% and post it here, might as well get a laugh out of him

>> No.20440008

This OP, let him know he never paid you and also say you never bought the linkies as he didn't pay you

>> No.20440013

Don’t write anything back. Just go dark

>> No.20440018


Dude I didn't fucking get it. What is worse is that he didn't get it either as if it was totally normal almost. I lost a lot of enthusiasm in him as a close friend. I didn't think he was dumb but after that incident I got the feeling he thought I was. Lol

>> No.20440027

I'd also advise OP to try to ghost your friend as much as possible and go no contact. The last thing you want is some jealous cunt putting a target on your back because of his own fuck ups.

>Well your situation is different
True. Your description reminded of my story so I just felt like sharing.

>> No.20440049


>> No.20440054
File: 25 KB, 300x300, trollface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP tell him if he still wants the LINKs he can pay you current market price for them.

>> No.20440056

Topkek I wish I would have thought of this, it's stepping it up

>> No.20440065


Yea I get you, you tried your best for him. As it goes you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Some people just can't see what is directly in front of them. They have zero foresight for the future. I'm really starting to think most people will be poor no matter what, its a mentality.

>> No.20440070
File: 477 KB, 548x422, lark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20440073

Some folk just like to assume "dis mine"
On the grounds that they assume you don't need it, so you don't deserve it, so that means they can take it, and if they take it, it's theirs, so that means you're bad for saying no and denying them their property
You do not want people like that in your life, at all, they will suck your soul out and act like it's a reward for you

>> No.20440076
File: 57 KB, 693x633, 1593763442353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all the terrible advice ITT

>> No.20440079

Another good alternative. This geezer doesn't have an option contract on the linkies with OP, he either pays market price for them or he fucks off

>> No.20440082


I'm not OP we just have incredibly similar stories because NPC are fucking retarded.

>> No.20440087

Yay, I'm not completely retarded then
But yeah, he's going to come out with some bullshit

>> No.20440090

>you should invest in this

<how to money bro?

>> No.20440097

>You never tell anyone, you go disappear on your own after setting up your family, if you have one.

This so much. If you start running your mouth on your gains, every shit dick "friend" and family member is going to come out of the woodwork to leach off you. They'll constantly harass, guilt you and drag your name through the mud if they think it'll give them the slightest bit of chance to get in your pockets. The second you give a handout to anyone, you'll never be able to shake them and you'll have to deal with them hitting you up for money for the rest of your life. Keep your mouth shut and do what you can to fly under the radar.

>> No.20440123
File: 64 KB, 800x600, 7A69C5BA-36F3-4D97-AC8F-7389E1A0410C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why you never, EVER talk financials or tell normalfags what you’re doing in any situation. They will always try and take advantage of you, they have no soul.

Do you think this guy would be texting to pay you for his tokens if Link had gone down 80% from when you bought it?

>> No.20440130


>> No.20440145

Just double check the law because when you don't pay he will, with no legal knowledge, say you need to pay him. You have a verbal agreement but if he never paid and that's provable you're good. Just be ready for it and be one step ahead, try to find something official to show him form a legal guidance website or whatever. Shut it down the second he tries it

>> No.20440151

None of my friends and family have done that, thankfully. I don't shout about it all the time, but they know I've made gains and I've got maybe 5 or 6 of them to invest, including my wife when we were still just dating.

>> No.20440155
File: 40 KB, 413x395, draper old fashionedd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTW if it were the other way around, OP would be able to sue for the original amount.

>> No.20440157

Yes this is why it is important that Op says he was going to sell link to his friend but never received payment so there was no transaction. If he was “helping his friend buy”, then he was providing a service rather than selling goods totaling $500 or more right?

>> No.20440160

what a loser fucking faggot, what type of "friend" says this shit

>> No.20440181

depends on the jurisdiction
also texts might satisfy the writing req

>> No.20440183

Jesus Christ, are you Canadian? Nobody is this cucked/retarded.

>> No.20440187

frends i'm a little worried. like a lot of people in this thread, i was telling a lot of my friends to buy link. some did and most had sold along the the way for minor gains. every time the price goes up i get text messages from them. i know realize how much i fucked up trying to help other people in their lives. they're only going to look at my as a handout from now on. do you just tell them i sold? link still has a lot of potentil in 3-5 years and i still just want to help them so i dont want to lie.

