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Have literally doubled my money in a week or so with ripple (XRP)

>tfw didn't put £1000 in instead of £500

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Quadrupled my dollaros.
The good part about smaller investments is that you don't get sweaty and do anything stupid.
I'm probably wrong, it probably will crash, but I'm gonna hold on to my xrp's and see were it takes me.

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Got some at $0.007 a ripple, now I got almost 20x more than I put in. Feels bad I invested so little in it.

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I honestly see this as the next ethereum long term. I plan on holding out for a while.

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How does this shit keep rising? The number of coins in circulation is insane. I just want a dip so I can get it.

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There will be no dip till $1

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>only bought 200 of them

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fucking cunt i sold at like 4.5k sats

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Why is the volume of Ripple so high relative to its value?

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Nice meme, that would require a market cap surpassing Bitcoin. Not happening soon. Maybe I'll just buy now though senpai and hold forever. Don't want to get btfo more

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By the time XRP is $1, BTC will be 2500. Learn to relativism kid.

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With the announcement of a lock-up and the SBI virtual currency exchange going live this summer it's not impossible.

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I meant in the sense that Xrp market cap would have to surpass current btc cap. Not an easy thing to do considering that you would have to almost double the entire sum of money in cryptocurrency as a whole for the 1 coin. Anyway I share your optimism. We are in the early days

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Market cap is a moving target. We are sloshing around like washing machine, when scamcoins drop off, we will have better idea. Plus huge sums of new money coming in, 100b MC is sooner than you think.

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What app is that?

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This thing just did 2,000 SATs in the early morning hours on the WEEKEND...

W-What's going on here. I don't want to make all this money.. It feels dirty.

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you could always donate some to me

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How much do you need to start trading?

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I told everyone to buy in at 2k sats, I told people to buy again when it bubbled up and later went down to 3k sats, I hope some listened.

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W-whatever you deem worthy senpai. I'm completely new so anything would help.

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Tfw refuse to sign up for any exchange but kraken or cb

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>decide I want in on this asap
>start seeing XRP pumping around friday
>BTC doesn't come in till tomorrow

Good fucking god, why does everything I read up on and research always fucking do this?

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is it worth still getting in at this point?

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I'd wait for a dip at this point.

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In the exact same boat. I think it'll dip a little bit next week am I'm getting in then and gonna hold

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Man, if it's shooting up on a Sunday, while Bitcoin remains relatively stable, than I have no fucking clue anymore how to read the XRP market.

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Because there are more coins at a much lower price.

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w8 for the dip, i predict it will be next week after some more bullrun

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Yeah It's primed for a huge dip. My guess is back in the 5000-6000 range. Although who knows. It's really hard to speculate on when Ripple controls the supply. They can make the price whatever they want.

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Shit, just a few days ago we were talking about "strong support at 3,000 base".

Fuck me.

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>Investing in a centralized jew coin

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>not getting on the jews' side when it comes to money
Be a rebel poorfag all you want.

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This. The Jews always win. Might as well join their team.

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I should've put more money in. I was kinda paranoid because of who is pulling the strings for this coin

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GUYYS EMERGENCY! Which is the easiest way to buy ripple? I used changelly 1st but it's a fucking scam, my country it's not supported on coin base and kraken/gatehub need a fucking passport picture

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POSW is fucking gay u faggot nigger. Make it moon so I can dump this shit coin

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Praise the Jewcoin, I'm up 8k this weekend

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I personally use Bittylicious to buy BTC, then exchange BTC for XRP on GateHub.

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>tfw bought at ath 0.00004882 region when mitsubishi announced
>get disillusioned at immediate market reaction, let it sit for a month
>come back, wanting to rip the bandaid off
>Money literally doubled while I was not looking

this cant be real

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>tfw when only 9k ripple
>bought at 4k sats
cant be that bad right goys?

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when will it stop? when do i cash out? or do i hold for even longer?
i'm terrified of a crash.

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I think we're gonna see 10,000 SAT sometime today at this rate.

