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Are the AMPLs stacked in the Geyser program subject to rebases? Let's say only positive rebases occur while I have my AMPLs pooled, once I claim my reward will I also get the AMPLs generated by the rebases?

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No, iirc. This is why I went in on AMPL a few days ago, everyone else was going into the geyser thinking it was going sub $1. On the plus side your AMPLs don't deflate in the geyser either I don't think.

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Got it, so you you generally get more AMPLs by holding them instead of staking them in the Geyser while in positive rebase territory. Still, if it really works like that the Geyser is a valuable option when the coin goes sub 1$

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I don't know what this thing is but I do always like their font.

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Anything in the geyser also gets rebases.

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Sooo... do they get rebased or not? I mean, they obviously get rebased, tokens don't just disappear like that, but will I receive those coins or what?

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Source? I staked my ampl in geyser, am I retarded? I thought that was what we were meant to do. Spoonfeed me please I have no idea when it comes to staking

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all AMPLs, everywhere are subject to the rebase

for proof: the original geyser launched with 75k AMPL to give out, now it has like 500k and it's been paying out for almost 30 days now

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they get rebase and a bonus for being in the pool to offset impermanent loss and opportunity cost of eth exposure

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So is geyser better or leaving in wallet?

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Geyser is better if you plan on holding long to medium term.

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Should I buy now or wait till market contracts

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AMPLs in the Geyser get rebased because they are in an AMPL wallet. the staked ETH does NOT get rebased. the issue/tradeoff with using geyser is that you can only put 50% of your geyser investment WITHIN geyser itself, the other half has to get put up as ETH for whatever liquidity bullshit reason.

so 10k, 5k in AMPL, 2.5k in geyser, 2.5k in staked ETH.

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What's your risk/reward attitude?

Wallet leaves you open to 100% gains but 100% risk. A drop from 4 to 2 halves your $ value like any other.

Geyser (by actually providing liquidity to Uniswap) mitigates both gains and losses. As in, a jump from 2$ to 4$ will not double your $ value because of impermanent loss, but you'll still be up. Just, not as much.

It's up to you and how big your stack is. a good plan is setting a target on your base investment, and then shaving off a part of it into the liquidity.

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9.7% rebase tonight amplechads

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Does my AMPL sitting in Kucoin get the rebase?

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i dunno guys, 50% up in market cap within 24 hours seems like a bit much to buy in now, no?

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You're buying a percentage of the total supply. If you believe the market cap is lower than what it will be eventually you're buying in at a good time. Its really that simple.

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I'm a poorfag and could only afford $500 (220 AMPL) worth. What's that realistically mean for tomorrow after the rebase?

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you get EVERY rebase inside the geyser.

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How's $500 sound

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Strap in boy. It's gonna go up fast (and come crashing down around the same speed).

Set some targets to take profit.

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After rebase I'm given more tokens to make up for inflation, right?

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yeah i think i will sit this cycle out, it reached its former (market cap) ath again too quickly for my taste

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Fair enough. I can tell you right now, stop looking at AMPL charts for the next week or so. Don't FOMO in when you see it going up day after day.

Enter in the next cycle.

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I have already dumped. WAiting to buy back in after the rebase dump

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pre rebase pump now

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Honestly, I hope you catch the window of people selling right after rebase and can swing 10% more of your stack, that's what tonight rebase rate is.

Odds are in such an uptrend like this one, it will repeat the 30M>150M cycle, where rebase are instantly bought up. Best of luck anon

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Its fine, I dont intend to hold this until 100 trillion market cap. Im more than happy with my +40% for today.

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you're given more tokens to make inflation

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riding the daily upwaves, smart. Cheers!

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I just feel like a lot of people would be spooked after the last big dump, and will be looking to dump after the rebase today.

The risk of a dump larger than the rebase % is not worth it for me. Riding the waves makes less money, but loses no money in case shit dumps. I made 100s of % in the past, only to have 2 days wipe out 80%. Be a tortoise bruh.

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I think I'll just average in where I can, if the postbase dump is anything below the base I'll throw in another couple ether

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Welp, gained 10eth, gonna hope that i can catch this downswing

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Shit already pumped 40% today. And now everyone got +10%. I really doubt this will hold...