>> No.20440194

Fuck that guy

>> No.20440215

Tell him you sold it away after he didn’t pay

>> No.20440217

Yes, anon, you sold at $3 and paid your taxes bought an index fund called $SPY

>> No.20440232

Assuming this isnt a larp. I've told people to look into crypto consider buying eth or whatever. Tell them about metamask, coinbase whatever. I would never buy crypto for someone. What do you pull a retard move and send to wrong wallet address. Or any other complication that can arise.
They need to do the bare minimum of effort.

>> No.20440235

No, worst comes to worst the real faggots will reveal themselves to you asking for handouts and you can cut them off. No need to live in secrecy around people in order for them to not reveal their true colors.

>> No.20440242

Sorry for your loss OP.

>> No.20440245
File: 38 KB, 555x538, IMG_9455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20440254

Fake and gay. Nobody is this much of a blatant scumbag. Nice b8 OP.

>> No.20440259

IF this isn’t a larp, your a faggit for all the gay shit you posted

>> No.20440268
File: 15 KB, 435x384, 1577408459234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's pretty clever

>> No.20440272

Fuck normalshits

>> No.20440279

Lost your wallet, sold, traded bad, anything except for you still having it. After this thread I'm buttoning up as well.

>> No.20440285

Fucking retarded normalfag wants to invest without putting money or any effort at all. This is why so many people live in debt.

>> No.20440297

>That's pretty clever
It's actually exceptionally stupid to admit you executed the trade as per the original solicitation and that you sold, without warning the friend or giving an ultimatum. Would absolutely be used against OP.

>> No.20440299
File: 10 KB, 208x243, OP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tell him that u sold at a loss and he owes you 200$

>I sold at a loss, you owe me $200
>What do you mean you can't pay me the $300?
>You have until the end of the month to pay me the $400, goyim

>> No.20440308

Stop welching on our deal and send me my link.

Someone in this thread help me with how I can sue OP to get my money

>> No.20440343

Dont be a dick? The cunt could jump off a bridge for all OP cares, cunt can get fucked good an proper.

>> No.20440368

I put in a little over half my savings when I decided to go all in on LINK back in early 2018, when everything was tanking. My thought process was "if it goes to zero, oh well. I've got the rest of my life to make it back." I had never made an investment that risky before, but I believed in the project and realized everyone that's ever made it in life has taken a risk where there was a high probability of failure. Anyone who thinks they're entitled to anything without putting in any work or risk is a useless nigger who deserves nothing.

>> No.20440419



>> No.20440420

Id be happy if a cunt like that does die

>> No.20440423

Yup, I'm buttoned, treat any gains like lottery winnings
Even if you won $10K on a lottery some asshole would be convinced they are owed their cut of it

>> No.20440425

I would be a little scared if that happened to me, what if that person tries to murder you in the future when link hits $100?

>> No.20440442

Even though no contract, make sure to save/document your texts/attempts to collect in case he tries to sue you. Im not a lawyer but that sounds like the right thing to do

>> No.20440444

you sound like an unironical cuck

>> No.20440452


>> No.20440465

nice lol

>> No.20440466
File: 136 KB, 885x990, ampl rebase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based and jewpilled

>> No.20440514

Friend can just say "show me a screencap of this transaction so I know how much I need to send you or I will take you to civil court for the full $19k"

>> No.20440515

i think im going with traded bad. i took a loan on my link and went long on fulcrum and the black tuesday actually liquidated part of my holdings. i'll just be telling people that wiped out half my stack and i sold at $8 and put them in a index fund in hope of retiring early at 50 kek

>> No.20440523
File: 301 KB, 922x912, pepe dimensions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Low quality person. not a fren, not an acquaintance to spend any more time with.

There's zero need for anger even, literally just has minimal consciousness / development it is what it is.

No reply, no follow ups, move along & enjoy the stack congrats.