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u fucking pussy, get out of crypto

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A crash will only occur when there is a broader BTC crash. So watch the BTC markets closely, and especially Poloniex and announcements relating to USDT.

Poloniex is a behemoth of volume in BTC, if they go tits up, the market will go into freefall.

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The number of coins is irrelevant. If you truly understood what XRP was doing, you'd really it has the potential to make bitcoin look like a fucking penny stock (mind you I'm not speaking per coin, but market cap as a whole).

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You'd *realize.

Fucking phone.

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Ripple is about to burst even higher

Must rise to at least 0.00011

Time to buy in while it's hot

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you're literally just upset you didn't drop 5k into XRP. stay sad, stay poor.

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Can someone explain to me how I invest my actual money into anything using

I was under the impression I put $$$ after linking to my debit or bank account.

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See photo. I'm confused on how I have holdings when I put no money into anything

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Predictions for Monday?

It's dipped to 7100 SAT but is back up to 9,000. Lots of announcements coming up with direct linkage to fiat by Japanese banking giant SBI.

How are you fellas playing it?

BTC just rallied as well, and is currently up. Everything is looking primed for a solid pump, to the 10,000 level IMO.

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exactly this.

banks being able to do transactions across the world in 1-2 seconds instead of 5-6 hours + will save the banks literal millions per day, so they want to use it.

Just google the banks involved with it already if you are sketched. ( I dont blame you, this board has become a shill haven)

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I don't get it... how can you feel like the ripple logo?

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Which Exchange would i buy this at

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Please help me guys. Where can i buy XRP? And is there a wallet?

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Buy BTC at Coinbase Gemini Kraken, trasfer to Bittrex and buy XRP using BTC.

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Can aussies do this?

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Login and see if it's available in your region lazybum

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fuck that, take BTC at coinjar via bpay, send to polo and exchange XRP there. coinbase will do the job more quickly if you want to use credit card and for a smaller amount

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how do I transfer my BTC from coinbase to Bittrex?

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Jeez, I was fucking right >>2043421

Ripple hit 0.00012 already

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Oh, heavens. What's going on.

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is GateHub fucking up for anyone else?

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You have to manually input your holdings, it isn't connected to wallets or whatever.

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shit's gonna moon even more, JP morgan and Chase are slowly putting their hands in, in order not to pump too fast.

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i'll see you on the moon with my 10,000 Ripples

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Now the FOMO will really set in.

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this aint over yet, it took the small dip like a champ. We are in for good, boys! Fasten your seatbelts!

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JP morgan is Chase and they are already partnered with ethereum..

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So it begins...

5 billion flowed into XRP just on the fucking weekend.

And this is while XRP is relatively little known and is traded only on 2-3 exchanges.

Jesus Christ. This has potential.

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Yeah it just pumped 5 billion dollars without any reason. It's the perfect investment and it can only go up up up. Buy now or cry later goys!

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Do I need to buy in BTC first? How is bitstamp?

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>tfw doubled my money with XRP
>tfw invested $20

>> No.2047431

>without any reason.
>I haven't read the thread at all

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>Tfw long opened during the dip

Don't fail me ripple

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Wew lads, some day for Ripple. What sort of potential does this have in the long term? I've heard that it's unlikely to ever get much higher than $1, is this true? Or could it theoretically reach BTC level one day, if it becomes widely adopted by banks?

>> No.2047499

Is...is it too late to buy?

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another moon then dump incoming

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It's a great time to buy!

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>Or could it theoretically reach BTC level one day

ya dude it'll have a market cap of trillions of dollars

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Do you pooinloo Indians enjoy shilling to each other?

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I've been watching ripple for multiple years now. I think most folks still haven't grasped what they're doing with XRP. They're making it the bridge currency and a liquidity machine of the value web.