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its not +10%, you have the same value per coin retard

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hahaha what a retard you are, dont worry just wait and watch

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imagine not understand basic math

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? already happened, with no major dumps, looks like we are going to 200m mc next few days

you are a clueless curry nigger, idk why I even waste my time trying to educate you shitskins

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just sticking around to watch you mofos cry, kucoin dump incoming in 5,4,3....

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Yeah, just got it on kucoin, and almost dumped. Not sure if I will or not

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saw a wallet drop 10k and FOMO bought again

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>supply increases, price adjusts downward accordingly

basic math

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that's what smart anons do, sell before the rebase, buy after... no one is FOMOing.

Not swinging ampl that way is for poorfags

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if you are scared of dumps, why the fuck wouldn't you do it right before the rebase?
my god people are so stupid
ampl is literally a retard filter

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This was after rebase

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>9% rebase
>price dropped 5%


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ok then that was a regular idiot

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That didn't go well. I told you it's a clear uptrend friend.

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Before the rebase, I obviusly didn't mean exactly a second before
2.40 was the high today. To barely above 2.00 after rebase That's no 5% drop anon

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Uniswap closed at 2.32 and reopened at 2.12. 5 minutes to 2.10, then skyrocketed up.

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my god
you have no clue what you bought do you?

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2.32 pre-rebase, dropped to 2.12 and then 2.21 about 45 seconds later, now 2.24

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because I wasn't sure if it would pump or dump in response to the rebase, and I wanted to see what the volume looked like.

>> No.20430603

I was looking at tradingview, but ok I'll concede, today the rebase came out a little on top. Hadn't been the case since the 12th

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wow u dumb fucks didn't buy the best designed ponzi since hex

>> No.20430628

I didn't trade today. and I don't hold.
I just like to see what's going on

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I must concede. Would have been better to hold. But then again, risk reward

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You gotta look at trends on both Mcap and price.
If you check on tradingview, you'll see that every single rebase was bought up within minutes up until the run to 4$.

then, after that drop, rebases were sold for 2 days (13-14). Now we're expanding again, and rebases will be eaten up again until the next dropoff.

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welcome to impermanent loss and halved rebases town

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The market learns and adapts. Each cycle will get shorter because people anticipate it, and everyone dumps sooner. This cannot go to $4 again, I will be very surprised if the price holds at $2 by tomorrow morning.

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Yeah, it happens. What do they say, thanks for playing?

Expectations: depending on how much this rallies up, I'm setting my target around 450-500M cap. a x3 is a lot, but round numbers man. Expecting a correction there and a run to 1B or maybe even 2 after.

Strategy if you care: Watch for a dropoff like what happened 3 days ago, sell, and get in a couple days later. Or just hold through it cause it'll still trade above 1$, you'll get positive rebases anyways, and if you hold for a week buying now you'll be in profit anyways

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yeah up until the run. Then came the dump and a lot of new anons who had bought in because of the hype got fucked, only those who got in earlier managed to stay in profit

I am just a little unsure if we're back to a run up to 4 or higher.

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You’ve posted this about 20 times today.

>> No.20430770

or if it's just a fake out and we'll dump below 2 again

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you understand that $2 now is the same as $4 the day it crashed, right?
do I have to draw how the coin works so you can stop embarrassing yourself?
I think I am done with this thread, so many retards is giving me a headache

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Checkd you momo cocksucka! Fuck RANCH!

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its ok anon, just wait patiently for the next dump

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>The market learns and adapts. Each cycle will get shorter because people anticipate it, and everyone dumps sooner. This cannot go to $4 again, I will be very surprised if the price holds at $2 by tomorrow morning.

$2 today is $4 last Sunday, you absolutely ironic retard

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Thing is crypto is retarded. People who entered 2 weeks ago were up x50 and dumped at 4. We have an influx of new buyers, and it needs time for them to turn into profit. 3 days with 10% rebases it's a x2 at most, and greed is a factor.

So either we get a slow uptrend again for 2 weeks exploding off like it happened (unlikely), we get a massive uptrend to 500M that lasts 2 days with stupid prices (5-7$ range, likely) or we dump tomorrow. I hope for #1, but I'll reformulate my opinion tomorrow.

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Stay anon, I want you by my side.

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Sorry but not my problem. If said anons looked into what they bought and held for 3 fucking days, they'd be in profit as well now. As >>20430797
is saying, 2.3$ now is 4$ 3 days ago. If you only look at price, not gonna work.