>> No.20440559

I'm not sure why so many people are telling you to respond stupidly, but just tell him you never bought it because he never gave you the money. You literally never had "his money"

>> No.20440572

“I was waiting on your money and you never sent it bro...”

>> No.20440577

As long as there's no written contract or legal bullshit like that, tell him to go suck a giant $8.50 Shlong and block him

>> No.20440595

Well he cant take him to court and win if he cant prove he ever gave him 1000 usd

>> No.20440618

You may be the rare occasion where it does work out, but don't be surprised if you start having a lot of extended family or friends you lost touch with come knocking on the door once LINK goes to $1000 and it's one of the top stories in the (((msm))). Word travels fast and who knows who your friends have told "oh, you know thank LINK think in the news? Anon told me years ago to invest in it. He didn't tell me how much he's made, but it's definitely up there."

>> No.20440627

And due to the nature of crypto, unless he knows your wallet, he'll never be able to prove anything was purchased

>> No.20440629

What a fucking loser. Not only he's trying to screw you, he wants to sell all the Link right now, never talk to him again.

>> No.20440669

YOU NEED TO DO MORE THAN GHOSTING. He will take you to court of this if its a big enough amount. You need to reply firmly that he never gave you the money and thus the ownership of the chainlink is yours. This sets up a discourse that the chainlink is yours.

I would recommend seeking a lawyer immediately if link really does go to 100 EOY.

>> No.20440686

Tell him you sold "hos share" for a small loss because you needed the money and he didnt pay you

>> No.20440694

OP you unironically need to deal with this. This is going to fester and not go away. Think you're being harassed about 2300 link now? Wait till its worth $2.3M. You should unironically pay a lawyer a $200 consultation and cease and desist letter in your jurisdiction and put this to bed now

>> No.20440705

based and jewpilled

>> No.20440734

OP is not a faggot for once

>> No.20440770

Tell him that the interest rate was actually 5000% and you owe him $20,000.

>> No.20440782

I agree with this. Lawyer up right now. Cover your ass. Do not lie to this guy, do jot respond until you have talked to a lawyer. You are in a good position here you just need to nail it down.

>> No.20440836

Sometimes I recommend a crypto or a stock to people, but I'm not buying that shit for them. What would be the benefit? I don't get how you got yourself into this, OP.

>> No.20440843

You think you can just call up a lawyer to your defense at no cost retard? OP has no contractual obligation whatsover, so shut the fuck up, you have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.20440846

no contract, none of it matters. don't respond or if you're feeling cheeky, send him a "lol" and never talk to him again

>> No.20440850

Absolutely do not ever call them his Link. Do not give him any claim.

>> No.20440861


>> No.20440879

fuck him, its not technically his
if he really gave a fuck about it or you he'd have paid in advance, those 2300 link are yours

>> No.20440881

Tell him you will send him 100k when you have like 50 million dollars so he stops bothering you.

>> No.20440915

Don't do that. Rub this shit in his face. He has zero legal foot to stand on seeing that the text right there proves he never paid you to begin with.

>> No.20440920

Lol just fucking tell him u sold it to get ur capital back.

>> No.20440949

I said it costs money. If he doesn't firmly end this now, when link is $1000 a lawyer is going to chase this case probono on the chance of a 30% of winnings payout and make OPs life miserable. Grow up, contact a lawyer, pay his fee, put this to bed. OP could literally lose millions because he is too cheap to hire real legal advice. We dont know his jurisdiction or the rules in it

>> No.20441073


Honestly, I originally thought the best course was for OP to either ignore him or say he never bought anything. Now I kind of think that this might be not a terrible idea. This guy sounds like a total piece of fuck and if he sees the price ever hit $1000 or something he might try something. The guy has no case but isn't our legal system bullshit and worse injustices have occurred?

>> No.20441082

>Well he cant take him to court and win if he cant prove he ever gave him 1000 usd
He absolutely can.

