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1st Wave: Litecoin, Dogecoin, XRP copies bitcoin code and the altcoin revolution breeding innovation and experimentation. High technical expertise is needed.

2nd Wave: Ethereum creates platform of tokenization that allows any tech savvy person to jump start their coin (Chainlink, Fuse).

3rd Wave: Fuse enables any non-tech savvy person to create their transparent crypto for their community or business.

Imagine your fuse token app branded with your discord community or even a 4chan coin. Imagine your small restaurant having its own auditable/transparent rewards program with a snap of a finger.

Founder is Mark Smargon. Been founding/developing crypto projects since 2013 including Bitgo and Colu. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marksmargon

Interview with Mark about Fuse (answers all your questions, scalability, the value of the fuse token): https://youtu.be/Hg8bWO8k3QY?t=933

Website: https://fuse.io/

Circulating supply: 20 million
Inflation rewards to nodes/stakers: 5% per year
Current Market Cap: $1.4 million

Uniswap Price Chart: https://uniswap.info/token/0x970b9bb2c0444f5e81e9d0efb84c8ccdcdcaf84d
Uniswap Buy/Sell: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x970b9bb2c0444f5e81e9d0efb84c8ccdcdcaf84d

Buying Fuse is similar to buying Ethereum/Chainlink early. This is the next generation Defi 2020 coin.

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This doesn't belong on 4chan. We only like promise coins by scammers.

How is this only 1 mill cap with a working product?

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They have zero marketing or marketing team at the moment. Their plan is to fully build out the fuse product first before advertising

It's really that early.

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Damn, great post this project is so promising I cant believe it is still this underground.. and a potential bittrex listing also in the works? the current price is a steal its just a matter of time all these twitter gurus come on aboard. NEXT DEFI GEM TO BLOW!

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Not sure about bittrex, but I prefer uniswap anyway.

Yeah this project has massive potential.

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Well fuck, I just made a shitton on Ampleforth, might as well throw an eth in.

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If you look on uniswap.info, technical analysis look really good. We had a run up a couple of weeks ago and have a higher low. All the sellers are gone right now and it's only long term holders.

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Their GitHub is pretty mind-blowing. https://github.com/fuseio

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I can see this going to $1 very quickly, noone should want to miss out on this one. Like the ability to make your own token with a few clicks with no background in coding etc.. this is for the average person the simple use will attract consumers and bring upon mass adoption.

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This project has been under development for 5 years as his previous Colu project is a carry over. They have a dedicated full team working on it in Tel Aviv. It's all hardcore developers.

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The sky is the limit. I could totally see it hit $2 based on how uniswap works.

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Is it possible to earn interest?

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Yes. You can earn more fuse by becoming a validator which requires 100k fuse. 5 percent inflation a year is distributed to these nodes. If you don't have 100k, you can stake on top of an existing node.

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Fucking hell. Just played around with the web dapp and smartphone app. Fucking nuts that all this shit is already completed.

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It's pretty mindblowing. It's the complete opposite of a 2017 ICO. They are literally building first and advertising later. They have some sick partnerships coming up too.

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Who are some of the partnerships?

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Wikibanks - helping a local org in Spain change the way they take donations. https://medium.com/fusenet/how-wikibank-is-using-fuse-to-deliver-cash-in-times-of-corona-492f8b163107

GoodDollar - Non-profit bringing UBI through Fuse. https://medium.com/fusenet/the-future-of-universal-basic-income-within-hands-reach-48d5e4527eac

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This pumped to over 30 cents last time it was shilled on 4chan

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Gonna make an escort rewards program on fuse. Ladies given a certain amount of coins and they can reverse tip the Johns based on how good they are.

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Reminds me of when Bitcoin pumped to 30 dollars and crashed down to 2. Now we are building a base and going back up. Love low cap coins that have a strong product. We will be back at 30 cents in no time.

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Ripple didn’t copy bitcoins code for xrp you fucking retard satoshi him self complimented ripple on their system
Xrp has been in the works since 1970 there’s a patent for it. Shit the fuck up you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Haha, good luck with that one. :)

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satoshi was long gone by the time ripple came onto the scene. youre talking about faketoshi

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I didn't mean it was a direct copy, but all early coins were inspired by Bitcoin and has had concepts and/or code taken from it.

Isn't it past your bed time?

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You are dumb ripple was around before xrp. Satoshi literally said he respects the way ripples system works.
no they weren’t please look into shit a bit more before you post nonsense. David Schwartz has had xrp in plan since 1970 he worked for nasa.

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enough of your old wives tales

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Ok buddy I legit posted a link to the patent, do whatever you please but don’t come here saying shit you have no clue about.

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Bro, no one gives a shit about ripple. Anyone would an ounce of a brain cell would realize we are talking about XRP.

Bitcoin came first. The first altcoins were all a variation around bitcoin's concepts/code.

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No they were not
Keep thinking that
Peace bro

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scam samefag you know we can buy OTC from the dev now for pennies and you're fucking yourself on uniswap spread lol

buy FUND

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Peace. Keep hodling those XRP bags. Hopefully you'll break even one day.

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sell your XRP and get some Fuse, better coin.

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What are you talking about? There is no dev selling anything OTC. Only a early investor who was smart enough to start a node.

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That's a lie, devs aren't selling

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Was about to leave the thread your fucking Same fagging kys legit posted 15 seconds after the other

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Nope, two different people and you are dumb

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Hey man, I understand your frustration and anger. Being a XRP bagholder hasn't been easy. My sympathies.

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Fuse is best new token of 2021

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I remember missing out on so many opportunities in 2016. I'm not screwing up this crypto bull run. With a working product, experienced devs, and real world applications, this thing is easily gonna go top 100 crypto one day.

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There is a 4chan coin, it’s called DOGE.

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I'm pretty sure TikTok stole it.

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Yeah it's a great little hidden gem, glad I got in early

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>XRP copies bitcoin code
How new are you? XRP isn't even cryptocurrency. This shit you are shilling isn't cryptocurrency either.

KYS blockchain scammer

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Man I'm so bored of BTC and ETH price action. Most other small cap defi have already pumped and I refuse to fomo. This one looks good tho chart wise. Gonna buy some more.

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Ok, are we arguing semantics now? XRP may be not have miners but they still use cryptography and even use it for currency transactions. The biggest problem with XRP is the Ripple company has been selling their bags and wouldn't have been profitable without it. You don't want that kind of sell pressure if you're trying to make money.

Fuse runs off Ethereum...

Is Ethereum not a cryptocurrency?

Anyway, I'll go ahead and KMS. 4channers know best.

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someone doesnt know what cryptocurrencies are

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It's tough times. We're going a bit crazy. It's times like these we take the pain to search for something new.

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better get in mooning fast

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I'm DCAing right now. Feeling a lil fomo at these cheap prices tho.

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yeah this token is way undervalued.

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Lol at these same samefagging Isrealis

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ur a dumb dummy

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Aren't you on the wrong board? pol misses you.

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he is mad because he doesnt have any anonymous 4chan friends like we do

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Feeling comfy. Got fren.

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Damn you guys are still up? Team fuse, let's fucking go. People are gonna cry when they see the price of this token by year end.

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My sleeping schedule is fucked and this BTC trading range is driving me crazy. Might as well focus on promising new defi projects like Fuse to keep myself engaged.

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I feel ya bro. I think we break bullish in August. Until then, defi alts like fuse are the way to go.

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Their twitter is a good place to keep up with new developments including their new partnership with Rupiah Token https://twitter.com/fuse_network

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