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only if you bought in earlier. Not for the people who bought between 3 and 4.
Ask them, I don't think they'll tell you 2 = 4

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yeap, I am done, I cant take this anymore

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How do you not get this

People buying in now at 2.30 are getting exactly the same-sized slice of the pie as they were at $4 on Sunday

>> No.20430877

its going to 5 tomorrow digits confirm

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yes, but I made 40% in a day, and now my ETH can be moved into something else that hasn't pumped 50% today, instead of it laying dormant in a shitcoin that may dump without a bottom at any time. Time is money. Risk is more important to contain than greed for reward.

Not touching this until the next big dump.

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That's entirely reasonable. Although, you now must consider:

Those digits don't lie

>> No.20430912

agreed, but not everyone is willing to see this through to the mythical "x" billion marketcap.
No one can guarantee that will happen

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All in a day's work

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checked! 5$ incoming

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>No one can guarantee that will happen

Anon, I give you my personal guarantee that billions in marketcap will happen.

If it doesn't I will give you a really big hug, providing everyone's showered first


That image is appropriate because you saved this crappy thread fren

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Sorry mate, you are wrong. If you bought the top at 4 and held through you'd be in profit right now.

1000 AMPL at 4$ is 4k USD.
13/07 27% rebase 1270 AMPL
14/07 14.41% rebase 1449 AMPL
15/07 6.33% rebase 1546 AMPL
16/07 6.5% rebase 1646 AMPL
17/07 (tonight) 9.22% rebase 1798 AMPL
1798 @ 2.3$ is 4136 USD.

Can do the math yourself on the dashboard.

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>Noone cun gurunteee derp
That's where you're wrong kiddo

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Hodl isn’t just a meme with this one. Try and swing this and get the rope if you’re an amateur. Just collect positive rebases and you make good money

>> No.20431086

100 bucks? no thanks. that's a loss in my book after al lthe fucking stress.
I've made 3k on 5 trades with this coin. Sure, less than many anons here but I can get a good night's sleep

>> No.20431101

>+100 is a loss in my books
can you just shut the fuck up you stupid idiot

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This works if you actually read up on what you're buying. If people fomo'd in just cause "line go up" and when "line go down" they sold, that's not our nor the project fault.

(of course they would not be in profit if the dump continued but whatever, take the analysis with data in hand as current time)

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Children playing with a 3 ETH dont understand the peace of a good night's sleep.

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Tell me a coin that gives you 100 bucks (it's still a 2.5% return in 5 days) where you buy at 4$ and sell at 2.30$. Sure, if you bought in 2 weeks ago you'd profit more, if you swing correctly you profit more, if you bought BTC in 2011 you'd be a multimillionaire now but at this point you're not making sense.

I'm just saying that 2:30 > 4 in this case, and you're saying "that's a loss?" sorry, fuck off kid. I'm even wasting time explaining things for you.

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To be fair, two shitcoins I'm into today have done significantly bigger gains than AMPL, technically if I'd cashed out and gone into them, I'd be massively ahead

>> No.20431232

You took considerable risk for that long in a bull market to make 2.5%?

Meanwhile I made 40% and will sleep tight. Be mad kid.

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Of course. If I put 10k into AMPL 24 hours ago at 1.55$ and sold at 2.30 today I'd be up 5k$. This is not the point I'm trying to make however - I'm just saying that if you bought the fabled 4$ top you'd be in profit again after 4 days.

There will always be a million ways to profit more on something comparatively, but that's another story.

>> No.20431258

dude chill. I know you understand AMPL a lot more than I do. You're smarter that way...
but sorry. 2.5% return in 5 days with crypto??

who the fuck wants that?
anyway, i will now leave your big brain thread to you big brain people. Have a good one

>> No.20431278

No, that was an example. Not my case. You gotta learn to read friend.

>> No.20431289

Then get out and go into your shitcoins. Fuck sakes you fucking new faggots need to go back. The only good thing about crabbing is that your kind is in short supply around here.

>> No.20431323

"You" is the hypothetical person you were describing in your example. Try to comprehend the substance of the argument instead of being facetious.

>> No.20431327

>2.5% return in 5 days with crypto??
>who the fuck wants that?
can i ban this ip from my browsing

>> No.20431331


Oh, I agree with you absolutely. It's just he's got a point, although if you follow the logic on his side, you end up at "if you just guess a few lottery numbers right, you can turn $1 into millions"

>> No.20431333

i love how many knuckledragging 105ers this token attracts

>> No.20431341

2.5% is better than -100% because someone pulls the rug? But again, it's not the point here. If your life is living in front of charts, you swing this and don't care to hold through. You make way more in way less time. I'm not saying that holding beats everything, just pointing out that what you said was wrong.