Interledger Protocol interconnects private payment ledgers. What it needs is a some kind of an individual third party or a group to confirm a transaction between two payment ledgers. Ripple Consensus Ledger will act as the third party, as it enables transactions with its recently enabled feature called Escrow. Escrow purely uses XRP to function, there isn't any other currency supported. There also is PayChan, which in essence is the "lightning network" of RCL(Ripple Consensus Ledger). PayChan also uses XRP, and does not support any other currency.

Crypto community in general doubted Ripple's strategy of going for banks. What they didn't grasp is, internet information (the known http-protocol using internet) started from universities and other institutions that handle information. Universities understood the value of the internet, before the rest of us grasshoppers.

The reason cryptos so far have failed to gain mainstream traction, has been because they overlooked the institutions that handle and transfer value: BANKS.

Banks understand the value of distributed ledger technology. Folks in crypto haven't understood the value of banks.

Ripple will be big. XRP will be the central value transferring unit of the value web.

You cannot measure the potential value as we haven't seen the explosion of the value web yet. But it will likely be big. Eventually it'll be trillions of dollars.

You'll see.

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What I like most about this shill-info is that is it right in time for yet another pump

>> No.2047583

pardon the typos.
>internet OF information
>Ripple Consensus Ledger will act as the third party, as it enables ILP-RCL-ILP transactions with its recently enabled feature called Escrow.

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I've had 3 years to buy cheap XRP. I don't need to shill.

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Ok, so what value can it reach, realistically?

>> No.2047606

just messing with you, my friend.
What would you see XRP becoming in 2, 5 and 10 years time?

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Very hard to predict. But it'll be either 0 or a lot. I'm personally guessing the latter.

>> No.2047623

It would've been very difficult to evaluate the value of the internet in early 1990s. Value web will explode and create new businesses that will increase its value exponentially.

Remember, currently swift uses 40 year old tech. It is very inefficient and expensive to transfer value between different financial institutions and corporations.

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I don't want to start a new thread, but can someone explain the reasons why ripple rises in price? Is it supply/demand? Bidding wars? What?

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The other anon thinks it's ridiculous to even comprehend XRP reaching the same level as BTC - would you agree with that?

>> No.2047675

Let's see around 150 banks in a partnership and shit tons of traction in the world of finance. SWIFT's recent hacking scandals. XRP being the bridge currency between RCL/ILP transactions (Escrow feature that enables transactions between private payment ledgers through ILP to settle on RCL and other ILP using payment ledgers was enabled in march 31th). Basically meaning serious FIs can now connect their private payment ledgers to different exchanges using Interledger Protocol.

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Doesn't explain shit

I understand it's a 'currency' but why does its value go up/down? I know FOREX as I hold multiple currencies but I don't hold any crypto and I don't understand why this coin in particular rises in value. Bitcoin I understand as it's a finite resource. Is this coin also a finite resource?

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If a person says that, he's clueless. If the value web isn't worth trillions of dollars, it's still worth nothing considering the potential.

>> No.2047692

Yes, XRP is a deflatory currency.

>> No.2047696

What do ripple tokens actually do? what is being stockpiled?

>> No.2047704

They work as the antispam mechanism of the network and the bridge currency between transactions coming from private payment ledgers that use Interledger Protocol to settle payments using Ripple Consensus Ledger.

>> No.2047706

Is Bitstamp a legit way to buy?

>> No.2047711

Yes. I'd say bitstamp and kraken are both legit. I do not trust poloniex, even though it has the most liquidity.

>> No.2047712

Aaaaaaaaaaand Gatehub is "currently unavailable". These shady fucking exchanges are the worst part of shitcoining.

>> No.2047721

Is Bitstamp a foreign account requiring FBAR reporting etc?

>> No.2047728

Sorry, no idea. I've mostly used Kraken

>> No.2047733

Buy ripple

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>> No.2047756

>stabilizes not so far away from its mooning ATH
XRP is life, XRP is love. Still a buy atm, right?

>> No.2047769

This sure is a slow board

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Fuck that shit.
I grant all shitcoins a pump to the moon except Ripple and Stellar.
What is this? A race to see who can pervert the concept of a free, decentralized currency the bestest?