>OP solicited me out of the blue to invest in an internet coin called LINK
>He said he would buy the coins on my behalf if I paid him at some undefined later date
>I reluctantly agreed but didn't know when I could send OP the money.
>OP bought the coins for me and chased a couple of times for the money
>Unfortunately due to personal circumstances at the time I couldn't pay right then
>The investment OP made on my behalf (witch text messages confirm I authorised him to make and there is no ultimatum from OP that he would sell due to non-payment) thankfully rose in price
>I recently got back in touch to tell OP that he should cash out my investment and that he should take a GENEROUS $800 commission to cover interest in addition to the original $1,000 investment. There is text message evidence of this
>I wish to sue to recover the $19,000. For discovery, I would like OP to provide his crypto trading history for link over the period OP solicited me for investment through to today. I believe it will show purchases of LINK that exceed $1,000 and no sales of LINK.

If you think there aren't lawyers that would take this case you don't know how scummy lawyers are.

>> No.20441110

dude sounds like a nigger... lawyer up now and tell him to speak to my lawyer nigger.

>> No.20441134

Literally lmaoing @ murrican "Family" ethics

You people have no soul

>> No.20441157

I don't understand, he gave you free drinks and you didnt even tip him? I have a few friends that are bartenders and they let me get wasted for free all the time at their places and of course I leave them a solid tip for hooking me up. And if the only thing he "used" you for was an occasional tip, it doesnt really sound like he was just trying to get money at all. Honestly you kind of just sound stuck up about the fact that your friend didnt end up as successful as you. He probably didnt show up to the things you invited him to because you are a douche lol

>> No.20441180

Worse than legal proceedings, there is a chance OP could get killed by the guy if link hits $1000. This is how those stories of millionaires being killed start. It usually isnt a random

>> No.20441204

>let you drink for free
>pay tip
That's not how "free" works.

>> No.20441230

I can totally see this happening, OP is fucked by his scummy friend. I've seen women suing random men for child support because they took care of their children one afternoon.

>> No.20441307

lmao, this

>> No.20441335

Man up and speak to him in person you little bitch, he can definitely sue you and make a claim on the money you don't want that. Tell him to meet up and straighten it out. Don't do it by text but look him in the eyes so you know what he is up to.

>> No.20441366 [DELETED] 

Clownworld OP. Just accept this retarded math is the minds of NPCs now. Nothing to do but tell him to die. Or better, just ignore him. Never talk to him again

>> No.20441380

Nice try faggot

>> No.20441384

And once link $1000 there will be 100s of lawyers who will take the case pro bono for a stake in the winnings. Contact a lawyer and end this now. Dont let it fester.

>> No.20441411

if you think there is any court that would side with that story you are retarded. 0 precedence if the friend never actually gave any money

>> No.20441412

this is the important part. op's 'friend' wants to assume 0 risk but still make profit on an investment he didn't even make. cringe as fuck and i would tell him to go suck a nigger dick if it was me

>> No.20441423

Bingo. If things seem heated now just fucking wait how things will be when the coin hits $1,000

>> No.20441425

>OP pays lawyers hundreds of dollars
>Link crashes down to 15 cents

>> No.20441446

yeah the tip is technically optional, but the point you are a huge douchebag if you wouldnt tip in that situation.

>> No.20441461

>still make profit on an investment he didn't even make
You mean
>still make profit on an investment OP solicited him to make

Very big legal difference.

>> No.20441494

You don't need to be some 180 IQ lawyer to know that a transaction hasn't taken place so long as the money hasn't been paid and the product hasn't been delivered.

>> No.20441495

>OP ignores the problem
>Link moons to $1000
>OP is sued and needs to pay $2.3M

>> No.20441520

And all those mutual friends will hear about how OP stole millions of dollars. This friendship is over anyway. Never tell friends about your crypto

>> No.20441540

You probably don't need me to tell you given you've already made up your mind about ghosting him, but just in case:
The whole "i sold at a loss" accomplishes nothing but creating a lie you'll need to worry about. IT GIVES NO GROUND OVER HIM RETARDS. He never told you to sell "his" stack. The moment you enter a game off "yeah they were yours. so now pay me back" you've just given him ground to stand on in case it ever comes out
Fuck me you guys with your retardation stress me the fuck out

>> No.20441556

>You don't need to be some 180 IQ lawyer to know that a transaction hasn't taken place so long as the money hasn't been paid and the product hasn't been delivered.
I've been in a legal dispute before and actually if there is a promise of payment and a confirmation that a transaction has occurred then a transaction has occurred.