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Let's get this baby to $11 and get our 100% rebase

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>Checked and kekd

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Fair enough, sorry. Kinda late here and I thought it was addressed as "me". What people fail to realize is that profit in the end, is profit. And as long as AMPL bullrun continues even buying the top is not so worrysome as people make it out to be.

Now, on the other hand. if such dump happens around the 2$ mark down to 0.30$ that's where you jump out at 1$ no questions asked imo. Liquidity pools if you're feeling baller (you end up with way more AMPL due to how pools work) and can ride up the next wave with double or triple the amount of coins, considering negative rebases influence are -1% per 0.10 cent below 1$.

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So let me get this straight. I know my % of MCAP is fixed but let’s say I buy 3,000 AMPL.

The market grows to 1B and does a 10x. Over that time my 3K gets rebased and now my percent is actually idk 50,000 tokens with approx $1 USD.

That’s the general idea?

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In a way buying at $4 is safer than buying at $2, because the price wont fall too far from $4 and you'd still be getting decent rebases as per your example. However, if for this next cycle this ends up being the top, and price falls to close to 1, it would be much harder to recover your position.

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Your big brain talk does not matter, just buy coin money go up. Stop this self masturbatory ego stroke faggot.
>Just buy AMPL

>> No.20431563

Correct. Moreso because in the future buying at 2$ with a 1B market cap for example will be way harder to pull a x2 from and we'll see way less swings. (likely scenario is 1.10-1.30 at 1B marketcap, a 10% rebase would be fucking insane but it's still crypto so idk)

>> No.20431637

What’s the suicide/make it stack at this mcap?

>> No.20431674

Im scared of AMPL right now, moved into REP. Augur V2 launch coming in 2 weeks, gonna ride the steady wave up and wait for AMPLE crashes.

>> No.20431727

Idk, I already pulled out my initial and the same amount in profit. Letting the remaining ride to whatever happens, at this point I don't care much. Best of luck to you either way

>> No.20432438

I'm not selling shit until this market cap is 4x the current
I have no idea what that means for my profit because rebases but let's fucking do this
Already my biggest alt bag kek

>> No.20432532

use 100 of your AMPL to buy ETH...
Add your 50/50 UNISWAP V2 tokens to the beehive.
Info on how to do so is all over the place...

You dont have a fat stack... HoDL your BeeHive investment.
Bee careful... be sure you understand the tokenomiks. Its a rather safe coin if you understand the fundamentals.

HoDL for the forseeable future...

as always.... never invest what you cannot affort to loose.

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what the hell is the geyser? How do I put my cones into the geyser?

>> No.20433732

Friendly reminder that Robert Leshner, top dog at Compound, is an early stealth investor in this "shitcoin". Observe his venture fund for yourself: https://robvc.com/

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I love this coin

>> No.20434462


What the fuck, why is this thread so much more intelligent than average biz threads? is AMPL real? Should I get some? I think I understand the project, anyone got links to reviews of the projecto or other reading?

>> No.20434780

motherfucking checked
see you all in my lambo

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>> No.20434864

>I think I understand the project, anyone got links to reviews of the projecto or other reading?

Go to the website and read the redpaper

>review of the projecto

Stop trying to get other people to think for you. You will never make money if you want other people to do the thinking for you.

>> No.20434882

.001%suicide .01% make it
currently holding .008
probably gonna sell my other coins to get up there on the next dip.

>> No.20434914

retard here how do you know the % of each daily rebase? it's not on the dashboard...

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>Buys at $4
>Makes $100 when it goes to $2.3 plus has almost doubled his stack
>No thanks
Holy fuck

>> No.20435459

So did I, even more, plus have more AMPL in less than a day.

>> No.20435485

>Buys at ATH and falls by half
>Still makes money
>Just another shitcoin, nothing to see here!

>> No.20435708

Ok this is FUCKING BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.20435788

he does not, it will change depending on the target price on the dashboard, which in turn will get updated by oracles couple times a day

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the git repo looks rather inactive no?https://github.com/ampleforth
only one member, no issues, one PR
most of the code is in a shit tier language (JS)

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