It's is nothing more than yet another central bank combined with Paypal. They are a centralized(!) service that controls YOUR funds, they can FREEZE all funds at THEIR DISCRETION https://ripple.com/build/freeze/ . They're just like a digital version of the Federal Reserve!
Ripple is riding the coattails of bitcoin using all the buzzwords and pretends it's a distributed trustless network, when in reality that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Litmus Test:
Would Snowden use Ripple?
Would Wikileaks back then still have been able to receive donations with Ripple?
Would you be able to send money to bros in Pyongyang and Mosul?

>> No.2047776

I am currently waiting on changelly for some NEM but I think it fucked me out of my money desu

Thankfully I only put like $8 into it but still

>> No.2047788


stay away from trading bro.

>> No.2047790

Get fucked. None of these cryptos are going to overtake fiat in adoption and use and that includes BTC. We're here to make money baby. DOLLARS.

>> No.2047796


>> No.2047803

>It's is nothing more than yet another central bank combined with Paypal. They are a centralized(!) service that controls YOUR funds, they can FREEZE all funds at THEIR DISCRETION https://ripple.com/build/freeze/ . They're just like a digital version of the Federal Reserve!

Only IOUs can be frozen by the gateway that issues them. XRP cannot be frozen at all.

Your idealism makes you blind. Real world does not agree with you.

>> No.2047805

>No one can freeze XRP
Get your facts straight shill

>> No.2047816


Are you serious? Never try to trade. Seriously, just walk away now you total moron.

>> No.2047824

>Ripple is riding the coattails of bitcoin using all the buzzwords and pretends it's a distributed trustless network, when in reality that is the furthest thing from the truth.
It pretends nothing of the sort.

>> No.2047937

shows over

>> No.2047943

continue being bankers' bitch.

>> No.2047945

It's only starting.

>> No.2047949

Yeah, for GNT.

>> No.2047954

Not falling for their tricks and selling this time to end up buying high, I'm holding.

>> No.2047961


Hold for 2 years.
Stop caring about weekly fluctuations

>> No.2047962


Fucking hold, let the faggots sell and buy, sell and buy. We wait and let it accrue value gradually.

What happens now is irrevelant, what matters is long term.

>> No.2047963

what about the alternatives to ripple

>> No.2047977

throw some examples and I'll give my verdict

>> No.2047983

Yeah but if I had more cash in the exchange I could set up buy and sell walls and make way more money on this shit. (With leverage even better)

>> No.2047994

not an alternative, I guess, but whats your thoughts on STEEM, senpai?

>> No.2048011

Well you can do what you like. But long term holding is the safest strategy.

>> No.2048012

Steem is an interesting experiment, but likely isn't going to last.

>> No.2048014

How do you like that crash retard?

>> No.2048025

still 2000% up.

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>up 2 bitcoins

>> No.2048043

mid-long term portfolio:
_____ the above make 70-80% of the portfolio

this good? Any suggestions, senpai? I wanna be there when any of the shits moon in particular but also be set towards relatively steady long term gains

>> No.2048047

>not buying the dip

>> No.2048072

Solidity makes ETH a tough choice for me. I like their dev team and the community in general, but I feel the programming language is too complex and therefore the attack surface huge.

I feel LTC brings nothing to the table, unless you think segwit activation is significant. It's a BTC fork with a modified algo. Never been anything innovative.

Waves doesn't have anything interesting IMO.

The rest are meh and probably vanish. Maybe I'm wrong though. Who knows. This period reminds me of the dotcom bubble era. All kinds of projects with very little real world use case.

Of those you posted I'd go for BTC and XRP long term.

>> No.2048073

Thank god you can't margin trade ripple on kraken

>> No.2048086

If I may suggest to you. Take a look at FCT. Aside from XRP I see it as the one with the most potential

>> No.2048087

The only one with real value is bitcoin. People aren't going to use more than 1 crypto and there's a reason it's so expensive

>> No.2048089

Just waiting for it to reach its new height. I don't think it will go back down too far.