OP chasing for payment is further proof.

>> No.20441593

The lesson here is never tell anyone about crypto. I know I'll stop doing it.

>> No.20441602 [DELETED] 

What a waste of time u fag. What op should do is tell the kid to die and keep a blowdryer on him in case a nigga need his hair done

>> No.20441606

What confirmation was there in OP's case?
He bought the LINK, but didn't transfer it into his friend's portfolio, as he didn't receive the payment. Boom - case is over.

>> No.20441633

If only there was an immutable ledger somewhere that anyone could access showing a purchase and transfer of 2300 links

>> No.20441664

what transfer? OP probably just kept the linkies in his wallet

>> No.20441670

Fucking this OP
Fuck that guy what an absolute cunt

>> No.20441717

Yeah it sounds a lot like OP already told this guy how much link he bought for him. Dumb cunt "friend" should send OP $1000 and ask for his linkies.

>> No.20441730

>He bought the LINK, but didn't transfer it into his friend's portfolio
You realise brokers buy shares or commodities and warehouse them on behalf of their customers right?

>> No.20441740

You have to buy them on an exchange. If there is a transfer of 2300 links from binance to wallet, that is proof a transaction occured

>> No.20441768

I can tell a broker to buy some shares for me, not pay him, and then show up two years later?

>> No.20441796

Yes, its called margin

>> No.20441814

Yeah, a transaction during which OP bough some link with the intention to put them in his friend's portfolio. Since he didn't receive the payment, he cancelled the transaction between him and his friend and just left the LINK in his own account.

>> No.20441845

Wtf I'm a millionaire now

>> No.20441872

You know, fuck it, Im out.
OP if you value your sanity and money hire a lawyer. A small fee now will dissuade the guy from future attempts if he understands he has no legal rights her.

>> No.20441889

kek this is the best response

>> No.20441921

That's not how margin works.
You have to put up money.

>> No.20441954

Or just read the local law regarding the matter. IIRC in my country there are time limits after which a contract is rendered invalid if there is no payment.

>> No.20442012

>He bought the LINK, but didn't transfer it into his friend's portfolio, as he didn't receive the payment. Boom - case is over.

This. OP bought *himself* more Chainlink tokens. He chased his friend up for the money before attempting to purchase his friends allotment to avoid being left holding the bag. OP's friend did not send any money so OP did not buy any on his behalf. OP's friend failed to uphold his side of the transaction.

Case closed.

>> No.20442092
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Ring Ring

>> No.20442132

Ken "you don't get" Nunn

>> No.20442155

ghost him. NEVER admit that they are his link. NEVER say you bought on his behalf. DO NOT accept any payment from him ever. Your stance is that you never bought link for him because he never paid you, all the link you bought was with your own money and were for your own investments. If he keeps asking, just say that you never bought link for him. If he keeps coming back get a fucking lawyer to talk to the fuck.

>> No.20442173

>YOu've been served
>My client demands to take possession of his 2300 link coins valued at $23M
>I can see you still have them

>> No.20442185

>I can tell a broker to buy some shares for me, not pay him, and then show up two years later?
If the broker confirms he bought the shares and is stupid enough not to have a date by which payment must be made, then yes.

>> No.20442195

No payment, no coins.

>> No.20442251

>My client made payment with interest on July 17,2020 when requested the defendant liquidate his holdings and deduct the payment from the proceeds.
>My client is demanding the proceeds be returned to his account

>> No.20442291

Tell him that if he sends you 1,000$ you will now use it to buy LINK for him, just as promised

>> No.20442384

I've seen enough lawyer TV shows that this seems reasonable, if it doesn't work they're gonna find something to blackmail OP to give him the money, I can already see it
>you either pay the 19k right now or we're going after all your cryptos and future earnings in court

>> No.20442405

There's a lot of evidence that OP wanted payment two years ago.
And then there was a long period of complete radio silence.

Payment was never made.

>> No.20442411

OP had better fucking pray that his friends lawyer doesn't chance upon this thread once it archives.