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Any aspiring pilots on biz planning to get a plane when they've made it?

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/biz/ are a bunch of incel neets doubt there are any pilots here

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1 Million AKRO
5000 Tellor
1 Million Kleros

For this one, D-365

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Cirrus makes good shit. Local too

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Still made in China

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I would love a small jet but the running costs are insane.
I would need to REALLY make it to put extra money (on top of the plane cost) into some passive income generating asset to try keep up the maintenance on a jet.
Even for the SF-50 at $2000/hr running costs youd need $100k a year to run it!

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with an 11 killstreak you'll get to fly one of these for free

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i was thinking about getting one of those fancy simulators, but id use it mostly for ace combat

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No its not. Its literally produced a few hours away from me. They have two factories that are 4hr apart

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Cirrus is only 650$ per flight hour, if you take your friends its cheaper then a reg flight ^^

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Learn to fly first.. have you soloed yet anon? how many hours?

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No way theyre that cheap!

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I’m getting a private license, not sure if I’m going to buy a plane yet though. Actually going to go fly in about 2 hours hopefully

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A Q400

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Get your PPL and instruments. Buy a plane and rent it out so you’re not burdened by most of the cost.

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I'd like to own any kind of retired military aircraft. Something like this would be nice.

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Not worth it. Just fly in VR.

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I didn’t think of renting it, that’s a good thought

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I used to fly with my brother, who is a commercial pilot. He had a Cessna 340 so I have some time in that type.

But I’m actually thinking of doing the opposite. If I DON’T make it, I might finagle a way to get a plane. Been spending a lot of sim time learning the Dash 8.

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That’s how most flight schools get their aircrafts. Rented from some guy with an aircraft. That guy could be you anon, so long as you don’t mind students flying your aircraft.

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whats that 2 seater jet with the bitcoin logo?

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Checked. Never forget Skyking

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pilatus pc 12

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>pilatus pc 12
You must be a whale

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Based albatrosbro with the only legitimate answer

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About to start my pilots license in next few weeks. Flying is the ultimate chad move. Can go anywhere and not get stuck in traffic on the road or by protesters.
Literally owned by China. Dont support them.

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>Flying is the ultimate chad move
Imagine standing in line with normies to get your bags checked.
Not acceptable for a chad.

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Nice ACbro

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my brother flies private for a living, he says it's the most boring job ever makes him depressed and he wants to quit

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This is what I want but no way would I afford it even if I make it lol
I visited the factory in Switzerland, absolutely scenic approach

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Yes im gonna buy an f14 from iran, its by far the most ebin plane

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For me its the huey. I could totally see myself ripping one of these things around town. I'd have it painted original army green and mount some fake miniguns or 50 cals out the rear doors so that me and my buddies could do low passes over peoples houses and larp as gook killers whle we blast fortunate son over loudspeakers

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