>> No.2048090

RIP my hopes and dreams. I was planning a 'high speed college fund' but... oh well.

>> No.2048097

Get yourself into XBY/STRATIS

these should get you some good gains over the next few weeks.

>> No.2048099

Issue with bitcoin is currently PoW tends to end up centralized in a location with the most affordable electricity. It's a huge problem from an institution's point of view. Few pools in china can perform a 51% attack. Big boys don't like that sorta stuff. I'd take that issue seriously.

>> No.2048115

Yeah, because there are too little coins
Ripple is about to show what deep pockets can do to the market cap of something.

>> No.2048120


if you dont mind me asking: Are you neet/full time coiner? I can not imagine how to get so much into the tech and macro features of all the coins besides work... or do you work in a tech/digital related field?

>> No.2048130

Nope, just been having a close eye on crypto since 2010.

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k, cheers mate. Gonna call it a day

>> No.2048142

what's your opinion on the longterm holding market?
I have a couple hundred in ETH and I think i'm going to just hold onto it for a while and see how things go

Thinking about throwing a few pittance in some promising looking coins as a little side cash too

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Kick me in the balls for not holding 50 days those 50k XRP...

>> No.2048154




>> No.2048163

Why are you selling now? It's only going to go up in value..do you need the money now or something?

>> No.2048166

Do this with the long term coins: evaluate their teams, strategy and use case.

They need to solve a real world problem. They also need a great team. People with history of success. They need a clear plan on how they'll solve the problem.

These are clear things, but often ignored by the crypto enthusiasts

>> No.2048177

Dude I've sold at 14k sat, right at the top before the dip, what do you mean?

>> No.2048293

I mean why would you sell when its 14k?

Why not just keep going? I don't understand why people don't just hold.

>> No.2048302


Why would I hold when it's going under 10K?
Are you retarded or something?

>> No.2048306
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>Why not just keep going? I don't understand why people don't just hold.
You will soon see why ;^)

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File: 2.85 MB, 4212x2525, o5UpTg6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there any reason I shouldn't buy now if I intend to hold?

>> No.2048411

looks like it's crashing hard. time to buy? is there really some kinda tech issue or whats going on exactly

>> No.2048420

polo has issues all the time.

>> No.2048459


>> No.2048514

it's goin back up mate. i sold at the minimum, saw it rebound and brought back in. luckily i've only lost a few pennies from that.

>> No.2048527

Tfw stop loss didnt trigger, i-it'll go back to 13000 r-right?

>> No.2048616

High on schadenfreude here, hope you guys made didn't leave too much money on the table.

>> No.2048629




>> No.2048665


stop with that shaky voice and man up you faggit.
Trading is not for the weak of heart.


XRP back to normal in 12 hours.

>> No.2048716

"normal" is under 7 cents mate. Welcome to the bull trap.

>> No.2048740

I've bought most of my XRPs at half a cent, so I don't care too much about these swings. But I don't think we'll go down much from this.

>> No.2048755
File: 73 KB, 709x741, XRP Bull Trap Phase.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pic related.

>> No.2048766

Fair enough. But this is a pretty classic pump & dump. You got in early, so you may make money, but I wouldn't expect the "new normal" to be above the awareness phase (aka 0.00006 BTC)

>> No.2048770
File: 81 KB, 1798x456, 4123412421342314234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I'll be fine.

>> No.2048772


good my man

>> No.2048784

Classic pump and dumps do not have alliances with Google and major financial institutions, only fools think this is a shitcoin.

>> No.2048809

We're moving slowly from stealth phase to awareness phase right now I believe.

>> No.2048839

lol k

>> No.2049588

Why the hell can't I send XRP from my Ripple wallet to a ripple address when I was able to send it from the address on Polo to my wallet. I want to get all my XRP off of Polo but I won't transfer it all until I can get it all working

>> No.2050151

can someone send me 50xrp to start my gatehub account?


>> No.2050154

You get free 20XRP and they are worth pennies, fuck off.